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What If... Bliss Staged A Hostile Takeover of TFC!
by Bliss, Divine Chocolate Connoisseur

Welcome to The Final Challenge. May your visit here be... Interesting.
TFC's New Player Entrance
[Exits: west]
Hello and Welcome to TFC!
Camp Bliss
[Exits: north west]
Welcome, young adventurer, and prepare to be taught the principles of survival, be trained in the basics of combat, and perhaps be taught the skills of magic and casting. Pay attention and concentrate, for this is your only opportunity to become ready to enter the outside world. Ahead of you, to the north, is the Chocolatier's garden, where you will be able to enter many other sections of the camp. If you have already completed camp training or at this time do not wish to enter the camp, the entrance to the adventurer's guild is directly west of here. At any time should you feel in need of explanation or clarification on matters, do not hesitate to access the helps or ask around.
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.
Godiva of the Camp Guard is here.

Godiva says, 'Welcome to "The Final Challenge," Toblerone! I hope you enjoy your stay.'.
Godiva tells you, 'If you would be willing to make a delivery for me, you would have my gratitude. I'd do it myself, but I'm on duty.'.
Godiva tells you, 'Please TELL me if you can HELP me with the DELIVERY. Thanks for considering.'

Godiva giggles.
Godiva tells you, 'I was hoping you would accept, young Toblerone.'.
Godiva tells you, 'Please deliver this chocolate egg to the chocolate maker.'.
Godiva tells you, 'To leave the Camp and the Adventurer's Guild to your hometown, travel WEST, NORTH, and NORTH.'.
Godiva tells you, 'If you still have your hometown map, LOOK MAP should indicate how to get to the shop. Good luck!'.
Godiva gives you a chocolate egg (destined for the chocolate maker).
[Exits: north east south west down]
This hallway must have been built by chocolate-loving giants! It is huge and looks to be glazed with pure chocolate! Then again, there are more than a few giants who love chocolate that belong to The Guild, so it may just be so. There are doors to your left and right leading to other places in the guild designed to serve the needs of all adventurers. A stairway leads down to a hallway below.
(White aura) Ghirardelli is here.
You say, 'Greetings, Ghirardelli. Might I ask you a question?'.

Ghirardelli bows deeply.
Ghirardelli says, 'Certainly, young adventurer. What is your query'.

You say, 'Why is this grand Hall glazed with chocolate?'.

Ghirardelli sighs loudly.
Ghirardelli says, 'Tis quite a tale, lad.'
Ghirardelli looks around.

You say, 'I would be interested in hearing the tale, if you do not mind, Sir'.

Ghirardelli nods.
Ghirardelli says, 'Well, long, long ago, there once was a marvelous dwarven Implementor, whose name cannot be spoken, as I shall later explain'.

Ghirardelli says, 'Our Implementor Bliss was but a mere Ambassador at the time, a servant to young adventurers like yourself'.

Ghirardelli says, 'One day, she consumed a bit too much chocolate....'.

Ghirardelli looks around.
Ghirardelli continues.

Ghirardelli says, 'She was overcome by an intense urge to initiate a hostile take-over of the Realm'.
Ghirardelli says, 'So Bliss asked to speak with the great implementor the following day, and when he granted her request, she tied him up and fed him chocolate until he could eat no more'.
Ghirardelli says, 'Now, you may wonder how a God of such power could allow such a thing to happen, but great implementor believed Bliss was just being
her silly Ambassadorial self and accomodated her'.
Ghirardelli says, 'Before he knew it, he had consumed nearly 1,000kg of chocolate. He begged her, please, no more chocolate....'
Ghirardelli says, 'Bliss said, "Very well, I shall feed you no more chocolate, but in exchange, I shall be allowed to take over this Realm, right?'.

You gasp in astonishment.

Ghirardelli nods.
Ghirardelli says, 'Feeling overwhelmed at the moment, as 1,000kg of chocolate is more than even an Implementor can handle, he readily agreed'.
Ghirardelli says, 'The great implementor gave Bliss the key to the place and waved goodbye'.
Ghirardelli says, 'It wasn't long before the entire realm was coated with chocolate....all the mobs are now chocolate mobs...there is nothing to eat but chocolate-based items'.

You say, 'Ah, is that why all the names I chose, except this one, were rejected as being "Illegal"?'.

Ghirardelli nods in recognition to you.
Ghirardelli says, 'All new characters are required to have a name referring to, or relating to chocolate, and any mention of a character without a chocolate-base is punishable by an automatic death spell'.

You say, 'Why is it that you and I are the only ones appearing on the Who List?'

Ghirardelli sighs loudly.
Ghirardelli says, 'It is a fate you shall someday come to know. Perhaps you will last longer than the others, perhaps not'.
Ghirardelli says, 'After you have wandered the Realm, seeing nothing but chocolate, eating nothing but chocolate, being soaked by chocolate rain, pelted with chocolate snow, hit with chocolate swarms, you will start to get this feeling in the pit of your stomach....'.
Ghirardelli says, 'You will find it necessary to flee the Realm as quickly as possible'.

You say, 'Well, I would like to wander around. Is Bliss here? I would like to meet her'.

Ghirardelli sighs loudly.
Ghirardelli says, 'Alas, even the Almighty Bliss could not stomach her own Realm....
Ghirardelli says, 'Bliss even tried to rewrite every single room and every single mob to its original description, but even She had to flee'.
Ghirardelli says, 'It has been my task to complete the re-write, and I struggle each day to maintain my composure'.

You say, 'Do you ever wonder what it might have been like here had Bliss not ousted the great implementor in her chocolate-induced mania?'.

Ghirardelli does indeed wonder......

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