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Khore Weaves a Tale

This log was created by Durin, and is from his point of view, edited by him. This storytelling was held in the office of Cordir. To date, it is the largest known gathering for a story telling. Every alignment and nearly every following was represented.

It is 7pm on Zoardryn the 25th, the month of Celebration, in the year 2428.
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Khore steps up behind you from the shadows.

Cordir says softly, 'Thank You, Ebon Lord.'

Thaygar says, 'if you take that path, Spider ... it will not be good or bad in its own right ... but may be good or bad for You'.

Clue curtseys gracefully to Cordir.

Cyrix says (in common), 'perhaps you are right Thaygar....perhaps you are right...'.
Ptarchyzk looks for this mysterious lock in this pool thingie..
Arianos says (in common), 'greetings Lord Khore'.

Arianos bows before Khore.

Khore says, 'Quite a crowd in here.'.

Khore bows deeply.
Boromir bows before Khore.
Someone tweaks Khore's nose.
Tien bows before Khore.
Thaygar bows before Khore.

Clue curtseys gracefully to Khore.

Dazzle bows before Khore.

Arianos snickers softly.

Cordir says, 'It was larger, earlier, Lord Khore.'.

Cyrix bows before Khore.

Boromir says (in common), 'Good Evening Lord Khore '.

Balia curtseys gracefully to Khore.

Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'heya Fanged one..'.

Dazzle says (in common), 'A fine evening to you.'.

Qiziquiment says (in common), 'heya'.

Cordir says, 'Lord Khore...'.
Cordir closes the pattern-pool.
Cordir locks the pattern-pool.

Boromir returns to his thoughts.

Cordir says, 'You have a captive audience.'.

A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: none]
You stand quietly in the midst of a nearly silent garden, afraid to move. This is clearly no normal, natural place. Lit only by the oddly shimmering light of a full silver moon, this tiny glade is no more than twenty paces across, and a still, unmoving pool of water is its silent heart. The trees all around are hung with intricate spiders' webs. None by itself is sturdier than any ordinary web, but the layers upon layers of them combine to seal you off entirely from the world outside. There is no more than a hint of breeze, and the leaves rustling overhead are a barely heard subliminal murmur. The air is strange; somehow, everything seems to be rippling slightly, and a thousand subtle scents drift by your nose and are gone again. This garden, you realize, is not real. Perhaps it is waiting to be real, or perhaps it once was, or perhaps it is beyond such things as real and not-real altogether... A pattern, a place, an idea, that you are holding in your mind for a few moments, and nothing more.

(Intense Dark Red Aura) Khore is here.
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Cordir is here.
(Intense Aura) [GS] Thaygar is here.
(Invis) Saphyre is here.
Iceman is here.
Martok is resting here.
Qiziquiment is here.
Mong is resting here.
Ptarchyzk is resting here.
(Invis) Kaern is flying here.
(Dark Red Aura) Rath is resting here.
(Light Blue Aura) Cyrix is resting here.
(Light Blue Aura) Arianos is resting here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Balia is here.
(Dark Purple Aura) Vorax is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Dazzle is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Boromir is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Harmony is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Nyx is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Tien is here.
Someone grins evilly at Cordir.
Thaygar says, 'the Trail of the Unknown would be very, very hard as well ... much would change ... the only difference being that the Jungle itself will not die to You'.
Khore says, 'Oh?'.
Dazzle raises an eyebrow at Cordir.
Khore says, 'You think I came to usurp Thaygar's audience?'.
Cordir shakes her head.

Arianos looks at Cordir.
Cordir says, 'No, Lord.'.
Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'Khore the usurper..'.

Arianos nods.

Ptarchyzk snickers softly.

Harmony smirks at Khore's saying.

Khore says, 'Well, I did, but I may not be able to take advantage of it.'.

Khore grins evilly.

Clue greets the Vamp Lord.
Dazzle smiles happily.

Nyx says (in common), 'If you intend to try, you had best be Dramatic.'.

Nyx says (in common), 'We react better to that.'.

Nyx smiles happily.

