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Noctus Joins The Chosen


at noctus l
On Top of a Snow Covered Mountain
[Exits: north down]

A chill wind howls around you, freezing you to the bone. But who cares when you get a magnificent view of the world like this. After you are done gazing at the alpine scenery, there are some hand and foot that you might use to climb down the face mountain. Or you can go look at the view from another vantage point to the north.

The sky is cloudless and a warm southerly breeze blows.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
Noctus is here.
Cordir ftells, 'Nyx, is he aware of your presence/.'
Nyx ftells, '*nod*.'
Nyx ftells, 'I made him such.'
Cordir ftells, 'And of your identity?'
Nyx ftells, 'Possibly not.'
Cordir ftells, 'that is perfectly acceptable.'
Cordir ftells, 'there should be some mystery in life.'

(a brief pause as the two head towards N'Kai...)
Noctus appears out of nowhere.
Nyx appears out of nowhere.
Noctus smiles happily.
Noctus is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.
Nyx bows before Cordir.
Cordir smiles happily.
Noctus bows deeply.
Cistercian twitches slightly.
Cordir says, 'Greetings.'
Noctus bows before Cordir.
Cistercian bows before Noctus.
Cordir says, 'Welcome.'
Noctus says (in common), 'Hello all.'
Cordir says, 'Shall we enter N'Kai?'
Elladan bows deeply.
Noctus bows deeply.
Noctus says (in common), 'gladly.'
Cordir gestures downward.
Cave Conjoining N'Kai
[Exits: north]
Noctus appears out of nowhere.
Nyx appears out of nowhere.
Elladan appears out of nowhere.
Cistercian appears out of nowhere.
Noctus smiles happily.
Cordir smiles happily.
Cave Conjoining N'Kai [Exits: north]
You are below the Sigil Draktha, near N'Kai the Black. You
have no escape but to go onward, for the Barrier seals you
within here just as forcefully as it does the Spawn. Bones
lie scattered about, strewn above a dried pool of blood.
A Message has been scrawled on the bloody floor.
(Purple Aura) Cistercian is here.
(Purple Aura) Elladan is here.
(Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
Noctus is here.
It is 6pm on Ozymandiut the 26th, the month of the Mortal Realm, in the year 2394.
TFC started up at Sat Feb 5 09:29:27 2000
The system time is Mon Feb 7 13:43:24 2000
Cordir says, 'Welcome to N'Kai the Black, Noctus.'
Noctus says (in common), 'Thank you!'
Cordir says, 'This is not a gentle or kind place..'
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'But the Realm that we live in, is neither kind, nor gentle. I ask Petitioners to come here as a mark of faith... both in themselves, and in me.'
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'The Triat created this place... Through much sacrifice. Lives, names, destinies... All were given up to create this place. It was ... needed... however... For without challenges, we do not grow.'
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'Noctus, is it your true wish to stand as one of the Chosen of Fate?'
Noctus says (in common), 'It sure is.'
Cordir nods and says, 'There is a Petitioner's Quest I set before those who would seek to join their lives with Me and Mine. The first of the trials demanded... Are three virtues....'
Cordir says, 'What does Honesty mean to you, personally?'
Noctus says (in common), 'it means being fair to all and treating all equal too, besides the regular meanings it has like not lying etc.'
Cordir nods says, 'And courage?'
Noctus says (in common), 'without courage one can only survive if one lives a dull life.'
Cordir smiles quietly and says, 'What of honor?'
Noctus says (in common), 'One needs to be able to be Proud of your actions. When part of a following, others should be proud of you too. Or should be able to be proud of you.'
Cordir nods and says, 'But do the ends justify the means?'
Noctus says (in common), 'as long as the ends are fair and honest and don't go against mud rules.'
Cordir nods. She says, 'Do you feel that you have these qualities?'
Noctus says (in common), 'Yes I do.'
Cordir smiles quietly. 'A bold statement. But one I agree with.'
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'The proofs I require are three in number. The first, being of tenth level.'
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'Which, obviously, you meet.'
Cordir says, 'The second, is the telling of the tale of one's life. Which you have done, and I have read with pleasure.'
Noctus smiles happily.
Cordir taps a worn scroll case, brimming with parchment.
Noctus grins wickedly.
Cordir says, 'The last proof is a series of three tasks which show your learning and willingness to learn new things.'
Cordir says, 'Noctus, do you give your word of honor that you have spent a year and a day serving the young of this Realm?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I do.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus says (in common), 'and I will spend many more.'
Cordir says, 'Could you name one of the folk you helped?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I helped Delight.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus says (in common), 'she needed gold and advice.'
