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Cirth teaches of the Triat

Cordir says, 'Cirth... Are you ready?'
Cirth nods.

Cordir gestures for Cirth to step forward, and finds a seat among the Chosen.

Cirth steps out of the shadows.

Cirth says, 'I have been asked to share what i know about the Triat'

Serenity smiles happily.
Trakker says, 'at the risk of interrupting, I must depart'
(He says his goodbyes, and leaves the gathering. He swiftly travels to Merrick the Moneylender, and then to the TFC Housing Authority, where he changes his home town from Loth Lorien to Malenest, as part of a rite of renewal the Chosen had celebrated earlier in the day.)
Trakker ftells, '*cry*'
Cordir ftells, '*comfort*'
Cordir ftells, 'Malenest will shelter you well, Trakker'
Trakker ftells, 'I do not belong there'
Trakker ftells, 'but I will make do...'
Cirth says, 'I am sure you are all familiar with the aspects of Triat, the Wyld, Wyrm and Weaver'
Serenity nods.
Cirth says, 'Does everyone know how the religion of the Triat became known in this realm?'

Saran nods.
Serenity says, 'I have heard some. I have been.. researching as of late.'
Cirth says, 'Oh, and please ask me questions at any point'

Cordir nods. Cordir smiles happily.
Cirth says, 'Very long ago, well before records of birthings were kept... There was a giant by the name Thaygar. Never aligning himself to any side, he came in contact with the Triat upon his ascension'

Boromir ftells, 'Hi All :) '

Boromir arrives suddenly.

Saran ftells, 'hiya whats-his-name'
Boromir ftells, 'yeehaa!!!!!'

Cirth bows before Boromir, and says, 'Welcome Boromir'
Boromir bows before Cirth.

Boromir bowa to the froom.

Cordir giggles.

Boromir bows before Cordir.
Boromir says, 'cat ' Boromir rolls his eyes.

The froom bows back.

Saran looks for the froom.

Serenity beams a smile at Boromir.
Boromir beams a smile at Serenity.
Boromir ftells, 'the froom is a groom just before the final moment of crisis :)'
Cordir ftells, 'speaking of which, Boro, email me the wedding?'
Boromir ftells, 'I shall do so :) '
Cirth says, 'You are just in time to hear of the origins of the religion of the Triat and of Thaygar, Boromir'

Boromir says, 'ahh ok ...'

Cirth smiles slightly.

Cordir nods for Cirth to continue.

Serenity says, 'It pleases me that the Chosen not only nurture, but educate me as well' She grins neutrally at the vampire.
Cirth says, 'Thaygars hand engulfed in black flames and clenched in constant pain strained his mind to the brink of insanity, some say that he indeed went mad, others that he became enlightened'
Cirth says, 'Either way he came in contact with the Triat which were trapped in the void between the realms and they could communicate their aspects through him'
Cirth says, 'and as he and his followers grew in strenght so did they'
Cirth says, 'As you know some in this realm worship Nash and claim him to be the uncreator and creator of all. In the mythos of the Triat it is said that he indeed destroyed all that was, but that he were acting in the will of the Fates'
Cirth says, 'they are the Handmaidens of the Greatest gods, to tend to the creations needs, and as such they had discovered a treat, the Adversary. In hope of destroying the Adversary he uncreated the universe'
Saran tells Cordir, 'a treat ... Adversary Fun Treats?'
Cordir tells Saran, '*poke*'
Cordir tells Saran, 'but not nearly as crunchy as certain mages'
Saran tells Cordir, 'now with more marshmallows? chocolate-covered? :) ... *ducks the incoming poke*'
Cordir tells Saran, '*poke poke poke tickle poke*'
Cirth says, 'unfortunately the Adversary survived along with the Triat in the void, both forces greatly weakened.
Serenity winces. Ouch! Serenity says, 'minor miscalculation, it seems'
Cirth says, 'To return to Thaygar...'

Angeline titters quietly.

Cirth says, 'Thaygar created the Order of the Ebon hand, and evil following which grew to be the most powerful force in the realm for quite some time. This was when I was very young'
Upon the floor, within the central inlaid design, the Ebon Sigil Odegra flares and writhes.
Serenity says, 'I have heard of them'

Angeline says, 'Ooooo'

Serenity stares at the floor.
Angeline gazes at the floor.
Serenity's eyes widen.
From within the shadows, comes a voice. "We were powerful."
Cirth nods.

Boromir wonders if they are not powerful still.

Serenity listens intently.

Cirth says, 'The Order celebrated all three aspects of the Triat.'
Angeline shudders as she recalls storys of the Ebon Hand.
Serenity agrees with Angeline 100%. Serenity nods.
Cirth says, 'But it was the Wyldlings that made the Order most known'

Cordir says, 'The Ebon Hand was the first to welcome me, in my madness.'

Saran rather liked a number of them.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Serenity nods in recognition to Cordir.
Angeline says, 'not that they were unlikable....just dangerous'

Boromir had talked to a few when he was younger .. found them .. refreshing

Cirth says, 'Much like the Black Conclave ruled the realm as they were strongest, the Order slayed as they saw fit, most running from their lash'

Cirth says, 'Eventually five good followings decleared war upon the Order and their sister following the Mist (lead by Thaygars wife Siren). But I am getting into historics... The Triat grew in strength, but the Adversary did as well'
Cirth says, 'As I said I was young during this time, and mostly kept to myself'
Serenity nods.

Boromir nods slowly. He chuckles, evidently amused.
Boromir thinks that he should have done that a little more.