Khore snickers softly.
Thaygar says, 'This One has no recommendation other than to consider, again, why You firsst walked the Plain, why You first entered the jungle'.
Durin chuckles, evidently amused.

Boromir gathers in the himself... returns to his thoughts.

Abaddon sighs loudly.
Cordir nods, grief plain on her features.
Dazzle nods in recognition to Thaygar.
Thaygar says, 'and to see if those reasons still hold'.

Dazzle looks at Cordir.
Nyx helps steady the Lady.
Cyrix says (in common), 'heheh....even as mortals, I always thought you more complex than I Thaygar. That was the only thing which softened Siren's betrayal.'.
Qiziquiment looks at Cordir.

Cyrix says (in common), 'verily, you are worthy of the highest respect.'.
Cyrix bows before Thaygar.
Thaygar says, 'perhaps You would most enjoy walking the Plain again ... perhaps the Jungle can court once more'.

Someone nods in recognition to Cyrix.

Qiziquiment chuckles, evidently amused.

Thaygar bows before Cyrix.
Cordir holds tight to Her Shadow's hand, Her thin frame trembling.

Martok says (in common), 'shouldn't Cyrix be a retired god?'.

Ptarchyzk goes looking for an old-english thesaurous..

Thaygar says, 'perhaps not'.

Cyrix says (in common), 'I am reborn to this mortal coil for reasons I do not know...'.

Thaygar says, 'this One wishes You the best in Your decision'.
Clue says (in old-common), 'not if he chooses not to be'.

Cyrix says (in common), 'it is, perhaps, my path, to learn the Plains again'.
Martok nods in recognition to Cyrix.

Boromir glances up to see how Lady Cordir fares and sees Nyx is there .. he returns to his thoughts.

Cordir sinks into a deep, fully curtsey before the Ebon Lord.
Thaygar says, 'if You ever desire advice, He is willing to give it to You, His most devoted walker on the Plain'.
Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'aye.. much has changed to be relearned.'.
Cordir nods in recognition to Thaygar.
Cyrix nods.
Cordir says, 'Always, Lord.'.
Thaygar bows before Cordir.
Cordir says, 'Always.'.

Khore says, 'Saphyre is on her way.'.
Cordir smiles in delight.
Ptarchyzk raises an eyebrow.
Cordir says, 'The Lady Saphyre is always welcome in My home.'.
Khore smiles happily.

Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'a name I've not seen in many moons..'.
Khore says, 'Me neither.'.
Nyx quietly whispers something to his Lady.

Cordir says, 'if anyone wishes exit...'.

Clue says (in old-common), 'nor i'.

Arianos shakes his head.
Khore says, 'Is Thaygar's tale complete?'.

Cordir unlocks the pattern-pool.
Cordir opens the pattern-pool.
Harmony is staying put.

Thaygar says, 'in a sense, no ... but the ending has not yet been written'.

Clue says (in old-common), 'only as far as it goes'.

Arianos says (in common), 'I am content in Thine's divine garden Great Fate Mistress'.

Cyrix says (in common), 'his Telling is, Lord Khore....but the tale continues'.

Khore says, 'Ah, of course.'.
Someone says (in common), 'the tale resonates until an ending has been given'.

Boromir absently shakes his head no ...lost in thoughts and memories.
Khore says, 'I am sorry to have missed it.'.

Rath says (in common), 'are you going to speak, Khore?'.

Cordir says, 'I believe My Shadow's everpresent gaze caught all.'.
Thaygar says, 'this One imagines that a Great Spider likely recorded it :)'.

Khore says, 'I think so, if no one objects.'.
Cordir says, 'Lord Khore, you are welcome, as always.'.

Cordir says, 'last call for those exiting.'.

Cordir says, 'The door is about to be locked.'.
Khore says, 'I have lived a long long time.'.
Rath says (in common), 'I'd like to see if Khore is speaking first...'.
Harmony locks herself to a tree.
Khore says, 'I have many tails.'.

Cordir says, 'He is, Rath.'.

Rath nods.

Khore says, 'Well, just one tail.'.

