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(located at port 4000)

Two join the Chosen


Cave Conjoining N'Kai
[Exits: north]
You are below the Sigil Draktha, near N'Kai the Black. You
have no escape but to go onward, for the Barrier seals you
within here just as forcefully as it does the Spawn. Bones
lie scattered about, strewn above a dried pool of blood.

A Message has been scrawled on the bloody floor.
(Purple Aura) Cistercian is here.

Elaina ftells, 'oh oh.'

Cordir ftells, 'what's wrong?'

at elaina l
Park Road
[Exits: north east south west (up)]

You are at Park Road which continues north and east. A building with a large sign reading "City Mint" is just west of here. The main gate of a large walled manor stands to the south. Snowdrifts pile against the building walls, and the normal city sounds are muted in the silence of winter.

The sky is cloudy and a cold northern gust blows.
The corpse of a resident is lying here.
(Hide) The little vandal looks like he is up to something naughty.
The cityguard is here, fighting Elaina.
(Purple Aura) Elaina is here, fighting the cityguard.

c heal elaina

Cistercian smiles happily.

Elaina ftells, 'guard :) don't like me ok so far .'

c sanct elaina

Elaina ftells, 'thank you!!!'
Cordir ftells, 'you're welcome, dear.'
Cordir says, 'let me make sure she gets through this all right...'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'of course.'

Cordir says, 'Forgive my distraction.'

Cistercian shakes his head.
Cistercian says (in elven), 'I am at *your* disposal.'

Elaina ftells, 'yaaaaaaa! I killed him :).'

Cordir ftells, '*smile* .'

Cordir nods.

Cistercian shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Cordir says, 'Thank you for your patience.'

Elaina ftells, 'WOOOOOOOOO!! I am bad, I'm bad *does a dance*.'
Cordir ftells, '*chuckle*.'
Elaina ftells, '*giggle*.'

Cordir takes a deep, calming breath and relaxes.

Cistercian says (in elven), 'no, thank you.'
Cistercian trembles slightly.

Cordir says, 'Welcome to N'Kai, Cistercian... an ancient and holy place of testing.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'Tis an honor to be in your presence Lady.'

Cordir says, 'This place was crafted by the Triat as one to hone the souls, minds, and bodies of the faithful....'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I have heard...tales of this place.'

Cordir says, 'I ask my Chosen to come here as a mark of their faith. N'Kai is a place of danger, there is no doubt of that.'

Cistercian nods.

Cordir says, 'So I thank you for placing your trust in me and coming here.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I am ready to accept my Fate.'

Cordir nods silently. Cordir says, 'I think that, good or ill, it lies with us. But you are the only one who can make that choice.'

Cordir gestures, and a glittering spider's web appears in the air.

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I place my complete trust in you and yours.'

From within the depths of the web, a small black spider crawls.

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I shall never again take such an oath as this.'

It slowly descends to the floor of the cavern, and as it approaches, seemingly grows in size...

Cordir gestures at the spider.

Cordir says, 'This is Guardian, who records the Geasa of all Chosen within the Pattern-Web. Speak your Geasa before her and let them be witnessed.'

Cistercian bows to the Guardian.

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I swear to never harm a living thing within my home of Loth-Llorien.'

Cordir nods.
You hear a voice in your mind: *Witnessed.*

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I swear to mend the damaged and broken bodies of all that may ask.'

Cordir nods.
You hear a voice in your mind: *Witnessed.*

Cistercian says (in elven), 'I swear never to auction items for personal gain. I will give any such surplus to the following or those of less fortunate means.'

Elaina ftells, 'well I better run for a bit *smile* *WAVE* .'
### Elaina has quit.

Cordir nods.
You hear a voice in your mind: *Witnessed.*

Cistercian smiles happily.

The spider dips its thorax in a bow, and slowly makes its way back to the Pattern Web

Cordir says, 'Cistercian, I have received word of your life, and found it pleasing. You have reached the minimum required circle of achievement I require... I have personal knowledge of your service to the young...'

Cistercian bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'And if you will but name the cities of your home continent, I have waived the need to gather tokens.'

Cordir says, 'Name eight, rather.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'There are many cities of the North. Og, Midgaard, Loth-Llorien, Aaracity, Dwarvenhold.'

Cordir nods.

Cistercian says (in elven), 'Thistlerock...'

Cordir nods.

Cistercian says (in elven), 'Half-Elf Camp, Malanest, Harpers Landing, Skorlanis and Hovelton.'

Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'Well done.'

Cordir says, 'Then, with Geasa spoken, knowledge of the Realm confirmed... Service to the young more than met.. And the correct circle gained... I formally welcome you to the Chosen of Fate...'

Cistercian trembles slightly.
Cistercian says (in elven), 'it is an honor and a privilege.'

