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Getting Goosed

Little boy blue was a lonely lad
His lack of pet had made him sad
To Lady Lorna he did appeal
To see if he could cut a deal
Chance did smile, a pet he did get,
but Tripper thought this deal all wet...
The first one was a noisy bird
It's honking often loudly heard
But faithless was this first gander
Away he went to philander!
A broadsword did he soon find
A goose was cooked, it's steak sublime.
So Lorna did another one make
This one bigger for heaven's sake…
"Tripper's pecker shall not wander
And this goose I will not squander!"
Although this pet does still squawk
Tripper no longer has to walk.
A six foot gander now by his side
Little boy blue now has a ride.
This is what happens if you gamble with Chance
You get a gander of circumstance.

Silonch, Sorceress of the Black Conclave of Nashite
Devoted Pest to the Arch-Lich
The Final Challenge

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