Khore wiggles his bottom.

Mong smiles happily.

Khore says, 'But many tales.'.

Rath reluctantly settles his bulk back down.
Durin chuckles, evidently amused.

Harmony looks at Khore's tails.
Arianos snickers softly.
Cyrix grins happily at Khore.
Dazzle remains rooted in his place beneath the tree.

Cordir ponders the many shark-bite marks on said tail...
Khore hugs Saphyre.
Cyrix says (in common), 'there is still amusement to be had :)'.
Cordir beams a smile at Saphyre.

Saphyre beams a smile at Cordir.

Cordir says, 'welcome, dear lady.'.
Saphyre says (in common), 'Thank you, Lady Cordir.'.
Khore says, 'What tale would you like to hear of?'.
Arianos floats up to the branches and rests.

Thaygar nods in recognition to Saphyre.

Rath says (in common), 'betrayal...war...death'.

Khore grins evilly.

Khore says, 'Ah...'.

Rath says (in common), 'what the best tales are made of'.

Saphyre bows before Thaygar.
Saphyre hugs Thaygar.

Saphyre curtseys gracefully to Cordir.
Cyrix says (in common), 'one day I shall write of the ancient heroes for you Rath '.
Khore says, 'Many ages past...'.

Boromir raises an eyebrow at Cyrix.
Khore grins evilly.

Khore says, 'Does anyone know the tale of the Wemics?'.
Tien shakes his head.
Cyrix says (in common), 'I think you would find Starfire and Godzilla amusing characters :)'.

Khore says, 'The stand at the Maelstrom?'.

Martok says (in common), 'Please enlighten us'.

Saphyre smiles quietly.

Khore nods.
Khore says, 'This tale has been told.'.
Khore says, 'But, there is more that is yet untold.'.

The lighting dims.

Khore says, 'Perhaps you would be better served, seeing through their eyes.'.

Arianos sits down and thinks deeply.
Khore utters some magic.

Your vision shifts.
Rath mutters at the incantations,looking around suspiciously.
The plains are smooth, the grass a purple tinge unknown to you.
In the high sky, two moons, one silver, one red dance in the celestial waltz.
You do not know this place.

Off the west, a bird warbles a song you have never heard.
And a beast rises from the grass.
Tall, catlike, with woven clothing...
His twin eyes scan the horizon before he crouches down into the sea of grass and disappears again.
You catch the barest movement of the grass... he is on the move.
Your vision shifts again, this time through the eyes of the cat-man.
You see nothing but grass, but the scent of the world overwhelms you.
And something... something particular disturbs you greatly.
And then the scent of a familiar friend. Your movement stops.
"Tyrphus, this way."

You turn your head to the voice.

Of course, there's nothing there but grass...

And, then, on all fours, you bolt through the grass, the stalks whipping against your face.
You come upon the clearing.

Harmony looks around.

Your vision shifts, you watch from high above now.

The plain is charred here... there was no clearing.

But around the edge of the clearing, small fires still burn.

Two wemic warriors stand over an umoving shape.
One drops to his knees and buries his face in his hands.
The other looks straight up at the sky...

And the scream echos throughout the night.

Balia curtseys gracefully to Saphyre.

Your vision shifts again.

You are tending a stove as there is a knock on the door.
You go to open it.
Tyrphus stands there holding a bundle in his arms, his face tear streaked.
You feel a paralyzing fear.

Harmony shivers uncomfortably.
You peel back the blanket and barely recognize a child you bore not four years past...
Your vision shifts as anguish fills you.

You are returned to your self.
Khore says, 'Those were the first days, when the children went missing.'.

Khore says, 'And the crops died.'.
Harmony bursts into tears.
Khore says, 'And the warriors who were want to fight could not find an enemy to fight.'.
Boromir nods slowly.
Arianos wimpers, and bite his lower lip...
Khore says, 'Only, there was a strange mis-presence in the world.'.
Arianos thinks of the history of his own peoples...
Khore says, 'To understand, you must have a little background.'.
Khore says, 'In the beginning, there was only the Voice who called itself the Darkness because it knew no other name.'.

