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The Sanctum of the Strands of the Web
(A Very Old Version of Cordir's Temple)

I've been working on my Immortality concept as a TFC player for almost two years. Needless to say, ideas and goals changed a lot during that time... here's one of the earliest versions of my Temple. Some elements may seem somewhat familiar, others may be a surprise. This also includes some general notes for myself, restring ideas, and description ideas.
Main Room Desc:

Passing through the gateway, your world instantly narrows down to awareness of a single shining strand of light. Familiar, intriguing, terrifying, it utterly consumes your attention until some internal thrum of recognition identifies it - the thread of your life of the Loom of The Weaver. That comprehension allows you some manner of release from its siren call, and you realize that you are but one thread of the Great Pattern that stretches majestically into the Void above you. Lost in its depths for a moment, you return to yourself feeling thoroughly humbled, yet at utter peace.
Cognizance of other things - such as the room itself - creeps in bit by bit. The heart of the chamber is the large vignum vitae Loom that seems to join seamlessly with the colossal Pattern Web above it. The Web is made of a countless number of interconnected colored threads, and seems to stretch up into the limitless Void, for there is no ceiling visible above you. A sense of calm and oneness with All fills you, tinged with the wistful hope that perhaps there is room for one such a you to find shelter here. The answer comes back with a perfect clarity - as each soul has a place within the Pattern, so are they welcomed here, as if to their own home.
The Loom of the Weaver is here.
A massive weaving machine, this loom has countless threads upon its warp and woof. A silver shuttle lies between the strands, as if left there by a Weaver who has only paused a moment in her labors.
Each thread on the loom is differently colored, each distinct, each with their own tale- perhaps of an event, perhaps a person, perhaps a time or place... You spy some threads which have been marked with a tiny glowing sigil - strands of ebon, red, ice, scarlet, Amber, Black, Jet Black, Deep Blue, Grey, Purple, Ruby, Sapphire, Silver, White, Brown, and Gold… it seems the Weaver is most interested in these particular threads…
Your own life echoes before you - the choices you made, the disappointments, the little deaths of possibilities, the joys, the sorrows. Past, present, even a glimmering of the future, are all here.
look up
Above you stretches the Pattern Web into the limitless Void, awesome in its majestic, infinite Perfection, forming the roof above you.
look down
The slate floor before the fireplace is worn, shiny and slick from the repeated application of a supplicant's knees - most likely those of the Lady Cordir herself.
look north
The massive jade door leading out of the Sanctuary lies to the south, and two inscriptions have been deeply carved in the stone walls on either side of the portal.
look east
The East side of the room is obviously a work area. Three windows showing completely different views look down on a desk that is littered with documents, broken quill pens, and bottles of ink. A constant breeze rustles the indigo curtains, bearing mingled scents of pine trees, subterranean water, and incense.
look south
Gazing past the loom to the southern wall, you spy a large ivory marble fireplace, with ebon flames dancing within it. There are a series of spherical plaques on the wall - eight total, four on the left, and four on the right side of the hearth.
look west
To the West is an octagonal fountain made of obsidian, jet and onyx set into the wall. Softly glowing water murmurs in the still of the room. Twin cedar bookcases flank the fountain.
look Void
The boundless Void stretches above you, sparkling with the life-energies of the Pattern Web
look fireplace
The ivory marble fireplace stands six feet tall, actually large enough for someone of slight stature to stand upright inside. Black fire burns within its confines.
look flames
Dancing tongues of blackfire writhe within the confines of the white pillars of the fireplace. They seem somehow familiar to those who once bore the Sigil Odegra.
Look plaques
These eight plaques detail some of the Ways of Nash, and how they differ from the Way of the Web. (Type Look 1.plaque, etc, to be able to reach each one)
look plaque
** Wisdom is the Way of Nash, Brought by Nash's Son **
** Teaching us His Father's words, 'Till every soul is won. **
-- Learn Wisdom from Lord Sirak, lest intelligence overpower good sense. Think before doing, being fully aware of the consequences of your actions.

look 2.plaque
** Power is the Way of Nash, Lives and Blood His Due **
** The Conclave walks the Black Path, and to that path is true **
-- Avoid Molo's efforts for Power's sake, for we seek Humility and Service to Others. Focus on the greater good, benefiting all.

look 3.plaque
** Guile is the Way of Nash, Deception is His trade **
** The Jhereg walk the crooked Path and on that path they stay **
-- Ozmo's Deception is not our Way. Honesty in all actions is expected.

look 4.plaque
** Knowledge is the Way of Nash, revealing the truth **
** Chiselhammer's Clan prepares at path for those of Youth **
- Take heed from Simon's example, but for a purer purpose. Always aid the young and helpless, for in them is the strength and future of the Realm.

1ook 5.plaque
** Chaos is the Way of Nash, Thus do Watchers learn **
** The Way send more souls to Him and feast on all they've earned **
- Abhor the Arch-Angel's Path, for as a whole we do not, will not, must not take life. Only the Blade of the Web may do so, and only after advance discussion of it's necessity.

