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Major: Introspection
Mon Aug 28 21:06:31 2000
To: all
hello, is there any one here now?

No, only you and me and that makes one.

who are you then?

I am your other self.

how is it you are here now?

I am always with you.

then why don't you ever speak to me?

you know why, because it is never for me to mingle with you.

if we are to be seperate then why do you speak to me? why do we exhist in the sa me mind?

I speak because I too am bored, we share the same mind because we are poles apart

how can that make sence in the cosmos, the gods that made us must be crazy!

Lunacy is not something to be ashamed of, be the gods crazy or not, who cares, furthermore we must be apart to be pure

what are you talking about???

I speak of us, for one to be pure the other must embody what the one is not.

I don't follow

yes you do, you just don't want to admit it.

I know, I'm just hoping you won't stop talking.

YOU LIAR! you want me to leave you alone and we both know it

how do you know these things?

we are seperate souls of the same mind


if you learn to read people you will know

I harbor no wish to learn people.

I feel sorry for you then, you hold corrupt values my friend

I hold no corrupt values, if you are looking to find fault look to thine self first.

I have, but my soul can find no wrongs within itself, save the ones that were expelled to create you

Truely you are mistaken my friend, tis my faults that created you.

Let us not quibble on such small matters, who cares who is the orignal, let us both then realize that we both are here now

this is no small matter, heritage is what I pride myself by and I must know who I really am

I know this, for I do not care, we don't even know each other's names yet we can tell so much more

now you're freaking me out, why again did you come to me?

you want to know why I came, yet you called me, I can hear you calling out to me, a soul torn asunder.

I do not call for that part of myself, I know what it is, for I have seen it in others.

you know you call for me, you say you don't yet in those dark lonely moments you wish you were more like me

then why do you come to me now?

I come to you because you are truely lonely now, I am always lonely when you are dominant. If we are together we won't be lonely

that makes some sence, I guess, but then will you stay with me?

you know that is impossible for as I said we are poles and cannot touch, we can never meet or like each other

but we can find comfort in each other

only as much comfort as making sure oneself is breathing.

that's depressing

depression can only come to those who are too aloof, for all others are already in the company

do you care for others feelings at all?

you know the answer, this conversation is over.

why did he leave me? that was going so well.

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