Khore says, 'It was pure.'.

Khore says, 'Only afterwards would Chaos come, and twist that purity.'.

Arianos winces. Ouch!

Khore says, 'Changed it into something that was called the Maelstrom, the consciousness of chaos.'.
Khore says, 'There were three sons of Vlad.'.
Khore says, 'Dracul, Khore, and Lestat.'.
Khore says, 'The eldest, Lestat betrayed his brothers and father.'.
Khore says, 'And joined forces with the Maelstrom.'.

Khore says, 'It was his presence in the land of the Wemics, his need for blood to sate his hunger...'.
Khore says, 'It was he who murdered children.'.

Ptarchyzk goes to pick the lock on the pool..

Ptarchyzk says (in common), 'must.. get.. out.. must.. '.
Tien says (in elven), 'uh..'.
Khore says, 'It's open.'.
Tien grins happily.
Tien nods.
Ptarchyzk stands up.
Ptarchyzk leaves.
Cyrix looks around.

Tien looks around.

Khore says, 'But at this point, the eldest and brothers did not know.'.

Khore says, 'They only knew that this pristine land was dying.'.

Khore says, 'This land they had been charged with guarding.'.

Khore says, 'And knew not who had let that chaos in.'.
Khore says, 'To rend what had been so carefully built.'.

Khore says, 'They did not yet suspect their own.'.

Khore says, 'But someone did know.'.

Khore looks upwards and chants again.
Your vision shifts.
You stand on the tree, looking down at the sleeping village.
There is the faint tug of hunger, the need and want for blood.
But you have already killed today, and another sacrifice is not yet necessary.
You drop down, land solidly, but silently.
The doors are open. The people trusting.

The scent of bread and food fill the air.

There is a peace here you miss.
You walk casually into an open house, and watch two wemics eat what they have made.
They are oblivious to your presence.
Harmony's stomache turns.
"The crops do not do well."
The other looks up and replies, "All will be fine."
You sourly think to yourself that all will not be fine.
A lancing pain draws your attention away from the wemics.
It started again...
You glance down at your arm, the throbbing black puscular mass...
You grunt in pain and leave as the Wemics glance around unsure of what they heard.
Kneeling on the ground outside, you do your best to dull the pain...
... by biting into your lip, blinding yourself into a rage ...
But it does not work.
... "Lestat." ...
You do not reply, your eyes shut tight, straining to be kept shut.
... " You do not do my bidding " ...
"I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE!!!" You barely recognize your voice as all around you, alarmed Wemics shut their doors.
But the dull throb of pain from your arm makes you believe otherwise...
You race out into the night as fast as your legs can carry you...
Your vision shifts again.
Cyrix looks around.

You are in a small, humble house.

There wells inside you a sense of pride.

Sleeping on the couch, your wife...

Still shaken, drained from the ordeal through which she has been put.

The burial did not go well this morning.

You carried her home.

Now, there is a sense of restlessness inside you.

Something needs be done.
You reach up, take the sword of your fathers from its place above the hearth, and walk outside.
The air is crisp tonight, for once in a long time.
The scent of the cornplants wafts up and fills you with nostalgia.

You remember a time when swords were toys for children, and the scythe was the tool of a man.
Now, the children work the fields and their fathers spend their days hunting for shadows they cannot catch.

There is a familiar scent from behind you.

"Hail there, Tyrphus."
Kaern swivels around.

"Hail, Rhufus."

You turn and see your old lieutenant.
Harmony bites her lips.
He is grizzled, gray, but strong. His arms are like the trees of your youth.
He clasps you on the shoulder.
"I see sleep escapes you as well, my friend."
You nod. "Let's hunt."
Something passes between the two of you that does not have a need for words, and you begin walking out into the plains.
Your vision shifts.
Harmony looks around.

Cyrix looks around.

You are in the middle of a lake.

Your arm is buried up to your shoulder in the mud, a futile attempt to dull the incessant pain.

... "Lestat" ...
... "Make this world for me. Give it to me." ...
"It is not yours for the taking, damn you."
Your eyes are shut again, they know what they will see if they open.