Cordir says, 'And do you give oath that you have traveled the cities of your home continent, and gathered tokens from eight of them?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I have proof of that on me.'
Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'Would you take each item, and drop it upon the floor... Naming its place of origin as you do so?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I sure will. Let me begin first with something else.'
Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.
Noctus says (in common), 'I bought the maps of all hometowns on NC. Not as a token, but to prove I know all of them.'
### Kennet has connected.
Cordir pauses a moment in thought.
Noctus says (in common), 'and to keep me from walking in guild from the towns;).'
Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'But one can buy those maps in the Guild..'
Noctus says (in common), 'nod.'
Cordir says, 'How does having them prove that you know the cities?'
Noctus says (in common), 'that's why they are not the tokens.'
Cordir smiles happily. Cordir nods.
Noctus tells Cordir (in common), 'It proves that i know which hometowns are on Northern Continent.'
Cordir says, 'I'm glad that you have them.'
Noctus says (in common), 'ok let me star.'
Who Fate:
6 players.
Min [ Ma: 8 Wa:18 Th:27 ] Kennet: Seer of Fate
Hum [ Wa:17 Cl:23 ] Kalee. Servant of Fate.
Elf [ Wa:11 ] Cistercian SilverLeaf, Servitor of Fate
Hel [ Attendant ] Elladan's Fate is to attend the Chosen
Hel [ Faileas Dhan ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate.
Min [ Ma:24 Wa:22 ] Adso, Favored of Fate. AFK/AFW.
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir An-Shalach, Lady of Fate. Webmistress.
Noctus says (in common), 'start rather.'
Noctus gets a packet of fine green powder from a small pack.
Cistercian ftells, 'Pardon my intrusion, I must depart.'
Cordir ftells, 'You're no intrusion.'
Elladan ftells, 'be well, Cistercian.'
Noctus says (in common), 'I bought some green powder at my home town Thistlerock.'
Noctus drops a packet of fine green powder.
Cistercian bows before Noctus, Cordir, Nyx, and Elladan.
Cistercian quaffs a clear red potion. Cistercian invokes recall magic. Cistercian disappears.
Noctus says (in common), 'it is essential to stay alive.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus gets a shrunken head from a small pouch.
Noctus drops a shrunken head.
Noctus says (in common), 'this head was a strange item I have found at Og.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus drops a shiny bit of green glass.
Noctus says (in common), 'this held item comes from aarackockran town.'
Noctus says (in common), 'I believe it is + 1 dex.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus drops a buffalo water skin.
Noctus says (in common), 'this skin comes from Midgaard.'
Noctus says (in common), 'and is needed for drinks.'
Noctus says (in common), 'sorry it takes so long by the way.'
Cordir smiles happily.
Noctus says (in common), 'my inventory is a bit messed up.'
Cordir says, 'All rites of passage take time.'
Elladan says, 'Sometimes a LONG time.'
Noctus gets a Patrolguard's Badge from a small pack.
Noctus drops a Patrolguard's Badge.
Noctus says (in common), 'The badge is from Dwarvenhold.'
Noctus says (in common), 'on the guards.'
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'that is five of the eight thus far...'
Noctus gets a torch from a large sack.
Noctus drops a torch.
Noctus says (in common), 'a light source from Loth Llorien.'
Noctus gets a honey comb from a large sack.
Noctus drops a honey comb.
Noctus says (in common), 'this comb comes from Skor'lanis as does the sack it came from.'
Noctus drops worn elven martial armor.
Noctus says (in common), 'and the elven martial armor is from the half elf camp.'
Trakker appears out of nowhere.
Cordir smiles at Trakker.
Trakker bows deeply.
Trakker rests.
Elladan bows gallantly.
Cordir says, 'I do believe that's eight...'
Noctus nods.
Elladan looks down briefly.
Elladan says, 'yeah, 8, definitely 8.'
Noctus grins wickedly.
Elladan says, 'definitelty.'
Nyx smiles happily.
Noctus gets a thick candle from a large sack.
Cordir says, 'Could you pick up the glass, please?'
Trakker gets a Chance coin from a dolphin hide bag.
Trakker gives a Chance coin to Nyx.
Noctus gets a shiny bit of green glass.
Noctus says (in common), 'of course.'
Kennet ftells, 'eep gotta run :( Congratulations and welcome again Elladan, *hug* all, *wave*.'
Nyx ftells, '*wave*.'
Kalee ftells, '*wave* kennet.'
Elladan ftells, 'thanks Kennet, be well.'
Cordir says, 'Cover your eyes, all.'
