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"What If..."
By Marisa

No one knows when it will happen -- but it always does. We all have the chance.
Once the moment comes, most remain unaware that it has ever come to pass. But whether they saw it or not, it happened, and it will happen to you,
always, each time, until at last you open your heart and see.
Taken by themselves, each moment seems ordinary; most choices inconsequential.
We preoccupy ourselves with questions of seeming import: Where shall I go? What shall I do? How will I get there? Who will be there with me? A
few decisions loom large for a brief time, in our minds, but we soon forget and continue through our lives in ignorance, never letting the truth rise from our deepest heart to our conscious mind.
A look, a touch, a sound. A taste upon your tongue, a fragrance on the wind. Whichever it is, what if, _this time_, you know. The moment is
Although it seems as ordinary as all of the other decisions (should I go?), you can see that it is not.
The path lies before you, laid out all at once -- steep, rocky, and overhung with heavy branches. At the end, moonlight plays upon the surf.
Would you choose the same again? Knowing now that this moment changes everything? Choose all the joys, and all the sorrows, all again?
I would.

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