But against the will of your body, your head raises up and gazes.

In front of you, twin spirals of darkness and light intermingle.

In a helical dance, the curved shapes mix and intertwine... but never completely.

There is chaos here, and in the heart of the Maelstrom, a dull glow of stolen life...

Your stolen life.
The wind blows menacingly from the west north west.

The maelstrom fades, and the pain subsides.

Somewhere, off in the distance, you sense two wandering souls.
Your hunger is increasing.
And you are too weak to allow yourself to starve to death like you would like.
You gather yourself and race to meet them.
Your vision shifts.
You are neck high in the plains of grass.
Tyrphus bounds in front of you.
Kaern smiles happily.

You study the movement of the general you knew as a cub.

There is a father-like pride and a brother-like love that flows between you.

And to shoulder the burden of a single loss child alone, you would not allow him that.
Something is amiss.
A dark shape crashes into you.
You sink into an inky black darkness.

Your vision shifts.

You whirl around, sword drawn and fling yourself upon Rhufus's assailant.

Only to swing at empty air.
It hovers now...

You crouch, sword ready.
Something tells you this is a fight that you will not win.

In your mind, you make yourself at peace.

As you level the sword and prepare to lunge.

The dark shape does not move.

You lunge.

And again, strike nothing but air.

Kaern frowns.
From behind you, the feel of daggers entering your neck...
Saphyre shivers uncomfortably.
Then a scream.
You whirl, hand on your wound, stemming the flow of crimson blood.
And see the shape writhing on the ground, clutching its arm.
But see those red eyes, gazing in that pitch black mass...

Pleading for you to kill it...

That fills your mind as the ground lunges up to meet you.
Your vision shifts.
You watch, concerned.

Harmony almost passes out.

Down below, the wemics are both unconcious, and Lestat is recovering rapidly.
"Should we move yet?"
You raise your hand to your young friend.
"Not yet."
"Lestat will kill them both."


Your vision shifts again.

You gaze down on the wemics.
Something has dulled your pain.

Khore says, 'Your thirst and hunger are powerful, but not yet overpowering.'.
You walk over to the one that attacked you.

And pick him up.

His eyes flair open.

You gaze into those crystalline eyes...

Nobility, and subdued fear.

You release him and watch him crumple to the ground.

He stirs, and kneels on a single knee.

You say, "I cannot save you."

You say, "Any of you."

"I can only kill you all at once, or one at a time."

He replies, "I do not understand. Are you the killer of children, and the killer of crops?"

"I am fire that burns, but I did not set the fire."
Tyrphus looks at you and then at Rhufus.
Tyrphus places his hand on the fang marks on his neck.

He looks confused.

His anguish is apparent when he says, "But... you are... I did not believe you were our enemies!".

He refers to your father, of course, and your brothers.

He does not yet know about the thing that hides over the horizon that will destroy all of this place.
The pain is growing stronger again, as is the thirst.

Your vision shifts.

"Look at that, Lestat hasn't killed them yet."

"No... not yet."

"The other wemic is waking up, look!"

Your vision shifts.

Stars dance in front of your eyes.
You smell something disturbing.

Gathering your strength, you lay motionless.
"No, my name is Lestat. I am not he of whom you speak."

The thing is speaking with Tyrphus!

Your energy returned, you rise and in one swift movement stand and plunge a dagger into the thing's back!
Kaern grins wickedly.
You are flung back with incredible energy!

You hope Tyrphus has taken the advantage and killed the thing as you land heavily and the darkness embraces you again.
Your vision shifts.

Rhufus lands with a heavy thud behind the creature Lestat.
You raise your sword again, and prepare to strike down the beast as it pulls the dagger from its back.
You swing the blade with all the might in your body!

And it is flung away, plucked from your hands like a feather.

Lestat lays on the ground, covered in a shimmering white shield.

Two figures stand before you.

One is tall, ancient, and proud.

You recognize him as the liason of Vlad, one called Bezil.
"Lestat is ensorceled, he cannot know we are here, or the Maelstrom too will know."
"He is beyond our saving."