Noctus covers his eyes.
Nyx squints.
Elladan turns around.
Cordir fills the room with flame!
Traceries of indigo flame dance in your vision.
Trakker turns around.
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'tis safe.'
Noctus humbly bows.
Cordir says, 'I didn't want anyone burned.'
Elladan turns back around and beams.
Noctus smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'The last element of the Petitioner's Quest is the selection of three Geasa.'
Trakker rests.
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'All of the Chosen of Fate, myself included, bear these voluntary bindings.'
Nyx gets a long black quill from the shadows.
Nyx gets a dark scroll from a mage's spellbook.
Cordir gestures, and swirling out of the darkness, a glittering spiderweb appears.
Noctus nods.
From within the depths of the spiderweb, a small spider crawls, fixing you with a glowing gaze.
Trakker stops using a ninjato.
Trakker wields (Indigo Aura) The Blade of Fate.
Noctus says (in common), 'wow!'
The spider slowly decends into the floor of the cavern, and creeps towards you.
Cordir gestures at the spider.
Cordir says, 'This is Guardian, who Witnesses and weaves all of the Geasa of the Chosen into the Tapestry of Fate.'
Nyx nods solemnly towards Guardian.
Noctus nods.
The spider turns towards the Lady's Shadow, and dips its thorax in a bow.
Elladan beams a smile at Guardian.
The spider turns towards the Chosen's Attendant, and dips its thorax in a deep bow.
The spider pauses a moment, then looks at the Chosen's Attendant once more.
The spider clicks its mandibles, thinking.
Elladan says, 'ehm.'
Nyx ftells, '_Somebody_ doesn't have Geasa yet...'
Nyx ftells, '_That_s what it's thinking.'
Kalee ftells, '*grin*.'
Elladan says, 'watch out with those mandibles, and me being barely dressed.'
You hear a voice in your mind: *Chosen, but as yet Un-Geased....*
The spider blinks, then turns to the Lady of Fate.
Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'Not as of yet, Guardian. The selection of Geasa should not be done lightly... And I'm afraid that Elladan was caught off guard by his Joining.'
Elladan says, 'I'm working on it, Guardian, I was sort of thrown into this situation.'
The spider nods slowly.
The spider turns towards Noctus.
The spider dips its thorax in a bow.
Cordir says, 'Speak, Noctus, that which you would be bound by.'
Trakker ftells, 'i have some gaesa for elladan...1. never allow any harm to come to Trakker.'
Nyx ftells, ':).'
Elladan ftells, 'well, that's my job, kinda.'
Noctus says (in common), 'Ok here I go:.'
Noctus says (in common), 'Geasa nr1: Every time I enter Guild hall, I shall put at least 10 mushrooms in the pit before I leave guild again.'
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'A binding serving the young.'
Cordir says, 'I accept this Geasa.'
The spider nods.
Noctus smiles happily.
Noctus says (in common), 'shall i continue?'
Cordir nods.
Noctus says (in common), 'Geasa nr 2: I shall always take notes of all areas I visit, to aid followers when leveling to help them level faster.'
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'A Geasa of service.'
Cordir says, 'I accept this oath.'
Noctus says (in common), 'and of course to help others outside the following too.' Noctus smiles happily.
The spider nods.
Cordir nods.
Noctus says (in common), 'My last Geasa is: I will Never auction equipment. Instead I will give it to other followers.'
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'And if they have no need?'
Noctus says (in common), 'and if no one is interestted in at least 1 hr RL time, I will decide if it is very useful to the following or that I should give it to a newbee.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus gets a buffalo water skin from a large sack.
Cordir says, 'A Geas of Knowledge and Teaching.'
Cordir says, 'I accept this binding.'
The spider nods.
Elladan is taking notes.
Noctus smiles happily.
Cordir gestures, and three shimmering strands of light appear in the air.
Cordir gestures, and the strands of light wrap around Noctus.
Nyx scribbles something on the scroll. Something unreadable.
Nyx puts a dark scroll in a mage's spellbook.
Nyx puts a long black quill in the shadows.
The lights tickle against your skin, and sink in, becoming one with your Pattern.
Noctus smiles happily.
Nyx smiles happily.
You feel something enclosing you, binding you.
Cordir nods.
Noctus bows deeply.
Cordir says, 'Geasa have been heard and Witnessed...'
The spider again dips in a bow, then retreats to the Web it tends.
The spider begins weaving in these new Geasa, made forever a part of the Pattern.
Cordir says, 'I ask you a second time... Having come thus far, past trial and test... Past oath and binding.. Is it still your wish to join the Chosen of Fate?'
