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Gillfen Joins The Chosen of Fate

End of the Granite Cavern [Exits: south down]
This is the Last Bore, the tunnel that connected the Plaza to the
black caverns of N'Kai. Stong winds howl here, flowing into small
holes in the ground. The source of the winds is a mystery - there
SHOULDN'T be any wind ... yet it rages like a storm here ...
A Marker Slab has been erected in the center of the room.
The Sigil Draktha floats in the air here, warding the cave below.
(Invis) Gillfen is here.
(Purple Aura) Trakker is here.
Gillfen bows before Trakker.
Trakker bows before Cordir.
Gillfen bows before Cordir.
Gillfen says (in common), 'Good morning, Lady.'
Cordir says, 'Welcome to the Sigil Draktha.'
Cordir says, 'Thank you, Trakker. Go or stay, as you wish.'
Trakker says (in gnomish), 'my pleasure. I will stay if required, otherwise I would like to try and get this level in'.
Trakker bows before Cordir.
Trakker bows before Gillfen.
Trakker says (in gnomish), 'Good luck master Gillfen'.
Cordir nods in recognition to Trakker.
Trakker makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Trakker draws a funny looking rune on Gillfen.
Trakker utters the words, 'portal'.
Cordir composes herself.
Cordir says, 'Welcome to Draktha... a powerful sigil that holds back the darkness from overwhelming the world. In many ways, it is a symbol for the Chosen of Fate. We strive to be a barrier of kindness, teaching, understanding, and faith. To hold back the tide of darkness that can, and has, swept the Realm. Shall we enter N'Kai the Black, Gillfen?'
Gillfen bows before Cordir.
Gillfen says (in common), 'where to, Mlady?'
Cordir gestures downward.
Gillfen leaves down.
Cave Conjoining N'Kai [Exits: north]
You are below the Sigil Draktha, near N'Kai the Black. You
have no escape but to go onward, for the Barrier seals you
within here just as forcefully as it does the Spawn. Bones
lie scattered about, strewn above a dried pool of blood.
A Message has been scrawled on the bloody floor.
(Invis) Gillfen is here.
Cordir says, 'You stand within N'Kai the Black... A testing ground for those of the Triat faith. I ask folk to come here as a mark of faith and trust... and courage.'
Gillfen nods.
Cordir says, 'N'Kai has claimed many lives, souls... even names. So I appreciate that you put your trust in me and come here.'
Gillfen smiles happily.
Cordir takes a deep breath and releases it slowly.
Cordir says, 'Gillfen, is it your true wish to join the Chosen of Fate?'
Gillfen says (in common), 'Yes, M'lady.'
Cordir nods and says, 'There is a quest I set before all Petitioners... It has several parts. The first, I see plainly you have completed - reaching the tenth circle of experience.'
Gillfen nods.
Cordir says, 'The second.. Involves a written tale of your life... Which I have received and enjoyed.'
Gillfen says (in common), 'glad you enjoyed my tale..'
Cordir nods and says, 'The third... Involves gaining the trust and respect of one already in the chosen.. Who will stand as surety for your understanding of our ways. Serenity has stepped forward and made that pledge.'
Gillfen smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'The fourth task has several parts.The first, I will speak of in a moment. The second... Is a year and a day of service to the young. Have you completed this task?'
Gillfen says (in common), 'i believe so, yes.'
Cordir nods and says, 'And have you traveled to eight of the cities of your home continent'.
Gillfen nods and asks (in common), 'does my own count?'
Cordir says, 'Yes, it does.'
Gillfen says (in common), 'if not, I didn't get a relic of DH while I was there.'
Cordir says, 'The last involves serious oaths that all Chosen take... The Geasa of the Chosen.... Each of us is bound by three Oaths. Please name those which you will take upon yourself.'
Cordir gestures and a glittering spiderweb of light appears.
From within the web, crawls a large spider.
The spider descends to the cavern floor to stand before you.
Gillfen says (in common), 'the 3 geasa i came up with?'
Cordir nods.
Gillfen says (in common), '#1, I will never pass through the gates of midgard..'
Cordir nods.
Gillfen says (in common), '#2, I will sac up to you 5 items of value that you require, per week.'
Cordir nods.
Gillfen says (in common), '#3, I will give freely 5 items of value to newbies, per week.'
Cordir nods and says, 'These are strong Geasa, and I accept them.'
The spider dips its thorax in a bow, and returns to the web .
Cordir says, 'I ask you one more time... Gillfen, do you still desire to bind your life to the Chosen of Fate?'
Gillfen says (in common), 'yes, M'lady'.
Cordir says, 'Then... I invite you to kneel and give me your oath.'
Gillfen kneels
Gillfen says (in common), 'i swear to uphold You and Your's, M'lady.. '.
Cordir nods gravely.
Gillfen now worships Cordir!
Cordir has accepted Gillfen into her following!
Cordir ftells, 'Welcome to the Chosen of Fate, Gillfen!'
Gillfen ftells, 'thank you, M'lady.'
Nyx ftells, 'Welcome, Gillfen. :)'.
Trakker ftells, 'Congratulations Gillfen'.
Cordir smiles at Gillfen.
Gillfen smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Shall we head back to the temple?'
Gillfen says (in common), 'as you wish, M'lady..'
Cordir raises her hand in a graceful gesture of summoning.
A glimmering light appears, and expands into a shining web-like Pattern.
Cordir steps through the Pattern Web, disappearing from the chamber.
Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north up]
Stepping through the spider-web, you find yourself standing beneath countless
stars... no, not stars, but strands of light, their incandescent glow pushing
back the darkness that would otherwise overcome you.

You stand on a circular cathedra of dusky marble striated with silvery
gray. Four titanic, equidistantly spaced archways of albescent jade yearn
upward towards the lights above you. Sable fires seethe within three of
them, a spider-web filling the fourth. In the center of the rostrum stands an
intricately carved wooden loom. It is cool here, like the first misty chill of
twilight, and you shiver slightly, hair prickling on the back of your neck as
you realize: Perhaps this is no place for a mortal to be.
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
Trakker ftells, 'I will only do so with Elladan or Cordir online'.
c sum gillfen
Gillfen arrives suddenly.
Cordir smiles happily.
Nyx smiles happily.
Nyx says (in common), 'Hello'.
Cordir ftells, 'Shadow, the outrealm calls me with strident voices'.
Gillfen bows before Nyx.
Gillfen bows before Cordir.
Cordir ftells, 'Would you be kind enough to walk Gillfen through our board list'.
Nyx ftells, '*nod* Fare well, Lady'.
Nyx ftells, '*nod*'.
Cordir ftells, 'And the welcome on the site?'
Gillfen ftells, 'have a good day, M'lady.'
Nyx ftells, 'Yes.'
Trakker ftells, 'a parting armor bless please?'
Cordir ftells, 'And discuss such things as eq as he needs to know?'
c armor trakker
c bless trakker
Trakker ftells, 'thank you'.
Cordir ftells, 'Please forgive me, Gillfen'.
Cordir ftells, 'But I MUST go.'
Gillfen ftells, 'of course..'
Cordir ftells, '(10 minutes into the work day and I'm getting in trouble)'.
Cordir ftells, 'I will return at lunch time.'
Cordir ftells, 'Shadow, he has some very interesting Geasa...'
Trakker ftells, 'giggle'.
Cordir ftells, 'And his sponsor, you should also learn.'
Nyx makes shooing motions.
Nyx says (in common), 'Get out...'
Cordir smiles at Gillfen. She says, 'Again, welcome.'
Nyx smiles happily.
(End Scene)

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