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"WHAT IF... Whitehawk took a Life?"
by Whitehawk

"Toro..get him NOW!" a voice booms in through Whitehawks mind.

His eyes locking onto a cloaked figure bursting out a nearby armoury, with another man in hot pursuit behind him.

An evil grin dons Whitehawk's young face as he starts running toward the figure, building pace as he unsheathes his blade..

The other Man chasing the figure, suddenly stops as bright colours start to twirl around him...a loud *thack* fills the air...

The cloaked figure stumbles to the ground in pain.. Tumbling across the dusty road.

"My turn.." whitehawk thinks,

The cloaked man slowly picking himself back off the ground...

Stepping onto the well for a highted leap,

"WHITEHAWK!" a female voices yells from behind him

...Concentration snaps...

He slips off the well hitting the ground hard creating a light dust cloud about him. A young elven girl helps him up and starts to brush him down.

"Hey! There you are silly!" she kisses his cheek softly.

Glowing a bright pink he stutters, "hi...hila gorgeous!"

She gasps, her eyes widen, looking behind his shoulder. He turns about to see the pursuer dragging the now dead cloaked figure grinning back at him.

"Heehaw...pathetic. come on White" the man orders.

"I guess I'll see you sometime later, Whitehawk!" she waves to her before catching up to the large man.
To this day Whitehawk has never killed, but...what if....

"My turn.." whitehawk thinks,
The cloaked man slowly picking himself back off the ground...
Whitehawk, Steps onto the well for a highted leap,
"WHITEHAWK!" a female voices yells from behind him.
He ignores it, his one focus, the cloaked figure.
"Yaaaaaaa!" bringing his sword down the man blocks the attack *clang!*, but left himself open.
Whitehawk kicks him in the stomach, hard.
The man keels over coughing up blood. Whitehawk drives the sword through the back of the mans neck... until a sharp cracking noise, leaves the body limp.
"Ohh, Very nice!" the voice echoes through his head.
A devilish grin runs upon his face, rubbing his sleeve to clean off the blood that squirted onto his cheek. The Pursuing man pulls the sword out with the tickle of blood mingling with the dirt. Lifting up corpse over his shoulder he orders "Come.."
Whitehawk notices the elven girl, staring at him.
"Hey, did you see that!" He excitedly asks her.
"Don't... don't you touch me!" she screams at him. " just get away from me!!" her eyes watering as she runs off down the street.
"BAH! Dumb wench" he mutters to himself.
Pitch black..with an unbearable heat that fills the air.
"First kill?"
"Yes sir"
"How did it feel?"
"I...I don't know"
"What you mean you don’t know?!"
"Did you enjoy it?"
"Umm...yes...yes I did!"
"Why did it feel good?"
"Because he is our Enemy"
"Correct and who are our Enemies, Whitehawk?"
"..but the vampires.."
"Very, good little one...I ask you one last question"
"How would you like to be part of the CIRCLE OF FIRE"
"...Very much so..."

Whitehawk elbows the Elven warrior in the face shattering his jawbone, before piercing his throat with his stylet. Whitehawk grins evilly at the corpse, eyes, burning a fiery red.
The Ogres talon travels down whitehawks chest as he screams out in agony, barely dodging the Ogres second attack that missed his jugular by centimetres..., quickly quaffing a potion, he swiping his halberd at the Ogres legs just catching its left leg, not a proper contact... yet enough to cripple the beast. The ogre pulls out a potion he attempts to quaff. Whitehawk knocks the potion out with the blunt end of his halberd, quickly pulling it back to smash the side of the ogres head... Whitehawk only smirks before slashing the torso of the ogre.
"Mummy!!" A small dwarven boy bursts into tears horrified of the occurrence. Thump after thump a morning star is pummelled into this dwarven woman..not long before Whitehawk throws the star at the boy, cracking his skull... the cries stop...only to be followed by Whitehawks laughter.
A magical fire attack sends Whitehawk slamming against the wall..He picks him self up slowly...spitting a wad of blood on the floor.
His eyes fixated on the huge spiritual warrior standing in front of him.. and intense blue aura surrounding him.
"Whitehawk... for you crimes.. you shall die!" the man yells.
"ENEMY!" whitehawks low voice booms, before slashing at the warrior.
The warrior simply parries the katana out of the way with his war hammer, before kicking whitehawk back against the wall...*slam!*
Whitehawk, himself burning with a dense dark red aura, eyes now burn with rage... coughing again, still his blood dripping down his cheek, attacks again. The cleric tries to pre-empt with a counter lunge, Whitehawk ducks, following up with a quick triple attack, left knee, torso... then driving his katana up through the warriors chin. Blood now showers Whitehawk.. grinning evilly before muttering,

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