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Tynian: Lorna deleted for cheating
Sun Aug 13 18:33:39 2000
To: all
Lorna has been deleted for cheating. I have deleted every mortal of her's
that I am aware of, as well.

I will next go through the information that was provided to me, question
others that have been implicated, and take action as appropriate
(including deletion, if warranted). There is already one mortal whose
login has been disabled, and will be deleted once I have a chance to
review a few things.

My thanks to the person who made this information available. There was
more than enough information supplied to verify that some impropriety has
occurred, and I, for one, am very grateful.

Lorna is the first god+ in TFC history to be deleted for cheating. But at
least she will cheat no longer.

I am out of time, but I will be sending out another e-mail or two related
to this investigation.


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