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Duvel: NH

Wed Oct 11 02:58:35 2000
To: all

Two points I think need making - further to my previous note on the

* Arranging a concerted anti-Nashism effort is a perfectly chaotic
thing to do. I would, however, only trust their professed loyalty
to the cause as long as they don't prove otherwise. Don't expect
them to stick to their ideas. They /are/ chaotic, after all.

* Is this really a "clan" that needs to be approved, according to
help policy3b point 11? If Nashism exists, anti-Nashism must
implicitly exist - organised or otherwise. I'd imagine that
something like NH would be a perfect motivation for forming
alliances between followings, as per the ally/enemy model.

Oh, and something else:

As long as Nashites don't threaten me or my fellow-followers, they
may rest assured of our peaceful intentions. We will continue our
policy of only avenging harm done against Unity (attempting to, at
least). Unless Robert decides otherwise, Unity's policy will never
be anti-Nashite, or anti-anyone. We will only oppose individuals
who do us harm.

If you feel that the current round of aggression and bloodshed
is too much for you, you're welcome to enquire of any Unity member
how you can - as far as attacks against us will allow - stand above
the petty internecine squabbles and strife, and strive for peace,
harmony and Unity.

Duvel, Winged Warlock and First Follower of Unity

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