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A New Shroom Record!

What happens when an Ogre gets bored? Records get broken. This was submitted by Vorax, who just decided to start shrooming. With aid from Nemo (on Saturday) and Mong & Kandrell (on Sunday), the pit was filled. There are rumors that there were even more shrooms added later, but this was not verified by log.

The Pit
[Exits: east up]

This is the room of last resort. If you are weaponless, armorless, or in need of something you can't afford, this is where you go to depend on the generosity of others. Veteran adventurers often come here to unload equipment they can't use, can't sell, or just want to donate to the less fortunate. Be warned, less scrupulous individuals have been known to dump cursed equipment here, merely for the pleasure of seeing the poor suffer. Less than vigilant janitors have left grim evidence that a choice piece of equipment is occasionally wanted by more than one person.
A grand staircase leads to the temples above.
A pit for donations dominates the room.
(Purple Aura) Mong is here.
l in pit
The donation pit contains:
(4021) a Magic Mushroom
(Weak magic) a quilted cloth shawl
(Moderate magic) an iron buckler
a club
a light mace
(Moderate magic) a dagger
a linen tunic
It is 10am on Zoardryn the 15th, the month of the Fool's Errand, in the year 2393.
TFC started up at Sat Jan 29 20:27:38 2000 / The system time is Sun Jan 30 13:20:04 2000
30 players.
Elf [ Ma:27 Th:26 Ra:26 ] Trakker Longbow, Elven Emissary, Chosen of Fate
Hum [ Wa: 9 Sh:15 ] Bubba Lin, Principality of the Arcanes.
Hel [ Ambassador ] Elladan is the hool on the fill
Hel [ Ra: 1 Cl:12 ] Azmoth, Servitor of Fate
Hum [ Cl:29 Wa:26 ] Fei Lin DeVir, sits on the Throne of the Arcanes
Elf [ Ma:28 Wa:30 Th:28 ] Nicholai...High Seraph of Pride V Maxine V
Hum [ Cl:10 ] Xander.
Elf [ Wa:28 Ma:26 ] Ibram, Throne of the Arcanes
Hum [ Th:25 Wa:23 ] Ptarchyzk, the Atheistic Muggle
Gno [ Wa:27 Sh:30 Th:26 ] Vulcan the Forge, Black Smith of the Conclave *NASH*
Aar [ Sh:14 ] Serenity does not like unicorns. *Fate*
Hel [ Cl:13 Wa:10 ] Natalie, Child of Fate, Priestess of Aralene.
Hum [ Cl:21 Wa:18 ] Falcor Dragon Spirit {Life's Blood} *NASH*
Elf [ Ma:20 Th:20 Ra:21 ] Stratos, Woodsman of the Black Conclave
Hum [ Wa:16 Cl:23 ] Kalee, jolly servant of fate
Hum [ Wa:10 ] Keisha takes Strides to Perfecting her Lifes Blood
Hum [ Ma: 6 ] Sedona, Daughter Of Celsius, Angel of Arcanes.
Gia [ Sh:11 ] Graves.
Elf [ Wa:21 Ma:20 ] KotVoody Do`Urden TAPAKAH lifes NASH
Ogr [ Demigod ] Okk, hunted spirit
Hum [ Th:10 Wa:15 Ma:22 ] Dante, Sorcerer of The Black Conclave
Ogr [ Honor Guard ] Mong, Trusted Servant of Life -Nashite-
Hel [ Wa: 7 ] Sifter the Half-Elf
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Tylorn, Demonic Guardian of the Black Conclave
Hum [ Cl:24 Wa:18 ] Vex Ironwolf, Full time hero for -Solanthas-War D
Hum [ Cl:15 ] DemonBreath, Curate of the Black Conclave
Elf [ Questor ] Vorax the Questing Ogre?? Oops! :( [Life] *GRUNT*
Hum [ Cl: 1 Wa:10 ] Netayah, Angel of the Arcanes
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir An-Shalach, Lady of Fate, Webmistress.
Hum [ Demigod ] Torchbearer, Dark Seraph of the Arcanes.

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