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A Vow Renewed

Approximately one out-realm year ago, a vampire and a goddess gave oath to one another amidst the shadows of a garden of black roses. The Ebon Lord, Thaygar, stood as their priest. As with all things properly blessed by the Triat, such things tend to come in threes... Thus, a second giving of vows. As with all rites conducted by Thaygar, it was a bit of a surprise... both to guests, and bridal pair...

A Huge, Beautiful Cavern [Exits: north east west up]
You are knee deep in chilly water. You stand in a magnificent cavern. Your light reflects off of the inky water and the pale walls. Stalactites of every size and shape hang down in frozen stone icicles. A beautiful waterfall flows down over the rocky southern wall. Its noise echoes off into the darkness of the cavern, to the east, north, and west.

(Blue Aura) Nicademus is flying here.
(Purple Aura) Okk is flying here.
(Purple Aura) Gregar is here.
Ptarchyzk is resting here.
(Red Aura) Silonch is here.
(Invis) Tirayel is here.
(Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
(Purple Aura) Serenity is resting here.
(Purple Aura) Thaygar is here.
(Blue Aura) Tripper is flying here.
(Purple Aura) Deamhan is here.
(Blue Aura) Elladan is here.
(Purple Aura) Dalmiera is resting here.

A glimmering light appears, and expands into a shining web-like Pattern
before you.

Cordir steps quietly into the room, almost unnoticed but for the glimmer
around her.

The Pattern fades into motes of light, scattered about the chamber.

Nyx bows before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Greetings all'.

Tripper smiles happily.

Dalmiera says (in common), 'Hello ma'am'. Dalmiera smiles softly.

Tirayel bows before Cordir.
Elladan bows gallantly.
Gregar bows before Cordir.
Tripper bows before Cordir.
Ptarchyzk smiles happily.

Silonch curtseys gracefully for Cordir.

Serenity looks at Nyx.

Nicademus bows before Cordir.

Serenity grins neutrally.

Tripper looks at Nyx.

Torchbearer appears before you, surrounded by a soft scarlet glow.

Okk bows before Torchbearer.

Tirayel looks at Cordir.
Silonch looks at Cordir.

Solanthas comes dancing into existence.
Solanthas bows deeply.

Deamhan bows before Solanthas.
Okk bows before Solanthas.

Silonch smiles happily. Silonch curtseys gracefully.
Elladan bows gallantly.
Nyx bows deeply.

Okk gets a pair of nasty looking pliers from a canvas bag.
Okk stops using a long pointy stick.
Okk wields a pair of nasty looking pliers.
Okk tweaks Torchbearer's nose.

Deamhan snickers with Okk about their shared secret.

Okk stops using a pair of nasty looking pliers.
Okk wields a long pointy stick.

Deamhan says (in common), 'Gonna use those on the chocolate ogre?'.

Cordir nods in recognition to Thaygar.

Deamhan cackles gleefully at Okk.

Okk puts a pair of nasty looking pliers in a canvas bag.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'do others remain to gather?'.

Torchbearer tickles Okk.

Cordir says, 'Not that I know of, Ebon Lord.'.

Silonch rests.

Look Thaygar:
Before you stands a tall giant, stoicly bearing constant, searing pain.
His right hand is sheathed in black, flickering fire, giving Him great
insight, but also making His eyes dance with the faintest glimmers of

You realize that He must have carried that burning flame for decades,
if not centuries. You wonder what that much constant pain would do to
you, but refrain from contemplating the thought for long.

Thaygar is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Thaygar is in perfect health.

Thaygar is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) the Soul of the One Dwarf
<worn with pride> (Glowing) the Medallion of Godhood

Thaygar nods.

l deamhan
A tall, slender half-elven form stands before you. It is unexpectedly
difficult to make out details; shadows seem to cling to him oddly where
there should be light. After a moment, his attention shifts to you. He
murmurs something softly and the shadows fall away. His form is that of a
young man in his prime, but his night-dark eyes are far older, and assess
you calmly. He bows courteously, with a slight smile, and you catch a
glimpse of the fangs that explain how one who has seen so much can appear
so young. Khore must have taken this one early. A slight radiance shimmers
on his skin, as if the blood in his veins were strangely radiant. It takes a
moment, but comprehension follows; the sinuous traceries mark him as one
Destined within the Pattern. But there is more: on his hands, the glow is
brighter, glimmering silver-tinted, and seems to be moving...some sort of
tattoo, you think...He glances beyond you for an instant, and mutters another
word. The Darkness slithers over him again. You have seen enough.
Deamhan is in perfect health.