Cordir smiles quietly.

Cistercian bows before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'As you may well know, I mark all who serve me with a Covenant.. It is a magical mark that bears witness to the Oaths given today.'

Cistercian nods.

Cordir says, 'For as you've taken oath with me, thus have I also given you an Oath. Where do you wish the mark placed?'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'yes Lady.'
Cistercian draws forth his left hand from the depths of his robe, fingers twitching slightly.

Cordir says, 'Upon your hand?'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'Yes Lady, as a constant reminder of the vow to my dying family, that I may never forget my pledge.'

Cordir nods silently.
Cordir gets a black raven's quill from a bag of Nyx hide.

Cordir slashes her left palm with the quill, raising a cut that echoes several others already scarred there.

Blood begins to slowly fill Her cupped hand.

She dips the quill in the pool of Immortal blood, and looks at you.

Cordir says, 'Ready?'

Cistercian nods in recognition to you.
Cistercian tries to steady his left hand.

Cordir redips the quill, then quickly sketches the ward upon your hand.

There is intense pain, but it is over quickly.

Cordir finishes the slashing lines of the Covenant.

Cordir creates (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen out of thin air!

### Elladan has been given the position of Attendant by Tynian


Findec gossips (in common), 'HAIL elladan.'
Vorax gossips (in common), 'gratz Elladan!'

Molo tells Cordir, 'Gratz, Witch.'

Chandra gossips (in common), 'gratz.'
Serra gossips (in common), 'Hail Elladan ! Grats!'
Babu gossips (in common), 'gratz elladan.'
Stratos gossips (in old-common), 'GRATZ ELLADAN HAIL THE ATTENDANT.'
Starlight gossips (in common), 'Gratz Elladan *clap*.'

Cordir ftells, 'Grats, Elladan.'

Ryoga gossips (in common), 'way to go elladan.'
Keisha gossips (in common), 'Hail Elladan!'

Loki gossips (in common), 'what's attandent?'

OKENFOLD gossips (in common), 'go ellandan :).'

It is 7am on Marisae the 12th, the month of the Mortal Realm, in the year 2394.
TFC started up at Sat Feb 5 09:29:27 2000 The system time is Mon Feb 7 09:23:15 2000

Kantor gossips (in common), 'well done indeed!'

Magen gossips (in common), 'WoooHooo Elladan .'

Elladan gossips, 'Thank you all.'

Cordir tells Tynian, 'Thank you, High Lord.'
Elladan tells Tynian, 'Thank you, Sir.'

Magen gossips (in common), '*wink* elladan .'

Cordir says, 'your pardon... that was unexpected.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'Congratulations.'

Cordir gives (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen to Cistercian.

Cistercian bows before Cordir.

Cistercian wears (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen as a decoration.

Cordir ftells, 'I formally welcome you to the Chosen of Fate, Cistercian. And I formally welcome you, too, Elladan...'

Cistercian ftells, 'thank you Lady.'

Cordir tells Elladan, 'Can you hear the Ftell?'

Cistercian ftells, 'Congratulations to you sir.'

Elladan ftells, 'I can, sorry, I was reading what happened :).'

Cordir ftells, '*smile* Welcome, both of you.'

Cordir says, 'lets bring you home.'

Cistercian bows deeply.

Cordir raises her hand in a graceful gesture of summoning.
A glimmering light appears, and expands into a shining web-like Pattern.
Cordir steps through the Pattern Web, disappearing from the chamber.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: north up]

The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.

Cordir steps quietly into the room, almost unnoticed but for the glimmer around her.

The Pattern fades into motes of light, scattered about the chamber.

c sum cistercian
Cistercian arrives suddenly.

Cordir smiles happily.

Cistercian smiles happily.

Elladan ftells, 'Greetings, Cistercian.'

Cistercian ftells, 'How are you sir?'

Elladan ftells, 'Doing exceptionally well, all of a sudden.'

Cordir gossips, '*grin* Guess I have something really fun to add to the time line, now... = ) .'

Serra gossips (in common), 'being?'
Graves gossips (in common), 'whats that.'

Cistercian ftells, 'smile, I am honored to have been witness to your good fortune.'

Cordir gossips, 'Ummm... did ya'll miss the announcement a minute ago?'

Elladan ftells, '*bow*.'

Ryoga gossips (in common), 'huh?'
Serra gossips (in common), 'why is it funny?'
Graves gossips (in common), 'i wasnt here a minute ago...:).'

OKENFOLD gossips (in common), 'Elladan you guys.'

Ryoga gossips (in common), 'oh yeah, sorry was afk for a sec.'

Cordir ftells, 'Elladan, if you could update your title....'
Elladan ftells, 'I'd be delighted to.'