Look 6.plaque
** Honor is the Way of Nash, Service through Good Deeds **
** Calls the Fellowship to Him, to clarify His needs **
- Lord Gryphon's Fellowship is a shining example of what we believe. Aid them, learn from them, and follow the Word of Gryphon as if it were My own.

look 7.plaque
** Service is the Way of Nash, Strands answer that call **
** Triat shows the Path to us, to bring His Ways to all **
This is our Path. Walk it well, with pride and honor, but remembering always the Third Law of the Strand.
1ook 8 plaque
** Perfection is the Way of Nash, tookie tookie, **
** Nash stuff Nash stuff.. can't remember how this verse goes.. **
look fountain
Three materials - jet, obsidian, and onyx - have been cunningly worked together to form a beautiful eight sided fountain set into the wall. The water filling this fountain glows softly, delicately tinged with blue. In it you see yourself reflected, and the faces of those you could have been, had you taken other paths.
look bookshelf / look bookshelves
These intricately carved cedar bookshelves are filled with books of music in every tongue and dialect, as well as treatises on virtually every subject imaginable, from the physiology of liches, to the founding of Thalos, to the denizens of the Ocean. From their condition have been often read and enjoyed. On one of the lower shelves - about eye level for a short person - lies a curio case of sapphire crystal.
look case / look curio
A piece of parchment written in High Elven, a pair of black wrought iron manacles, a travel-worn book, a mandolin, and a Sigil Odegra are displayed here in state, tokens of the influences that have shaped Cordir into who She is.
look window
Three windows display completely different differing scenes - one is a black, subterranean lake, with an octagonal doorway set into the ground beside it's shore. The central window reveals a magnificent Temple, an edifice created for the worship of Lord Nash, placed high above the city of Ofcol. The last shows a small cottage within a forest, a burbling stream running along side it.
look inscription
The Laws of Nash:
I. Thou shalt seek Perfection, choosing a Path to it and not straying from that Path. - Should you falter, regain it, and continue on.
II. Thou shalt not harm another Nashite, though action or inaction, whether they be of your Path or not, for we are all one in His eyes.
III. Thou shalt praise the Name of the Lord Nash, bringing glory to Him, through word and action, answering honestly all questions put to you of His ways.
look 2.inscription
The Laws of The Strand
I. Service Above Self.
II. Honor in all actions, words, deeds.
III. There is no deed so evil that cannot be forgiven, no crime that cannot be absolved. Be not trapped in guilt, but rise above it, learn from it, and move onward towards Perfection, assisting other to do the same.
Threads on the Loom

look red
A thread of the past… a puny woman stands in a cave of colossal proportions, facing a serpent that fills the room with its endless coils. A single spell is cast before the Dhole's acidic bite shreds the woman, rending her flesh. A shadowed figure smiles, gestures, and the corpse is restored to life with a scarlet aura about her. Welcome is then given to the newest Ebon Hand…

look ebon
Thaygar, past Master of the Ebon Hand, slumbers restlessly, dreaming of Those He serves.

look icy
A strand of a possible future… The Mausoleum of the Arch-Lich is wrenched from the Mortal Realms as the Master of the Black Conclave of Nashite Ascends to Greater Godhood, His shattered followers gazing on in dismay and sorrowful loss.

look scarlet
Sir Keller D'Augustine, blood dripping from his blade and spattered on his armor, stands over a Conclave corpse, and murmurs a plea to Tel for forgiveness….. then, strangely, the thread changes color and scene before you, as if the individual depicted leads almost a double life… now you see a tall, brown-haired man relaxing back in a comfortable rocking chair, warming his toes by the fireplace. The room is cheery, and homey, the only oddity the well-tended longsword hanging over the mantle, the flames coloring it scarlet.

Look Jet Black
A thread of the past, but this thread has a double image. In one, Cordir marries Keller D'Augustine, but the Lich appears and takes her for His Conclave. In the other, she is wed to Canaan, and an obsessive Keller appears, slaying them both to keep her from wedding another… which is true and which false? Both paths lead directly to her involvement with the Black Conclave of Nashite…

Look Black
The Lich, enshrouded within His final resting place, watches over His Conclave. As if annoyed by the buzzing of an insect, He gestures, and contact with this strand is broken.

Look Deep Blue
A possible future… Polnevdra, High Priestess of the Silver Fellowship, writhes in agony as a transformation occurs, making her the servant of evil she once was..

Look Grey
A simply garbed man wielding two weapons strides through the forest. His grey eyes are an unusual blend of joy and sorrow, contentment and restlessless. He brushes back shoulder length brown hair with a hand that is calloused from weapon hilts but still eloquent and graceful in its movements.

Look Purple
Spayde, beaten in an alley, smirks through his bruises as he tucks a pouch into his boot.

Look Ruby
A shimmering drop of blood is pooled here.. in it, you see reflected the Vampire Lord, Khore, staring back at you, aware of your gaze….