Deamhan is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a vial of stardust
<worn on body> a richly embroidered tunic of midnight blue
<worn on legs> a pair of black velvet leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of soft black leather boots
<worn as shield> (Magical) (Woven) yochlol silk and silver moonlight
<worn about body> (Magical) (Indigo Aura) the Embrace of the Weaver
<worn with pride> (Purple Aura) (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen

l nyx
The shadows twist and shift before your sight, like a midnight fog touched
by a light breeze. There is something out there, a deep purple glow, that
seems to float about. Ah, yes... you can make it out now. Its a sprite,
but how can she be moving and sitting at the same ti- She is sitting upon
a shoulder... a very darkly clad shoulder. Your gaze slides up to where
you know the face must be, and is met by piercing grey eyes. Ebon strands
dance within them, forming and reforming - a web, a sigil, a name forever

There is only one person this can be...
Nyx has a special twinkle in his eye.
Nyx is in perfect health.

Nyx is using:
<used as light> a candle
<worn on finger> (Magical) a shadowed ring of ebon jade
<worn around neck> (Magical) (sitting on shoulder) a midnight sprite
<worn around neck> (Magical) a shard of ebon jade on a silver chain
<worn on body> a richly embroidered tunic of midnight blue
<worn on head> (Red Aura) a black spider silk hood
<worn on legs> a pair of black leather leggings
<worn on feet> (Blue Aura) (Magical) a pair of silver buckled leather boots
<worn on hands> some skin-tight black gloves
<worn on arms> (Concealed) black forearm sheaths
<worn about body> a debonair black velvet mantle
<worn about waist> a black silk beltpouch
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the glinting obsidian bracelet
<held> (Invis) (Magical) the Midnight Dragon Orb
<worn with pride> (Purple Aura) (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen
<worn with pride> (Magical) (Mystical) a delicate diamond leaf

Tirayel smiles quietly in the corner.

Serenity beams a smile at Ptarchyzk.
Nyx bows before Cordir.

Tripper looks at Deamhan.

It is 10pm on Ozymandiut the 16th, the month of the Shallow Graves, in the year 2400.

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Cordir nods in recognition to Nyx.

Thaygar nods to those gathered here, at a Ritus of Water to augment the Ritus of Earth.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'This is the time of Rebirth. The Ritae are invoked for the penultimate time. For now, until the Ritae conclude ...'.

A cave fish arrives from the north.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'There shall be no earthly disruptions to the purity of this Renaissance. Stand peacefully in the waters, and act not.'.

Thaygar gazes over those assembled, and says, 'Honor these two with your silence, and your solemnity. For those uncertain of protocol ...'.


A cave fish leaves west.

The black flame about Thaygar's hand flares momentarily.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'Please eat and drink your fill now, and disable all reflexive behaviors'.

[Everyone eats and drinks their fill]

Nyx gets a candle from (Mystical) a magician's hat.
Nyx grins neutrally.
Nyx lights a candle and holds it.
Nyx says (in common), 'So there.'.

Deamhan thinks we're all done now.
Deamhan snickers softly.

Elladan eyes the cave fish and licks his lips.

Thaygar wonders if people are done and ready to go hungry and thirsty?

Serenity laughs.
Serenity nods.

Nyx stops using a candle.

Deamhan chuckles at Elladan's joke.

Silonch nods.

Nyx puts a candle in the shadows.

Gregar nods.

Nyx grins neutrally.

A cave fish leaves west.

Thaygar dissolves into an aura of blackfire and reforms before the waterfall.
Thaygar gestures for the couple to come before Him.

A cave fish arrives from the west.

Cordir steps forward to stand before Lord Thaygar.
Deamhan walks over to stand before the Ebon Lord.

Thaygar gazes across the placid water and smiles. He unfurls a scroll, the Dictum Mortuum, which hovers beside Him.

Thaygar says to all gathered, 'Faithful, Godly, Walkers Alone, we are gathered here for a time of Death, a time of Rebirth, a time of Change.'

Thaygar gestures to the couple and says, 'These two stand joined in eternal Union, and seek to strengthen their bond of love.'

