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A TFC Ballad

In many ways, I am a poet,
and may it sound ubsurd-
You have seen me wield a blade,
now hear me wield my words
Let us start with the three Great Ones
the Implementors of this game
In their power is our Fate to seal,
for our very lives they are to blame.
The Mystic Ivorytiger
Magic- bearing tooth and claw.
When'er a spell doth be invoked,
upon his power do we draw.
A being of pure magic,
beyond all Time and Space
To gaze upon raw power
is to look into his face
The Lord of all that's Evil,
the Twisted One, Madman
Master of Immortal games, Demons, and the Damned
He's truly just as wicked as you've undoubtedly been told,
though his hand saved yea for the Icp-beware
His blood runs cold....
The last of our Triumvirate,
the God of good and right
Tynian, the Blessed One,
our Salvation and our Light
the Bane of all that plagues us
he is our Hope, our Shield, our Cure
For he bears a blade of ivory,
and a heart that's twice as pure
Now on to the Immortals,
those who've been given endless life
Those beyond the reach of Death,
and beyond our Mortal strife
My Lord, Tel- the God of Passions,
I await his wish be bade
forever shall I fight for him,
and bear the Symbol of a Blade
For I am a Knight of the Passionate,
this is the cry that I shall ring
if I should die for me Lord Tel,
tell him I died smiling....
Molo, the Archlich
with a heart as black as Night
Fear and Pain stand at his left side,
an Unholy army at his right
To you who oppose- thy hand be stayed
for the Lich wields Death like a wicked blade....
the Warriors of Purity,
Sir Kalten's Ivory Rose
charge roaring into battle
to smite this Darkness from our throes
Soldiers to their General,
wrapped in a brilliant veil of Light
All who raise a fist against them,
shall be crushed beneath their might
Khore-the Lord of Darkness
and all that lie within
the Sun has set, the Moon is full,
let the massacre begin...
the Minions of the Night are his,
to command them as he will
this Nightmare isn't over yet,
there is more fresh blood to spill.....
a Father to his Children,
he shall protect them from all things
and shield them from the Sunlight,
beneath his leather wings
at the side Light- the Killer of Fools
the evil legions shall they thwart
if you would side with the Shadow,
thou art a fool of the truest sort
the Bane of all that's wicked,
the Dark hearted forbade
Infinity shields, Eternity heals,
and Oblivion, blade to blade
the mischievious young Syla,
with a laugh like Silver Bells,
all who would disrupt her games,
shall fly screaming down to Hell
she is truly not as fiendish,
as her Crimson auraed Kin
she has a sweet and winsome spirit,
but there's a wicked streak within
Nalya, Goddess of all that's cute,
of stories, songs, and games
with a scholar's mind, and a child's soul,
in our hearts she'll remain
Dark clouds flee in terror,
sunshine seeks her face
with one quick glowing smile
saddness fades without a trace
we now descend from the Divine,
to speak of those at shoulder's height
the Mortals of this Realm are we,
whether for the Darkness or the Light
Master of the Alchemists,
the Dark Shaman, Kocaine

His narcotics pale the deepest high

His laugh beyond Insanity,
but with a Rift that's no less weak
beware his twisted vengance,
for there is Havoc still to wreak
the young and valiant Cecil,
with eyes alive with light
has been woven back into this Realm
to battle with the Night
an Age ago, whole armies fell
beneath his mighty blade
and, in time, they shall again
and once more the Tides be swayed
Mistress Star- Darkclaw k'Treva
in a war against her past
but she shall stand, victorious,
and find her peace at last
with a heart that shines of Light and Love,
set beside her wicked soul
a truly splendid mix is made
to create the lovely whole
Brother Sufi, of the Passionate
with a Rift both swift and strong
if you dare to stand against him
you shan't for very long
a Wildcard in this War torn Realm,
but for the side of Light
never shall this Wizard rest,
there are still more wrongs to right
the sweet and gentle Saavik
so much has she endured
I wish her only love and peace,
for she has a heart both true and pure
she stands tall against the Darkness
until it meets it's ill demise
her heart beats as a warrior's
and soft flames burn in her eyes....
at the side of Cerebus, Sir Kymlaar
to deal out Justice that is due
beware that fatal false move made
lest he chose judge you
his aura shining brilliant Blue,
he no longer fights alone
he wields righteous retribution
for you shall reap as you have sewn.....
this concludes my tribute
to all whom I've written of
those who have my true respect,
those I hate or fear or love...
So now I give my humble thanks
and bid farewell to thee
this concludes my Ballad,
my song of Tfc....
Voidwrought Knight of the Passionate
Bringer of the Fourth Genesis

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