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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:34:22 -0700
From: "L. Kraven"
Subject: RE: [tfc] Expectations

> Nonetheless, I am VERY interested in how you would approach this
> challenge, since I am quite honestly at a loss.

We could try coding by committee.

Khore: I think we should add a logic branch here to check for randoms
repopping and add a few points to them in the case that a time-seeded random
has a remainder of 0 when divided 7.

Tranquility: That'll just help the PKers. Divisor of 5 is much more fair.

Stout: Damn your random seeds, and your divisors. Just make it a static
number. 510 is a good number.

Myronides: Get over it. There is no randomness. There never was any
randomness. You are all fooling yourselves.

Ptarchyzk: Hey, is this thing on? *tap tap*

Pez: Let's add in an extra semicolon somewhere randomly so it's a little
less syntactically correct and more "fun"!

Tokugawa: No no. We already did that nineteen years ago when I started

Molo: Die.

[20 years later]

Molo: Die.

Tokugawa: No no, we already did that 39 years ago. We should release it

Tynian releases TFC v86.732, now a full blown operating system that competes
with Windows 2050.

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