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BeelzeBub: My retirement
Sun Jan 23 19:42:36 2000
To: All

It has come time for me to end my long mudding career, a campaign I started back one weekend in November
97. I have decided to quit for several reasons, the primary being a recent conversation I had with Tynian, and a
myriad of secondary real-life reasons. I have a lot of work in school to attend to, two part time jobs and my girl
(who has been bugging me to quit mudding anyway, whining that it is detracting me from her, and it has, to an
extent). This upcoming March I will be purchasing a new car too, so I will need to save up and secure a good
amount of money to have in case something goes awry with it (you never can tell). You should have a pretty
good idea now why I am quitting, so now I would like to say some things to a few people that I have met
through TFC:

To Molo, Master of the Black Conclave:
Thanks for everything man. Its been a true experience even when I first joined. I am the player I am today
because of you and I wish you luck with your future on TFC and Dismali. Of course I will never figure out why
you think I am a rash person... :>

To Chronic:
Sorry about this man. I know we had some serious plans, but I trust that some of my equipment and the friends
you have made in the Conclave will help you cope and quickly forget all about me. :>

To Revenant:
Keep it real man. Try to learn from my mistakes and experiences, because you remind me of myself. You have a
lot of promise as a player, now go see if you can conquer the realm! :>

To Stouthbound, Tylorn, Rocky, and other members of the Black Conclave:
You guys are the reason being Nashite is fun. I made ton of astonishing player-kills with you and it has been the
best every step of the way.

To Torchbearer and the Arcanes:
Best of luck to you in your battle against the Nashites. I admire your astounding courage, facing the odds and
lately coming up on top. Torchbearer you will always have my respect: you broke away from the Nashite mold
and created something powerful all on your own.

To Nayr:
Looks like I wont be finishing Thalos after all :|. Its up to you whether you want to scrap my work or not, but Ill
send you everything I have done with it and perhaps you can find someone to finish the room descriptions for

To Tynian:
I must thank you for making and running the best game on the internet. It has been a blast. Keep a firm hold on
the mud but remember not to squeeze the life out of the players that want to play, because they are the real
reason I spent my time here

To Everyone else:
I know I am forgetting and omitting people, but I dont have time to write out a customized thank you to every
player in the game. To get to the gist - have fun with The Final Challenge but remember not to take it too
seriously, it is only a game.

Now I would like to share with you some of the characters you might have known me as. They are (in chronological order):
Sorry, Minotaur Pilgrim of JohnPauls Virtue.
Cold, Ex-Minotaur of Khores Kindred.
BeelzeBub, the Demon King
Klax, rabid little cleric of Asia.
UuKrul DeVir, Nashite Ordained Mortal for Asia.
Rappaccini, Torchbearers ogre slave.

My favorite character out of all of them would have to be UuKrul, the 600hp bulldozer. I like him the best
simply because he is one of the most powerful characters on the mud and I have fun when I am winning. The
aspect of The Final Challenge game is the Pk system. Even with the neutral alignment restricting your targets
some, there is always someone to try your skills on, making this game a never-ending struggle to be best player
around. I love it.

Well, I have said almost everything I wanted to say. I have reached the apex of mortal achievement here and
now I seek new challenges and adventures elsewhere. If you wish to reach me (I love looking at pk logs and
hearing about news and adventures), my Icq number is 16725592 - look me up. Best of luck to you all in your

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