Noctus says (in common), 'Of course it is.'
Cirth appears out of nowhere.
Cirth bows deeply.
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Then I ask you to kneel before me.'
Noctus bows before Cirth.
Cordir says, 'And give me your hands.'
Cave Conjoining N'Kai [Exits: north]
You are below the Sigil Draktha, near N'Kai the Black. You
have no escape but to go onward, for the Barrier seals you
within here just as forcefully as it does the Spawn. Bones
lie scattered about, strewn above a dried pool of blood.
A Message has been scrawled on the bloody floor.
(Translucent) (Purple Aura) Cirth is here.
(Purple Aura) Elladan is here.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Trakker is resting here.
(Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
Noctus is here.
Noctus kneels.
Cirth looks at Noctus.
Noctus gives his hands to Cordir.
Cordir takes Noctus' hands between her own in the age-old gesture of a liege accepting the oath of a paxman.
Cordir says, 'Do you, Noctus, swear to abide My Codes and Dictates, acting at all times as behooves one of the Chosen of Fate?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I swear to do this.'
Cordir says, 'Do you further swear to abide the right and proper directions of my Ordained Shadow, Nyx, and my Attendant, Elladan, heeding them as you would Me?'
Nyx quaffs a clear red potion. Nyx invokes recall magic. Nyx disappears.
Noctus says (in common), 'I swear to abide them as I would abide you.'
Cordir nods.
Cordir ftells, 'Are you okay, Nyx?'
Nyx ftells, 'Someone needs help.'
Elladan ftells, 'oh my, that's a large responsibility you're giving me, Cordir,
since I'm not too certain about all the Chosen's guidelines yet.'
Cordir ftells, '*grin* Start reading.... = ) .'
Trakker ftells, 'heh, we'll keep you in line.'
Elladan ftells, 'nooo problem.'
Cordir says, 'And do you swear to uphold the laws and rules, written and implied, of the Realm, helping it to grow and prosper?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I swear to do so with pleasure.'
Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'Then I invite you to give me your personal oath. .'
Noctus says (in common), 'I swear not to disappoint you and the rest of the following and I am very pleased that I may be part of it.' Noctus bows deeply.
Cordir smiles quietly, and nods.
Noctus now worships Cordir!
Cordir has accepted Noctus into her following!
Cordir ftells, 'Welcome, Noctus, to the Chosen of Fate!'
Nyx ftells, 'Welcome, Noctus.'
Noctus thanks Cordir heartily.
Noctus ftells, 'Thank you all !'
Trakker ftells, 'Congratulations Noctus!'
Elladan ftells, 'welcome, Noctus!'
Cirth ftells, 'Welcome Noctus.'
Noctus ftells, 'from now on you can count on me.'
Cordir says, 'There is one last item. I mark all of my folks with a Covenant Ward... Which shows the promise between you and I.'
Nyx ftells, 'Sorry about the quick leave, but needed to do a CR.'
Cordir ftells, '*nod* Understood, Shadow.'
Cirth ftells, 'As you can count on us.'
Elladan says, 'me.' Elladan blushes. Elladan says, 'sorry.'
Cordir says, 'The Ward is a magical tattoo...'
Cirth smiles slightly.
Cordir says, 'It tends to have a mind of its own.'
Noctus smiles happily. Noctus grins neutrally.
Cordir says, 'And doesn't always stay where it is placed, as Nyx found out.'
Noctus says (in common), 'I will try to keep it in place.'
Kalee ftells, 'oh, welcome, grats. (was afk!).'
Cordir says, 'There....' She bites her lip and says, 'There is pain in its application... That I cannot deny. I pray you'll forgive me that.'
Noctus bites his lip.
Cordir says, 'Would you like it applied here? Or in the safety of the Temple?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I would be honored to do it here.'
Nyx ftells, 'Are you returning to the Temple?'
Cordir ftells, 'Momentarily. Noctus has chosen to have his Ward placed here in N"Kai.'
Nyx ftells, '*nod*.'
Cordir gets a black raven's quill from a bag of Nyx hide.
Noctus smiles happily.
Cordir slashes her left hand with the quill, raising a wound that mirrors several other, older scarred marks.
Kalee ftells, '*bounce*.'
Blood begins to slowly fill Her palm.
Cirth smiles slightly revealing his fangs.
Cordir says, 'Elladan, would you hold out your hand?'
Elladan holds out a cupped hand.
Cordir lightly nicks Elladan's palm.
Three drops of blood drip down his hand, to add to the pool.
Cordir blends the Immortal blood with the tip of the quill.