The Ebon Lord reads from the Dictum Mortuum, 'A pact lies never still, but ever dying and remade. To gain in power, die and rise again.'.

Thaygar says to the bride and groom, 'Should these Ritae prevail, your Union shall be broken and reforged.'

Thaygar says unto them, 'To temper this Union, the couple must first be cleansed and laid bare.'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'clasp your hands, wedded ones'.

A cave fish arrives from the west.

Cordir takes her husband's hand.
Deamhan takes his wife's hands.

Thaygar beckons to the inky waters of the cavern.

A black globe of water bearing a pale white fish flows out of the lake and floats before the Ebon Lord.

Thaygar says to the Wife and husband, 'Clasp your hands, lovers. Clear your minds. Stand free of all distraction.'

Thaygar grasps the globe of water in His burning hand, boiling it utterly and obliterating the fish within.

Cordir takes a long, deep breath, and closes her eyes.

A cloud of black steam and vaporized blood rushes over the clasped hands below, scalding and drenching the flesh.

A radiant, indigo glow shines from the hands of the wedded, and washes across their bodies, illuminating their Patterns.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'you are cleansed'.

A cave fish leaves north.

Thaygar says to the Lady of Fate, 'Your Road has been beside this man for much of an Age. Do you wish to continue along this Path?'

Cordir bows before Thaygar.

Dalmiera ftells, 'Wow.'
Serenity ftells, 'indeed'.

Cordir says, 'I do, now and always.'.

Thaygar says to the undead husband, 'Other Blood exists to call to you, vampire. Do you still wish to burn for this Lady alone?'

Deamhan says (in common), 'Now and always'.

Thaygar raises His burning hand and says, 'Then see the fire of blood and passion joining you, and watch it grow ever hotter.'

Cordir holds Deamhan's gaze with her own, a gentle smile playing on her lips.

Deamhan smiles at Cordir.

The boiled blood upon the hands bursts into flame and liquifies, blood once more, and falls across their hands

Deamhan whispers to his Lady, 'ouch, dammit, i hate fire...'.

Cordir stoically remains still.

Deamhan twitches.

Nyx ftells, 'Nice to see the Ebon Lord hasn't lost his touch...'.
Gregar ftells, 'heh'.
Serenity ftells, 'that is most certain'.
Dalmiera ftells, 'indeed...I remember his ceremonies from long ago, but this is impressive'.

Deamhan holds tightly to his lady's hands.

Thaygar watches the Blood settle and says, 'Your Blood Oath to each other is burned and reforged. Drink of it, for it is now your own vitae'

Deamhan raises Cordir's hands to his lips and drinks the blood pooled on them.

Cordir waits until her husband is done, then raises their clasped hands to her lips, and drinks as well.

Gregar ftells, 'maybe he was Robert in another life?'.
Deamhan ftells, 'I don't think so, Gregar'.
Nyx ftells, 'No... He is none but Himself.'.
Cordir ftells, 'Much the other way around, Gregar'.
Gregar ftells, 'twas a joke sorry I shall remain quiet again'.
Cordir ftells, 'Thaygar was Entirely Uber-Creepy long before Robert.'.
Deamhan ftells, 'snicker'.
Dalmiera ftells, '*snickers* Quite true.'.

Thaygar says to those gathered, 'But Passion rekindled and renewed will still run cold unless the flesh supports it'

Thaygar says to the couple, 'Your Union is not finished, is not complete, nor can it ever be complete'

Thaygar says unto them, 'It must become more than it is. Are you both willing to do anything to see it made so?'

Cordir nods and says, 'Aye.'.

Deamhan nods.

Thaygar gestures to the remaining stains on the couple's clasped hands. The blood soaks into their flesh.

The couple's clasped hands crumble to dust. Blood wells forth from their severed wrists and flows together.

The bloodlimbs congeal into new flesh.

Deamhan says (in common), 'OW'.

Cordir gasps in pain and shock.

Dalmiera ftells, ''.

Serenity gasps in astonishment.

Cordir ftells, '(in case you didn't know, this is thaygar ... 'surprising' us...)'.

Thaygar says to the congregation, 'Ever must we be ready to experience every touch, every sensation, as if it were the first touch ever'

Cordir swallows hard and shivers.

