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(located at port 4000)

Of the Triat...

Night as ever when I see, the shadow of the Three.
The shadow melt and twist and turn, eyes of feverish hatred burn.
Shen-Regoths screaming voices scowl, hope is dying at it's howl,
"Rise Pale One, feast and kill, blood-servant of my will.
Cast away your foolish pride, the futile mask in which you hide.
Let the weak and dying weep, set the past to rightful sleep."
"No false Seeker, I stood ground, while everything became unbound.
The memories of past I hide, as guardian against your tide.
Yours the lash which make me weak, yours the name I will not speak."
"Hate and anger know you're wrong, the scars have made you strong.
My caress from which you flee, is that which sets you free.
I'm the end you're longing for, Seducer, Trickster, wicked Whore."

The shadow grow and change, absorbing every dark in range.
Dar-Golmeth answering my wishes, hope spring new as it hisses,
"Stand up Mage, grow and age, another step, another page.
Yet there's more to learn and know, search above and seek below.
Never stop and never falter, life wants growth and needs to alter."
"Greetings Wyrm, your words are true, my late pursuits have been few.
But I am content, should I not, be pleased with that I've not forgot,
that which life to me have dealt, the friends I've met, the love I've felt."
"Ouroroboros devour it's tail, and so must you or else you'll wail,
when sweet regret consume your soul, at the awakening of the Dhole.
I'll be your path until you're gone, Father, Ghost and sacred Son."

The shadow now is calm and dark, two indigo fires spark.
Alak-Nachas voice is smooth, as it's whispering bidding soothe,
"Scribe of Chosen, raise your head, watch the pattern of your thread.
Rememberer of ages past, of all the things that did not last.
Yet there is no time for rest, there will be one final test."
"Greetings Weaver, speak I hear. Yours the prescience always near.
Yours all honor I deserved, yours the path so I preserved.
Lend me sight so I perceive, and lead my steps along your weave."
"Vampire you have served me well, from the darkness where you dwell.
This will be your final goal, embrace the Triat as it's whole.
I'll be your guidance and your aid, Mother, Crone and precious Maid."

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