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The Face of Courage

Ill fortune
Cast by the winds
into the Face of Fear
A lass alone on a teak deck
The rattle of chains
The slice of oars
A desolate moan of enslavement
The answering crack of a whip
A shiver of desperate certainty
Pirates - seeking
Her innocence a siren's song
Rum soaked breath
Searing blood lust
Greed a rush of need
Small hands surround
A briar wrapped heart
Magic depleted
The first arrives
A sneering smirk
Then battle cry
Little feet seek purchase
Wood awash with salt and blood
A call to courage
His faith her only answer
No sword stronger
then belief
The first falls.
Not a moment to rest.
Footsteps pound behind her
They are coming.
Still she hesitates
One touch to her lips in memory
A soft blush, a nod of thanks
Magic renewed she vanishes -
Cast by the wind away from death
Screams of rage echo behind her.
He smiles at her small victory.
Somewhere, she closes her eyes
Etching a memory of her silent witness
Knowing he forever wears
The Face of Courage.

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