Deamhan glances at his hands and hopes they stay whole for awhile. A long while.

Thaygar cries out, 'But the mind and body are not alone in needing rededication. The souls themselves must be rededicated.'

Dalmiera ftells, 'Ok, if he turns em inside out, he is officially NOT doing my wedding'.
Serenity ftells, '*laugh*'.

Thaygar says to the couple, 'Do you desire to join your Patterns even more tightly than they are now, whatever the cost?'

Deamhan swallows, looks nervous, then says, "...Yes..."

Nyx ftells, 'I don't think He's referring to Merrick, either.'.

Cordir looks at her husband, resolve plainly in her eyes.
Cordir says, 'Aye...'.

Thaygar gestures to the indigo glow about the couple's clasped hands.

A bright cord of bloodflame, joining the two, is revealed. It twists and writhes with spectral fire between them.

Thaygar says to the congregation, 'These souls are forever linked, though the link may be great or wan'.

Thaygar waves His hand over the filament of linked soulfire joining the two.

The strand of fire shatters into a thousand shards that burst across the cavern.

Deamhan winces in pain.

The lake hisses with steam as each shard sinks beneath the waters.

Cordir gasps, and clenches her teeth, to hold back any further outburst.

Thaygar says to the couple, 'But like any true soul, the soullink cannot be obliviated. It dies ... but only to Rise again.'

Nyx whispers to his Goddess, 'And you wonder WHY I decided, under His guidance, to become celibate...'.
She whispers silently to Nyx, '*cough* Understandable?'.

The lake begins to boil and glow from within as a fiery radiance fills the cavern. The cold waters warm and grow searingly hot.

Thousands of fiery waterspiders float to the surface of the lake, one spider for every soulshard. Where they steam, steam rises.

Cordir forces herself to remain still.

A cave fish leaves west.

Deamhan watches the spiders crawl closer.

The spiders flow over the couple and swarm upon them. As they crawl, flesh is singed and radiance emitted.

Deamhan clenches his teeth.

Khorlan ftells, 'Greetings'.
Nyx ftells, 'Greetings, Khorlan'.
Serenity ftells, 'Greetings'.

Cordir holds Deamhan's hands tightly.

The spiders flow over the couple's clasped hands and meld together, filling
the cavern with blinding light.

Dalmiera ftells, 'my word..if this is what it takes to get married, remind me to stay single'.
Serenity ftells, 'some of us have that plan already :)'.

Khorlan ftells, 'where's the cermemony'.
Nyx ftells, 'In the caverns by the beach north of Safehaven'.
Cordir ftells, 'khorlan, i'm going to summon you. sit quiet, don't bow, don't do anything.'.
Khorlan ftells, 'gotcha'.
Dalmiera ftells, 'and go vis'.
Nyx ftells, 'if you do anything, the Lord will likely pelt you with dead cave fish and fiery waterspiders...'.
Serenity ftells, '*laugh*'.

Cordir utters the word, 'Summon'. Khorlan arrives suddenly.

Thaygar says to the couple, 'Your Union is hereby sundered, and reforged. Triat grant that it be stronger now than it was before.'

Deamhan looks at his scorched flesh.

Thaygar rolls the Dictum Mortuum, stores it, and says, 'You are still and once more husband and Wife'

Cordir smiles tremulously.

Deamhan utters the words, 'heal'.

Deamhan looks at his wife.
Deamhan utters the words, 'heal'.

Dalmiera ftells, 'or melt his hands off *giggles*'.

Deamhan feels much better.

Cordir smiles at Deamhan.

Deamhan bows before Thaygar.

Cordir looks at her husband.
Cordir utters the words, 'heal'.

Thaygar smiles to Deamhan and says, 'You may now Kiss the bride.'

Deamhan kisses Cordir's hand. How continental!
Deamhan kisses Cordir.

Cordir smiles at Deamhan.
Cordir kisses Deamhan.

Tirayel is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Deamhan smiles happily.

Thaygar nods in recognition to Deamhan.
Thaygar nods in recognition to Cordir.

Dalmiera smiles warmly.

Solanthas says, 'spiders'. He shivers uncomfortably.

Deamhan looks at Cordir.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'your vows are complete ... this Ritus is

Cordir bows before Thaygar.

Elladan has an incredible itch between his shoulderblades and wonder if he
can move yet.

Deamhan plans to.

