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BlissPoll 2000a

Cordir notes: Names of Chosen and Destined are highlighted by Me, not Bliss.
Mon Oct 23 11:24:31 2000

Most Powerful Mortal:
1. Stouthbound (17%)
2. Syrinx & Vecna (12%)
3. Dove (10%)
4. Tylorn (5%)
3% or less: Abender, Maimer, Greyghost, Europe, Ozymandius, Grismal, Elrond, Awhanil, Daelin, Huey, Ibram, Khorlan, Rath, Revenant, Zahar, Craige, Kollen, Stu*, BortTwenty**
* Stu voted for himself in this category.
** Grundle voted for BortTwenty.
Most Elusive Mortal:
1. Nyx (16%)
2. Vecna (14%)
3. Palmer & Saithien (9%)
4. Jaator, Brenick, Skeeve (5%)
3% or less: Maimer, Anonymous, Vulcan, Dalaran, Grismal, Ultima, Furnock, Babs, Dante, Szordin, Marisa, Marial, Areanna, Kaye*, Stu**, BortFive***.
* This vote cast by Okk.
** Stu voted for himself.
*** Grundle voted for BortFive.
Most Humorous Mortal:
1. Pez (36%)
2. Daelin (14%)
3. Stouthbound (10%)
4. Clumsyfool (7%)
5% or less: Schwartz, Yelp, Kollen, Marvin, Sadow, Angua, Galithandril, Marisa, Whitehawk, Maldobar, Pol, Berrin*, Stu**
* Okk voted for Berrin.
** Stu voted for himself.
Most Intimidating Mortal:
1. Stouthbound (19%)
2. Tylorn (13%)
3. Maldobar (10%)
4. Ivan, Welverin, Vecna, Grismal, Daelin, Berrin (6%)
3% or less: Syrinx, Godzilla, Dove, Craige, Grymm, Rath, Phooey, Uukrul, Quixletobia, Keller*, Bortwo**
* The person who cast this vote was promised absolute anonymity.
** Grundle cast this vote.
Most Enigmatic Mortal:
1. Nyx (11%)
2. Shoya, Vecna, Celeborn (7%)
4% or less: Kaern, Salem, Nameless, Anonymous, Azra, Gaul, Typhon, Meemo, Pez, Silonch, Toren, Scythe, Fistandan, Ravaged, Slusk, Vorax, Huey, Whitehawk's falcon, BortII
Most Lovable Mortal:
1. Marisa (19%)
2. Corri (14%)
3. Saphyre, Clue, Silonch, Kollen (5%)
3% or less: Kira, Jyslin, Nina, Lena, Moiraine, Shrike, Coyul, Aoife, Whitehawk's falcon, Aphrodite, Sorliea, Hornblower, Galithandril, Tien, Melisa, Lexie, BortTwo*
* Guess who voted for BortTwo.
Hairiest Mortal:
1. Stouthbound (24%)
2. Ozymandius, Mong, Edge (9%)
3. Risa, Doc (6%)
3% or less: Durin, Sadow, Gaul, Toonse, Vhirrek, Avarice, Empedocles, Clumsyfool, Kollen, Bablue, Buttercup, Whitehawk, Rath.
Friendliest Mortal:
1. Marisa (16%)
2. Corri (8%)
3. Clue, Trap, DarkClaw, Whitehawk, Grundel (5%)
3% or less: Kaern, Faille, Tiuri, Marvin, Gup, Nyx, Trakker, Kollen, Keat, Saithien, Victoria, Tranquility, Silonch, Athorne, Ibram, Morimox, Gafgarion, Dalaran*, Stu**
* Myronides voted for Dalaran
** Stu voted for himself

Best Description of a Mortal:
1. Yelp, Abender (9%)
2. Nyx, Doc, DarkClaw, Sabella (6%)
3% or less: Awhanil, Cirth, Jaator, Polnevdra, Welverin, Skeeve, Patty, Tylorn, Galithandril, Elistan, Belial, Shushila, Beef, Maldobar, Gup, Duvel, Vulcan, Orgrim, Ladislaw*
* This vote cast by Marisa (Yay Marisa!)

Cordir notes: Individuals underlined bear descriptions written by Me..
Best Looking Mortal:
1. Kollen (18%)
2. Vecna (15%)
3% or less: Syrinx, Welverin, Daelin, Abender, Grismal, Tylorn, Zrie, Stouthbound, Zara, Mong, Skeeve, Maldobar, Ptarchyzk, Layla, Marisa, DarkClaw, Faith, Quixletobia, Whitehawk, Marco, Alexis, BortTen*
* This vote cast by Grundle.
Most Annoying Mortal:
1. Daelin (24%)
2. Elistan (8%)
3. Pez, Tylorn, Berrin (5%)
3% or less: Ibram, Zedar, Sargas, Rashiel, Palmer, Maldobar, Keller, Lunatic, Rubicant, SirPsycho, Pippen, Sneeky, Pol, Marial, Orgrim, Orpik
I would like to thank everyone that participated in BlissPoll 2000a, and a special thank you to all that skewed my results :P
I suggest you all pray that I get promoted soon, or more Polls shall follow :O
Your friendly Ambassador,


Cordir Notes: Lena asked me to pass along a "Thank You!!" to whomever voted for her for "Most Loveable". I'm also deeply proud that three of the Chosen were listed among "Most Friendly" and not a single one got a vote for "Most Annoying."

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