Cirth says, 'I am sure that lady Cordir could tell anyone interested more details concerning the Order'
Adso arrives suddenly.
Adso ftells, 'hi there all'
Serenity curtseys gracefully to Adso.
Adso bows deeply.
Angeline curtseys gracefully to Adso.
Boromir bows before Adso.

Serenity says, 'it is a good day for Fate.' She smiles happily.
Cirth says, 'The Triat foresaw that to prepare the realm for the arriving of the Adversary they must take shape within the creation.'
Cirth bows before Adso, and says, 'Wecome Adso. I am telling of the Triat history and Mythos'
Adso bows before Cirth.
Adso smiles happily.

Saran ftells, 'greetings Adso'

Cirth says, 'It was decided that the Weaver, the Guardian, Alak-Nacha, should be the first to enter'
Cordir curtseys slowly.

Cirth says, 'and the forces had found their Chosen'

Cirth says, 'from birth her thread was bound to theirs'
Angeline considers the Lady with even more respect, as if that were possible.
Serenity grins neutrally at Angeline.
Cordir smiles at Angeline.
Cirth says, 'This is not to say that her ascension were easy'
Cordir breaks into a laugh, smiling ruefully.
Cirth says, 'Long she struggled'

Boromir smiles slowly.

Cirth says, 'Hard she fought'

Angeline can't imagine.

Cirth smiles quietly towards Cordir, and says, 'and finally she prevailed. She would be the first of the Three, preparing the coming of her sisters and of the Adversary, and preparing the people of the realm.'
Cirth says, 'Thus we are here'

Serenity smiles happily.

Cirth says, 'The Chosen of Fate'
Boromir sits down and thinks deeply.

Cirth says, 'Just as Lady Cordir was Chosen, we are her and theirs Chosen'

Angeline smiles at herself.

Boromir says, 'hmmmm'

Cirth says, 'As for me and my life I knew and thought little of the Triat in the beginning'

Arianas arrives from the north.
Arianas bows deeply.
Arianas bows before Cordir.

Arianas kisses Serenity's hand. How continental!

Cordir says, 'hello, Arianas.'

Cirth says, 'It first caught my attention in Thaygars wonderful poetic writings'
Cirth bows before Arianas.
Arianas bows before Cirth.
Arianas nods in recognition to Adso.
Angeline attempts to catch Serenity, in case she swoons.
Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Cordir says, 'Please, let Cirth continue.'

Arianas says, 'I am sorry if I am interrupting. I will take my leave.'
Arianas bows deeply. Arianas leaves north.
Cirth says, 'Later I made the acquaintance of a young bard and a thief, Cordir and Nyx.'

Serenity ftells, 'My gosh. I come back and someone is kissing my hand. No more afk for me. *sigh*'

Serenity gasps in astonishment.
Serenity pokes Boromir in the ribs.
Serenity shakes her head.
Serenity blushes.

Angeline ftells, 'I was there to catch you in case you fainted'

Serenity hides her head beneath her wing.

Cirth says, 'Both caught my attention and I followed then from afar'.

Boromir nods in recognition to Cirth.
Cirth says, 'yet later I joined the Kindred, which in many ways had similarities with the Triat mythos'
Cordir nods.

Cirth says, 'I had already found my path in life, that of the gatherers of Khore, or apostles of Vlad'
Serenity nods in recognition to Cirth.

Cirth says, 'Which in much are alike the Weavers, And since then I feel i have walked with the Weaver on it's path'
Boromir nods.

Who Fate:
Min [. . Wa:27 Ma:26. . ] Adso, Favoured of Fate.
Elf [. .. . Ma:21. .. . ] Saran Cerementi - Fate Crunchy Snack
Elf [ Ra:17 Th:18 Ma:18 ] Boromir Servant of Fate - Husband of Cassandra
Hel [. .. . Ma:24. .. . ] Cirth the Pale. Scribe of Fate.
Hum [ .Lesser Goddess.. ] Cordir An-Shalach: Fate. Faith Manages.
Aar [. .. . Sh:20. .. . ] Angeline, Please don't squeeze the Shaman :> *FATE*
Aar [. .. . Sh:19. .. . ] Serenity, Handmaiden to Cordir, Servant of Fate

Cirth says, 'The wyrm I have since my earliest youth had trouble of Pleasing. My way is a slow one'
Cordir smiles at Cirth and says, 'You have never been one to embrace change and growth.'
Boromir chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir says, 'Honor, yes... few others can match you, there… But change...' She smiles gently.
Cirth bows before Cordir.
Cirth smiles wryly and says, 'True'
Cirth says, 'And the Wyld...'

Angeline says, 'The best God/Goddess loves their followers for their strengths AND weaknesses' Angeline smiles at herself.
Serenity nods.
Cirth says, 'Most my encounters with the wyld have been bitter. I have always held on to the past, and always seen friends and loved ones disappear into the fangs of the Wyld... I think I have said all I wanted to'
Cordir nods in recognition to Cirth.
Boromir nods in recognition to Cirth.
Angeline beams a smile at Cirth.
Cordir says, 'Thank you, Cirth.'

Angeline applauds Cirth's actions.
Saran bows before Cirth.
Boromir says, 'thank you'

Cordir says, 'In retouching the past, we enrich the future.'

Serenity curtseys gracefully to Cirth and says, 'Another chapter in my education'
Serenity smiles happily and says, 'Your knowledge is a great gift'
Cirth bows deeply.

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