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Tripper: Poll Disclaimer
Sat Oct 7 09:03:27 2000
To: All

A subsequent poll of the takers of Bliss's Poll reveals the following inconsistancies:

86% of all those polled stated that they had been threatened with the following if they did not vote for Bliss.
1. Threats of violence - 52%
2. Threats of chocolatization - 32%
3. Verbal harrassment, or verbal abuse 14%
4. Other rather interesting enticements or threats - 2%

Further evaluation of the Post Poll, Poll Data shows that Bliss's Victims feared most the following by category.

Mortals - 86% feared Chocolatization the most. It seams that standing in the middle of the guild as a piller of
chocolate for everyone to take a bite out of made them cringe. The remaining mortal's were actually rather
interested in the potentials of category 4 above and voted for Bliss in the wild delerious hope that she would
fulfill her promises.

Immortals - 75% of Immortals feared category 3 above and inspite of her relatively low position among the
Immortals voted for Bliss in hopes that they would be spared Bliss's unbounded enthusiasm. There remaining
Immortals voted for Bliss in hopes that they would have the opportunity to witness Bliss fullfil the promises that
she made in category 4.

This Post Poll Poll was taken fairly and without bias towards the winners of any category. I for one would like to
see Bliss fullfil her campaign promises.

Master of the Tigers
Sore Loser

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