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Dantrag Is Ordained

This log was supplied by Dantrag and is from his point of view.
Solanthas says, 'I have no love for long ceremonies'.
Malin snickers softly.
You nod.
Solanthas says, 'Are you ready to bear my banner into war, Dantrag?'.
Galaphile stands up.
You nod.
You bow before Solanthas.
You bow before Solanthas.
Galaphile utters the words, 'qcandusahz gsfuio'.
A magical spring flows from the ground.
You stand up.
Galaphile drinks water from a magical spring.
Malin says, 'hehe, remember plane's "wedding" ?'.
Solanthas says, 'be a guardian to the smaller followers, and an example to the rest'.
You no longer see invisible objects.
c 50 'detect invis'
Your eyes tingle.
You nod.
You say (in common), 'so do I swear'.
Solanthas says, 'hush ambassador'.
Solanthas glares at Malin.
It is 11am on Jawiliea the 10th, the month of the Shallow Graves,
in the year 2421.
TFC started up at Thu Jul 20 00:14:55 2000
The system time is Fri Jul 21 17:50:38 2000
Malin says, 'hey! i didnt get a ceremony!'.
Solanthas says, 'your title shall be Spiritdancer'.
You nod.
Galaphile punches Malin playfully.
Galaphile says (in common), 'shhh'.
Solanthas says, 'be like the spirit, swift and fast'.
You are now Solanthas's Holy Advocate!
Lucky you! You get an extra practice!
Your gain is: 1/448 hp, 1/168 m, 5/617 mv, 5/21 prac. 0/0 trn
Malin [GS] tells you, 'Gratz!'.
Quent tells you (in common), 'grats!'.
Tamar gossips (in elven), 'Congrats, Dantrag'.
Shoya gossips (in common), 'gratz Dantraq!!!'.
Galaphile tells you (in common), 'Congratulations'.
Tripper tells you, 'Gratz'.
Valentine tells you (in common), 'Gratz :)'.
Solanthas gossips, 'Hail Dantrag'.
You tell Quent (in common), 'thanks:)'.
Orpik gossips (in common), 'muhhahaha another wussy blue ordained'.
You tell Tripper (in common), 'thanks:)'.
Orpik gossips (in common), 'cheers dantrag'.
Tripper gossips, 'Gratz Dantrag'.
You gossip (in common), 'thanks all:)'.
Orpik gossips (in common), 'what a waste'.
Snyder gossips (in common), 'Gratz Dantrag'.
Galaphile bows before you.
Galaphile bows before Solanthas.
Solanthas ftells, '(Divine voice), come prove that Orpik or be silent'.
Galaphile bows before Malin.
Galithandril tells you (in common), 'congrats :)'.
Malin grins happily.
Whitehawk tells you (in common), 'Nice!'.
Quent tells you (in common), 'you're up.'.
Solanthas gossips, 'come prove that Orpik od be silent'.
Players near you:
Quent tells you (in common), 'sorry, wrong tell. :)'.
Whitehawk tells you (in common), 'hint.. watch those spells (wince)'.
You are Dantrag, -=WeaponMaster=- *WarD*,
264 years old (504 hours), created Thu Aug 27 98 10:13:50.
(Zoardryn the 25th, The Renewal, year 2306, 2am.)
You live in Loth Llorien and your race is Elf.
You are a level 1 Ordained, level 30 Ranger, level 30 Mage.
You worship Solanthas, who appears to be ONLINE
Orpik gossips (in common), 'right with his god on'.
Snyder gossips (in common), 'i smell a challenge'.
Whitehawk tells you (in common), 'when i was ord they HURT!'.
Solanthas gossips, 'so silence then foolish mortal'.
You tell Whitehawk (in common), 'nod have to watch out for sleep'.
Tripper enthusiastically cheers Solanthas to victory.
The Temple of The WarDancers
[Exits: south]
You suddenly find yourself in a huge clearing. The tree branches form a roof
over your head, and you realize that it is very hard to tell what time of day
it is. In the northern part of the clearing there is a great oak tree. You can
hear the sound of music and singing. You notice several elves dancing around
a huge bonfire in the middle of the clearing. The grass in the clearing looks
like it has been trampled by many feet. You feel an urge to join in the
dancing. You can feel your feet starting to move, and you find yourself
dancing closer and closer to the bonfire. The heat from the bonfire makes
you start to sweat.
Then suddenly the music and singing stops, and you feel a presence nearby.
The elves all around you fall to their knees on the trampled grass. You hear
an angelic voice in your head that says, 'Welcome to The WarDancers sacred
It is impossible to track here.
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
A large oaken chest stands here.
[GS] Malin is here.
Galaphile is here.
Solanthas is here.
Players near you:
Galaphile ftells, 'I thought u said foolish girl, hehe'.
25 players.
Elf [. .. . Cl:25. .. . ] Kollen Preacher and Prophet of Self-Indulgance -ArcA
Hum [. .. . Cl:24. .. . ] Xavier Nashite Professor of Life's Blood
Elf [. . Ambassador. . ] [GS] Malin: Here newbie, newbie, newbie!
Hum [. . Ma:13 Wa:10. . ] Valentine, the Mage Type.
Hum [. . Wa:30 Cl:30. . ] Theoden Guardian warric of the Wind
Hel [. . Cl:21 Ra:11. . ] Vlantris.. .. .. .. .. . **(UNITY)**
Elf [. . Demigoddess. . ] Tamar, only a messenger
Min [. . Wa:18 Sh:22. . ] Volkov Del'Roh, Squire of the Black Conclave
Elf [. . Spiritdancer. .] Dantrag,. .-=WeaponMaster=-. . *WarD*
Ogr [. . Gnrl Orthrak. .] Mong, Nashite Paladin -Life-
Elf [. .. .Demigod. .. .] Tripper: Master Tiger & Mad Ruffler
Min [ Sh:23 Th:20 Wa:20 ] Slusk Del'Roh, Knight Errant of the Black Conclave
Elf [. . Wa:30 Cl:30. . ] Vorax hates what he has become
Hum [. .. . Sh:13. .. . ] Silence.
Hel [ Th: 5 Ma:11 Wa:15 ] Galithandril. Herbal Lore-Master of the Winds
Dwa [ Wa:30 Cl:30 Th:30 ] Kandrell Ironblood, Silent Knight of Life [Nash]
Hum [. . Cl:23 Wa:19. . ] Vixon Is in a Serene State. -=DreamWalkers=- *Kick*
Elf [. . Th:29 Ma:30. . ] Galaphile, Druid SOJA of the WarDancers
Hum [. . Ra:18 Sh:20. . ] Harmony Skylore lives her *Life* quietly
Min [. . Ma: 5 Wa:11. . ] Snyder, is a little Tiger
Hum [. . Ma:28 Wa:30. . ] Whitehawk Skylore, Babbling Mage of Life
Elf [. .. .Demigod. .. .] Solanthas Goldleaf, Lord of The WarDancers
Elf [ Th:19 Ra:20 Cl:20 ] Orpik, Agent of the Black Conclave
Gno [. . Sh:16 Th:13. . ] Quent the Gnome
Dwa [. . Implementor. . ] Tynian: AFW (working on alignment/PK model changes)

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