Look Blue
Eyes, filled with pain, filled with sorrow, beasts eyes…. A flash of wings passes before your gaze as a wall of fire bursts up, blocking your view of the son of Ebencaleneezer.

Look White
XXX, Paladin of the Web

Look Brown
With his blade at the ready, a simply-garbed, copper-haired man stands in an underground cavern, a pile of spider-like bodies at his feet. His blood-drenched surcoat is emblazoned with a silver gryphon.. His eyes, filled with sorrow at each death, are gray-green, and as piercing as those of a falcon.

Look Golden
A nut-brown, lithe woman tips back her hat, allowing brown hair to spill out over her shoulders. She lays her twin weapons aside, and pulls out a small golden harp. As she does so, you notice a softly glowing golden rune on the back of one hand. Also of note is the raven feather she wears about her neck…
Order name: The Strands of the Web
Nashite Title: Oracle of Nashite
Order Align: Good, Nashite Weaver
Symbol: The Sigil of the Pattern Web
Special insignias: A small grey spider or a small jade wyrm
- Service to Others: Help all newbies, whether they ask or not.
- Service to Nash: Failure to aid another in the following is expulsion. Don't help the Conclave PK,
but use your best judgment. DO NOT PK, or assist in them!!!
- Respect; For Immortals, for Self, for Others.
- Follow the Way you have chosen. If you fall from the path, do an Act of Contrition, pick yourself
up, and get your ass going again.
Quest for entry:
* Email address required of all followers
* Character History is required
* Aid newbies for a period of a year and a day (2 hours).
* Know and bring me a token from each of the ten northern racial cities.
* Pilgrimage to the Temple of Lord Nash
* Select an Aspect - Wyld, Wyrm, Weaver. If choice is Wyld, go see Malkav.
* Make three offerings to the order for the benefit of all.
@ XXX reecho A coruscating network of silver threads slowly unfolds in the air.
=> Entry string: Cordir steps through the strands of the Pattern Web to stand before you.
=> Exit string : Cordir opens a pathway through the strands of the Pattern Web and disappears, closing it behind Her.
Desc #1:

Cordir meets your eyes with a sapphire gaze that is penetrating and apprising. You feel your measure taken, your soul weighed, and she nods, as if making a mental note to herself on your progress towards Perfection. Smiling at your discomfiture, she tosses back her hip length ash-grey hair, and chuckles.
"Its all right. I don't bite. Much," she says, leaning casually against the wall.
By no means a physically imposing woman, she nonetheless has a eloquent grace and self-assurance that has been won through bleakest trial and earned in full measure through blood and tears. Some of those struggles have left their mark, visible for all to see - the unhealed wound of a Vampyre Lord's Kiss, the blackened stigmata of a Lich's grasp. Even as an Immortal, those tribulations continually shape and influence her, as do the ones she must face each day as the leader of the Strands of the Web.
Cordir is wearing:
Used as Light: An Ebon Flame
Worn on Body: A jade Yochlol-silk robe
Worn on Legs: Mists from the Nexus Vortes
Worn around Neck: The Weight of Responsibility
Worn on Finger: the splendid zircon ring ----- (This was the engagement/wedding ring she received from Keller)
Wielded A pair of silver scissors
Held: The Trust of Lord Nash
Worn with Pride: (glowing) The Medallion of Godhood

Desc Version 2:
Cordir meets your eyes with a sapphire gaze that is penetrating and apprising. You feel your measure taken, your soul weighed, and she nods, as if making a mental note to herself of your place within the Great Pattern and your progress on the Path to Perfection. Smiling at your discomfiture, she tosses back her hip length ash-grey hair, and chuckles.
"Its all right. I don't bite. Much," she says, leaning casually against the wall.
Physically anything but imposing, the vibrance of this woman is almost palpable. Scars and trophies won during her mortal span have been allowed to remain, examples of lessons learned, reminders of mistakes made. The stigmata of the Lich's grasp. The acid burns from the Dhole. The mark of a Vampire Lord's bite. But as each mark proclaims a scrap of history, lessons, mistakes, so also do they speak of perseverance, and a fiery stubborness to yet believe... She is the sum of all she has been, the joy of all that she is, the weight of all she must be...
Worn as Light-:-The fire of conviction
Worn on Finger-:-(shattered) the splendid zircon ring ----- (This was the engagement/wedding ring she received from Keller)
Worn on Finger-:-(glowing) - whatever ring Gwyrdain gives
Worn on Neck-:-The Kiss of the Ascended
Worn on Neck-:-The Mantle of Lacheisis
Worn on Body-:-The Embrace of the Triat
Worn on Head-:-An orichalcum circlet
Worn on Legs-:-(glowing) the Mists of the Void
Worn on Hands-:-(tattooed)(glowing) The Pattern of the Web
Worn on Arms-:-the stigmata of the Arch-Lich
Worn as Shield-:-The faith of a Paladin
Worn About Body-:-The Weight of Responsibility
Wielded-:-a spinning shuttle
Held-:-threads from the Pattern
Worn with Pride-:-The devotion of her following
Worn with Pride-:-The trust of Lord Nash

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