There is a pause.

"As are you."
You do not understand these feelings that you feel... loss? Betrayal? You can only utter, "Why??"

Bezil responds, "The war is not going well. The Maelstrom grows stronger and our forces are losing ground."

You look into Bezil's eyes and say, drained of emotion, "Why have you come here?"

Harmony sighs at the misfortune.
He nods his head.

"I can save only one."
"I do not understand," comes your reply.

Bezil looks at you and says, "Your wife carries another child. Her lifeforce is not yet known to the Maelstrom."
You do not know what to say.

"You know, Bezil, I would give everything I own to save my child, but I have lost one already, why do you tell me of another that I must lose?"

Harmony stares blankly.
Bezil shakes his head.
Bezil says, "She will be saved. We will save her. Forget that we were here."
Bezil says, "You needed to know. The battle will come, flee when it comes. We will save all we can."
Bezil and Khan disappear into the darkness.

Your vision shifts.
Dimly, you awaken.
The wemics are gone.
So is the dagger from your back.
You are alive.

Such is the price of immortality.

Your arm is throbbing.
You must have blacked out.
You shrug, bend your head to the night, and race off to feed.
Your vision shifts.

The sun is high in the sky.

The light feels good on your face.

I am the wind. I am the stars, the moon, the sky.
I am the leader of my people...
... and I lead them off to die.

The grim thought buries itself into your head.
You turn around and face your army.

Every wemic in shining battle armor.

Every soul understanding the sacrifice...

And every heart united.
You turn back around as the horizon darkens.
A huge black Maelstrom dances on the horizon.
Beneath, the warriors of Chaos.
Mishapen monsters on mishapen steeds.

In tight formation, marching slowly.
The army of Chaos.
You turn around and face your warriors.


Not a man stirs.

The cheers flood through the army.
Such bitterness and joy, pride and envy flood you as you have never known.
You choke back tears and turn to face Maelstrom.
Lightning strikes and Bezil appears between the two armies.
Arianos remembers what chaos did to his people...
He turns towards you and shouts, "FLEE! YOU CANNOT WIN THIS BATTLE."
You lower your helmet, level your lance, and charge to meet destiny, knowing your newborn daughter will live to see another day.

Behind you, a million wemics do the same.
Your vision returns.

Khore says, 'Lena did survive.'.

Khore says, 'But that's a story for another day.'.
Kaern smiles happily.

Cyrix claps at Khore's performance.

Kaern is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Nyx gives a round of applause.

Saphyre beams a smile at Khore.

Kaern enthusiastically cheers Khore to victory.

Cyrix says (in common), 'BRAVO!!!!!!!!!'.

Boromir nods slowly ... puts his pen down and
Boromir claps at Khore's performance.

Cyrix says (in common), 'my god....that was heart-wrenching :)'.
Boromir claps at Khore's performance.

Harmony hugs Khore.

Boromir claps at Khore's performance.

Khore bows deeply.

Kaern bows before Khore.

Arianos gives a round of applause.

Boromir puts away his parchment and pen

Cyrix claps at Khore's performance.

Boromir bows before Khore.

Nyx says (in common), 'I think that safely counts as Dramatic'.

Nyx smiles happily.

Arianos applauds Khore's actions.

Nyx says (in common), 'Thank you.'.
Durin chuckles, evidently amused.

Cyrix claps at Khore's performance.

Khore grins evilly.

Khore says, 'Uh...'.

Boromir smiles slowly.
Boromir nods in recognition to Nyx.

Khore says, 'If that retelling didn't exactly mesh with the other telling of Tyrphus and the wemic army...'.

Boromir says (in common), 'well done Sir'.

Khore says, 'It was only minor, I think. I told it from memory as best I could... and the first telling, the other half of the story is... well, many years removed.'.

Khore bows deeply.

Nyx says (in common), 'Stories are alive. They change now and again...'.

Khore says, 'Thank you.'.
Durin says, (in common), 'Thank You Lord Khore, very well told'
Khore says, 'I appreciate you staying for all of it =)'.
Nyx nods.

