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My Rebirth

[ 14] FallenAngel: my rebirth
Wed Aug 30 21:30:08 2000
To: all

Hello again
I look out at you mortals in confusion. Having spent many many centuries as a god it feels strange to have such flesh again.
I once held a high position among the gods. Having had a number of worshippers throughout the ages i grew to liking my immortality and godhood.
Then on a day that will always be fresh in my memory i was yanked from perch and flung into oblivion by Tynian.
i will not discuss what i did to "deserve" such rath. one does not question such a powerfull immortal out loud.
after what felt like eons in the void though i suddenly found myself moving towards a light.
as i grew cloer to this strange light i saw that i was aproaching the world.
Using the last remnants of my powers i flung myself to the earth.
I later awoke in a tree only to find that upon expending the last of my energy i had become mortal again.
as i explored my souroundings i happened upon a small puddle.
in the reflection i saw a young male elf.
i recognised my suroundings as Loth-Lorien i immediatly devised a plan.
i would recreate myself, start a new life. I would devote myself to magic and remain hidden.
Being afraid to keep my name, since names have such power, i have chosen a new one.
i may never speak my old name for fear that upon its utterance the great god Tynian will realize who i was and banish me again.
This time thigns will be different though.
I will re-attain my god hood and rebuild my strength.
this time i will note be so foolish though. Once i have my power i will reveal who i am before all the gods and mortals.
and then i will avenge all the wrongs that were done to me.
but most importantly this time i will fight back, i will not be removed so easily.
if he tries then it shall be a battle like never seen before.
immortal angainst immortal, and anyone who thinks i will be so easily beaten this time, is gravely mistaken.
the future will be mine
Fallen Angel

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