Elladan says, 'it's been a while since I've bled.'
Noctus says (in common), 'I always wondered why the floor was so bloody here.'
Cordir says, 'Where do you wish your covenant placed upon your body?'
Noctus says (in common), 'I would like it on my chest.'
Cordir nods.
Noctus says (in common), 'a little to the left.'
Cordir says, 'Then please bare the spot.'
Noctus says (in common), 'It will be close to my heart there.'
Cordir smiles, pleased, and nods.
Noctus stops using a chain mail sash.
Noctus stops using a splint mail shirt.
Noctus bows deeply.
Cordir says, 'Steel yourself.'
Noctus nods.
Cordir says, 'This will hurt, for which, I beg your forgiveness.'
Noctus struts proudly.
Noctus is prepared.
Cordir steps closely to Noctus, and holds his gaze.
Cordir dips the quill once more, and then begins to inscribe it upon Noctus' chest.
There is blinding pain.
Noctus winces. Ouch!
Cordir bites her lip, but continues to scribe the symbols in her blood.
Cordir finishes the last few strokes of the Ward.
Cordir creates (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen out of thin air!
Cordir gives (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen to Noctus.
Noctus thanks Cordir heartily.
Trakker smiles happily.
Cirth bows deeply before Noctus.
Noctus bows deeply.
Noctus wears (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen as a decoration.
Cordir smiles happily.
Elladan smiles happily.
Noctus wears a splint mail shirt on his body.
Noctus wears a chain mail sash about his body.
Trakker bows before Noctus.
Cordir glances down at the pool of blood in her hand.
Cordir glances over at Cirth, arching one eyebrow.
Noctus says (in common), 'i will wear it with pride.'
Elladan looks at the drop of blood on his hand.
Cordir extends her hand to the vampire standing still at her side.
Cirth smiles slightly.
Cirth says (in common), 'I would be bad to spoil immortal blood.'
Cordir chuckles softly at Cirth's words.
Noctus grins neutrally.
Cordir says, 'You, my dear Scribe, are but one of three Kindred who has ever tasted my blood.'
Cirth gives Cordir a quick glance.
Cordir says, 'Yourself, my husband, and your past leige, Khore.'
Cordir extends her hand.
Noctus grins neutrally.
Noctus thinks noone has tasted his blood yet and he's planning to keep it that way.
Cirth bows over Cordirs hand briefly and rises again, leaving the hand clean.
Cordir smiles at Cirth. Cordir says, 'Lets bring you all home, then, shall we?'
Cirth says (in common), 'Leaves more for the rest of us Noctus...'
Noctus nods.
Cirth bows before Cordir.
Cordir puts the black raven quill in a bag of Nyx hide.
Trakker bows before Cordir.
Cirth says (in common), 'Thank you Lady.'
Cirth seems strengthened.
Trakker leaves north.
Cordir says, 'Before I depart, who wishes aid in exiting? Obviously not Trakker.'
Noctus says (in common), 'thanks all.'
Cirth sits down and thinks deeply.
Elladan smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Noctus, I'll be bringing you home. Cirth?'
Cirth says (in common), 'I think I will... take a walk.'
Elladan waves his walking stick and disappears into the Pattern.
Noctus says (in common), 'I could use aid.'
Cordir smiles happily. Cordir nods.
Cirth says (in common), 'I was some time since I last were here.'
Cordir says, 'Very well, dear friend.'
Noctus says (in common), 'My link is pretty bad.'
Cordir says, 'I always summon new folk. Its your formal entry into the temple.'
Cordir ftells, 'incoming. = ) .'
Noctus smiles happily.
Cordir raises her hand in a graceful gesture of summoning.
A glimmering light appears, and expands into a shining web-like Pattern.
Cordir steps through the Pattern Web, disappearing from the chamber.
Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: north up]
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Hide) (Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
A glimmering light appears, and expands into a shining web-like Pattern before you.
Cordir steps quietly into the room, almost unnoticed but for the glimmer around her.
The Pattern fades into motes of light, scattered about the chamber.
c sum noctus
Noctus arrives suddenly.
Noctus smiles happily.
Noctus bows deeply.
Noctus thanks Cordir heartily.
Cordir ftells, 'Again, Welcome, Noctus!'
Nyx steps silently from the shadows around you.
Nyx smiles happily.
Nyx says (in common), 'Welcome, Noctus.'
Noctus says (in common), 'i should learn to do that one day.'
Trakker arrives from the north.
Noctus says (in common), 'thank you.'
Trakker bows deeply.
Noctus bows deeply.
Trakker tickles Noctus.
… end scene …

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