Arianos bows before Khore.

Nyx says (in common), 'Very well indeed.'.
Boromir nods.
Durin bows before Khore.
Boromir says (in common), 'very well done'.

Vorax beams a smile at Khore.

Iceman bows before Khore.

Kaern says (in common), 'aye, thank YOU'.

Nyx says (in common), 'I look forward to hearing the rest'.

Nyx smiles happily.

Boromir bows before Khore.

Saphyre says (in common), 'Thank you for inviting me, Father.'.

Khore says, 'Well, if Thaygar keeps coming around so I can steal his audience, I'd love to tell the rest.'.
Khore hugs Saphyre.
Saphyre beams a smile at Khore.
Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.

Saphyre hugs Khore.

Harmony smiles happily.
Durin says, (in common), 'all you need is give notice, I shall be here'.
Nyx nods in recognition to you.
Khore says, 'Whew.'.
Nyx smiles happily.
Khore says, 'I winged it!'.
Nyx says (in common), 'Ok... who needs out?'.

Khore smirks.
Nyx smiles happily.
Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.

Nyx unlocks the pattern-pool.

Kaern grins wickedly at Khore.

Nyx opens the pattern-pool.

Vorax bows deeply.
Durin says, (in common), 'such telling is an art'.

Khore says, 'Wait, let me bless all of you.'.

Nyx nods.

Harmony doesnt need out.
Khore hopes he doesn't mix up his bless staff with his death staff like last time.

Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.

Saphyre winces. Ouch!
Nyx says (in common), 'So do I...'.
Khore says, 'Tokugawa was very irritated when I handed him his corpse.'.

Nyx says (in common), 'Heh'.
Boromir smirks.
Boromir says (in common), 'I can understand why'.
Nyx wields a katana of ebon jade.

Boromir grins wryly.
Khore stops using the Seed of Darkness.
Khore holds a driftwood staff in his hands.
Khore brandishes a driftwood staff.
You feel righteous.
Nyx grins happily.
Durin bows before Khore.
A Moonlit Garden
[Exits: down]
You stand quietly in the midst of a nearly silent garden, afraid to move. This is clearly no normal, natural place. Lit only by the oddly shimmering light of a full silver moon, this tiny glade is no more than twenty paces across, and a still, unmoving pool of water is its silent heart. The trees all around are hung with intricate spiders' webs. None by itself is sturdier than any ordinary web, but the layers upon layers of them combine to seal you off entirely from the world outside. There is no more than a hint of breeze, and the leaves rustling overhead are a barely heard subliminal murmur. The air is strange; somehow, everything seems to be rippling slightly, and a thousand subtle scents drift by your nose and are gone again. This garden, you realize, is not real. Perhaps it is waiting to be real, or perhaps it once was, or perhaps it is beyond such things as real and not-real altogether... A pattern, a place, an idea, that you are holding in your mind for a few moments, and nothing more.

( 4) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
A magical spring flows from the ground here.
Harmony is here.
Arianos is resting here.
Saphyre is here.
Tien is here.
Cyrix is resting here.
Iceman is here.
Khore is here.
Boromir is here.
Kaern is flying here.
Nyx is here.

Khore says, 'Blammo!'.

Boromir smiles happily.

Nyx says (in common), 'Ta-da'.

Nyx smiles happily.

Saphyre beams a smile at Khore.

Boromir bows before Khore.

Khore grins evilly.

Khore says, 'Have fun guys.'.

Khore says, 'I need to talk with Saphyre.'.
Khore waves happily.
Kaern waves goodbye to Khore.

Arianos bows before Khore.

Nyx bows before Khore.

Nyx waves happily.

Tien bows before Khore.

Harmony enthusiastically cheers Khore to victory.
Boromir waves happily.
Durin waves goodbye to Khore.

Khore steps backwards and melts into the shadows.
Saphyre disappears in a mushroom cloud.
Durin says, (in common), 'I must depart as well, fare well'.
Durin bows deeply,
Durin waves goodbye.

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