Okk pets a spider fondly.

Silonch smiles happily.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this is the last action this One shall do, officially, in this Realm ... as He entered, so shall He leave'.

Cordir ftells, 'Okay, now you may do your yelling, Gregar'.

Gregar looks hungrily at a spider on the floor.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'thank you all, audience'.

Serenity gently throws rose petals of indigo and silver at the feet of the rejoined couple.

Nyx bows before Thaygar.

Thaygar throws confetti in the air!

Serenity curtseys gracefully to Thaygar.
Deamhan bows before Thaygar.

Elladan smiles happily.

Serenity laughs.

Ptarchyzk smiles happily.

Silonch curtseys gracefully.

Cordir bows before Thaygar.

Silonch throws confetti in the air!

Torchbearer bows deeply.

Solanthas brings his plated boots down on the spider.

Silonch is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Cordir utters the word, 'Summon'. Kennet arrives suddenly.

Khorlan bows before Thaygar.

Deamhan bows before Kennet.

Tripper throws confetti in the air!

Kennet bows deeply.

Silonch smiles happily.

Nyx beams a smile at Kennet.

Silonch blows a kiss to the bride and groom.

Deamhan ftells, 'Very glad you could make it, Kennet'.

Gregar shouts (in common), 'all hail cordir, may all praise her renewed vows!'.

Dalmiera smiles gently at the happy couple.

Elladan breaks off a stalactite, scratching his back madly.

Tirayel bows before Cordir.

Solanthas dances a pas-de-une.

Okk showers the room with blackwood leaf.

Silonch smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'Thank you all for attending'.
Deamhan says (in common), 'Thank you, everyone'.

Dalmiera says (in common), 'Thank you for the invitation ma'am'.

Serenity says (in common), 'how could it be missed?'.

Okk bows ungracefully.

Deamhan bows before Silonch.
Serenity smiles happily.

Elladan gnaws the top of his walking stick pensively, then wanders off.

Nicademus spontaneously combusts leaving only a handful of feathers!

Okk stops using a chocolate ogre.
Okk holds a runestick in his hands.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'in time ... there need be a Third taking of vows ... this One shall not be available to do it'.

Torchbearer is engulfed by a shimmering aura and fades from your vision.

Cordir frowns slightly.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'may the Ritus of Air go as well as the Earth and Water have'.

Gregar raises an eyebrow.

Cordir steps towards Thaygar and lays a hand upon his arm.

Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'oh what the hey.. I'm sure Ican toss something together if Thagar isn't around..'.

Cordir says, 'Why, my most revered Lord?'.

Deamhan chuckles at Ptarchyzk's joke.

Solanthas must depart.
Deamhan bows before Solanthas.
Cordir bows before Thaygar.
Okk waves goodbye to Solanthas.

Solanthas says, 'i hear the calls of battle in the distance'.

Nyx bows before Solanthas.

Deamhan says (in common), 'thank you for coming'.

Tripper bows before Solanthas.

Gregar bows before Thaygar.

Solanthas bows deeply.

Solanthas dances wildly across the room, and suddenly fades out of existence.

Tirayel throws confetti in the air!

Gregar says (in common), 'thank you much for coming lord thaygar'.

Serenity nods.

Cordir hugs Kennet.
Kennet hugs Cordir.
Kennet hugs Deamhan.
Deamhan ruffles Kennet's hair playfully.

Cordir says, 'Good to see you, brother'.

Kennet says (in common), 'I'm glad to see you're well'.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One need ... do the Triat's will ... and be Reborn'.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'the exact means ... this One does not know'.

Cordir says, 'I.... if that is Their will...'.

Serenity says (in common), 'may we be blessed by Your presence in our lives again, Thaygar, however that may be.'.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'but this One shall not remain as He is ... He is sure of that'.

Cordir says, 'Thank you, Serenity, beautifully said... and felt in many of our hearts'.

Serenity blushes.

Cordir says, 'Lord.... Thaygar... you will be sorely missed...'.

Serenity nods.

Deamhan nods.

Nyx nods.

Khorlan nods.

Cordir drops in a deep, reverential curtsey before the Ebon Lord.

Deamhan bows before Thaygar.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'Loss is the Truth ... do not miss this One, celebrate my absence'.

Dalmiera says (in common), 'Though I know of him not at all as myself, as another I hold Lord Thaygar in deepest of respects'.

Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'yeah.. even by me, I suppose.'.

Serenity snickers softly.
Gregar chuckles at Ptarchyzk's joke.
Serenity pokes Ptarchyzk in the ribs.
Deamhan whistles at the sight of Ptarchyzk.

Dalmiera says (in common), 'You shall be missed indeed, Sir..may your journeys be as rewarding to you as your presence has been to us'.

Cordir sighs.
Okk bows his head.

Gregar says (in common), 'I get the distinct feeling if you combined the playing years of everyone in the room it would be a BIG number'.

Serenity laughs.
Serenity nods.

Cordir says, 'And Jahiliya missed it AGAIN!'.

Serenity giggles.
Serenity says (in common), 'She is *never* here'.
Serenity pouts.

Dalmiera says (in common), 'Jah is always late know that'.

Serenity smiles at Cordir.

Cordir stamps her foot in the water, splashing everyone.

Ptarchyzk shall scold Jah when he see's her next for you..

Deamhan says (in common), 'You'll have to let her have it, when next you see her'.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One has a few last details to attend to .. but will go before the Goddess of Chance and the High Father of the
Realm soon'.

Nyx blinks.
Nyx flicks a hand, discarding drops.

Serenity ducks!

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and greet what tomorrow always holds'.

A candle goes out.

Cordir says, 'No doubt, she shall interrupt us tomorrow night, with exquisite timing.'.

Thaygar nods at the candle.

Serenity laughs.

Cordir says, 'May I beg the boon of being present?'.

Deamhan coughs.

Nyx says (in common), 'I would like to be as well...'.

Deamhan nods.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'that you may'.

Nyx puts a cave fish in the shadows.

Cordir blinks.
Cordir wonders why Nyx wants to save a fish.

Nyx gets a cave fish from the shadows.
Nyx eats a cave fish.

Tripper says, 'as would I Sire'.

Gregar nods.

Nyx says (in common), 'No sense in letting His work go to waste.'.

Thaygar thanks the cave fish for its help, and gives it its due reward.
Thaygar envelops the room with flame!
Thaygar nods to what remains.

Nyx says (in common), 'Anyone needing to return to the guild can follow

Cordir takes a deep, happy breath, and smiles at her husband.

Deamhan smiles at Cordir.

Nyx says, 'You stay with the Lady, Deamhan.'.

Thaygar need depart this locale at this time.

Nyx bows before Thaygar.

Thaygar bows to those gathered.

Tripper bows before Thaygar.

Nyx bows before Cordir.
Tirayel bows before Cordir.

Khorlan bows before Thaygar.

Thaygar draws a flaming sigil, steps through it, and departs.

Nyx leaves north.
Kennet leaves north.
Khorlan leaves north.
Dalmiera leaves north.
Gregar leaves north.
Tirayel leaves north.
Ptarchyzk leaves north.
Serenity leaves north.

Deamhan bows before Tripper.
Deamhan bows before Okk.

Deamhan says (in common), 'Thank you both very much for coming'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'May we have your blessing as well, Okk?'.

Tripper says, 'I'll leave you 2 to your joys'.

Okk says, 'Blessing?'.
Okk sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir nods.

Tripper hugs Deamhan.
Tripper smiles happily.
Deamhan beams a smile at Tripper.
Tripper waves happily.
Tripper lands with a splash.
Tripper leaves north.

Cordir says, 'Perhaps another time, Okk?'.

Okk smears a streak of black blood across Deamhan's brow.

Okk says, 'n'oi Jaa'nawkhleh Cordir'.

Okk says, 'b'oi Jaa'nawhkleh Deamhan'.

Okk smiles happily.

Deamhan bows deeply.

Deamhan says (in common), 'Thank you, sir'.

Cordir says, 'Thank you...'.

Deamhan stands up.

Okk bows ungracefully.

Okk says, 'Understood you might wish to be alone'.
Okk slithers through a crack in the spirit-world.

Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.

Deamhan says (in common), 'We timed this rite too near sunrise, love, I
will have to sleep'.

Deamhan says (in common), 'But tomorrow we will complete it...'.

Cordir nods.

Deamhan gives Cordir a long and passionate kiss.

Cordir smiles happily, and says, 'Tomorrow, then'.

Deamhan smiles happily.

(End Scene)

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