Elladan ftells, 'Do you have a suggestion? 'attends the Chosen'? Something more .. elaborate?'

Cistercian ftells, 'If I may be permitted to ask, what role does an Attendant play?'

Cordir ftells, '*smile* That's utterly up to you. I prefer 'Fate' be used...'

Elladan ftells, 'hm, ok, but if I'm not mistaken there is already an 'Attendant of Fate' title used in this following.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'i fear my stats have taken a turn for the worse.'

Cordir ftells, 'I have been given the responsibility of teaching Elladan the responsibilities of Immortality.'

Cordir ftells, 'Aye, that is true.'

Elladan ftells, 'And Cistercian, ... yes, what she said.'

Cordir says, 'that may well be the case.'
Cordir says, 'Did you have a severe sickness as a child?'

Elladan ftells, 'I am lagging a bit.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'nay, the sickness is in my heart.'

Cordir ftells, 'Elladan, may I have your permission to try something a bit silly?'

Elladan ftells, 'by all means.'

c sum elladan
Elladan arrives suddenly.

Cistercian bows before Elladan.

Cordir says, 'I welcome all my new followers to my home in that fashion.'
Cordir grins mischievously.

Elladan bows deeply.
Elladan smiles happily.

Cistercian bows deeply.
Cistercian says (in elven), 'I'm sure you two have many things to discuss.'

Elladan bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'Things got a bit chaotic towards the end, there, Cistercian.'

Cistercian says (in elven), 'Congratulations again to you both.'

Cordir says, 'But you are quite welcome..'
Cordir says, 'I'm glad you finished the requirements so quickly.'

Cistercian bows deeply.
Cistercian leaves north.

Cistercian ftells, 'I wish to start the path of healing soon.'

### Nyx has connected.

Cordir ftells, 'Good morning, My Shadow.'
Cordir ftells, 'Would you come to the Temple, please?'

Nyx ftells, 'Good morning, Lady... Coming.'

Elladan says, 'I'll surprise him.'

Cordir nods.

Cistercian ftells, 'Good Morning sir.'

Nyx arrives from the north.

From out of nowhere, it seems, shadows swirl up, billowing over the ground.
They dance and whirl around the Weaver's Shadow, obscuring him from sight.
Nyx fades out of existance.

Nyx bows before Cordir.

Cordir smiles at Nyx.
Nyx smiles happily.
Elladan beams a smile at Nyx.

Cordir says, 'My Shadow... As my Ordained... Tis only proper that you are formally introduced....'

Nyx smiles happily.

Elladan bows before Nyx.

Cordir nods in recognition to Elladan.

Nyx bows before Elladan.

Elladan says, 'A true pleasure to meet you, Nyx.'

Nyx says (in common), 'The same to meet you. It would seem that much has happened this morning...' Nyx grins neutrally.

Cordir smiles happily and nods. Cordir says, 'Aye.'

Elladan says, 'I'll be the Chosen's Attendant for the next period of time.'

Cordir says, 'Though I've not yet decided whether or not to bind Elladan with Geasa or not..'

Cordir grins mischievously.

Elladan says, 'I'm not quite sure what I can and can't do as of yet...'
Elladan says, 'that sounds scary.'

Nyx chuckles at Cordir.
Nyx says (in common), 'I think we should...'

Cordir nods thoughtfully.

Nyx says (in common), 'It is an intimate part of being a member of the Chosen...'

Cordir ftells, 'are you okay, Cistercian?'

Nyx sits down and thinks deeply.

Cistercian ftells, 'Yes Lady.'

Cordir pauses a moment in thought. Cordir says, 'I think so.'

Nyx says (in common), 'Though they would not be of the usual strain...'
Nyx sits down and thinks deeply.

Cistercian ftells, 'I lost link to the realm I'm afraid.'

Cordir nods in recognition to Nyx.

Nyx says (in common), 'Not being exactly sure of what you are, and are not, capable of, Elladan, it is difficult to come up with ideas...'

Keat cants, 'hello nyx.'
Stratos cants, 'howdy Nyx.'
Nyx cants, 'Hello, Keat. *smile*.'
Nyx cants, 'Hi, Stratos.'

Cordir says, 'Elladan, you will be able to directly affect my followers with spells of a beneficial nature.'

Keat cants, 'doh... forgot cordir got promoted..'
Keat cants, 'went inside an empty temple :(.'

Nyx cants, 'And hello to the rest of you sneaky types as well.'

Elladan says, 'get ready for soul sense!'

Nyx snickers with Elladan about their shared secret.

Cordir says, 'I did say, Beneficial....' She pokes Elladan in the ribs. Cordir says, 'Any spell that can be cast on others... You can generally cast upon the Chosen....'

... end scene ..

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