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a who list from 6/1/00
Elf [       Ma:13       ] Jeebus saves, often when you least expect it!
Hel [    Cl:23 Wa:16    ] Suidheachadh Fey, Virtue of Arcanes and Knight of Flowers
Min [       Wa: 4       ] Grak the Minotaur
Hum [      Retired      ] Larry's presence only shows that Mirth never dies
Hum [    Cl:25 Ra:25    ] Plane Bounce:First Mate of the Crimson Scourge WarD
Hum [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Cordir An-Shalach, Lady of Fate, Weaver Incarna
Dwa [       Cl:10       ] Braxx rides the Wind carelessly
Hum [ Th:21 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Aries, Sinister Monk of the Black Conclave
Hum [       Cl: 3       ] Porthos the Musketteer
Hel [ Ra:28 Th:23 Ma:24 ] Stealth is looking for dex/str/dam light or prides.
Gno [       Cl: 1       ] Demondog the Gnome
Elf [    Cl:20 Wa:15    ] Shorn, Priest of the Black Conclave.
Hum [       Ra:16       ] Sealth the silent ranger
Min [       Wa: 9       ] Triter the Minotaur Warrior 
Hum [    Crypt Keeper   ] Tylorn, Minion of the Arch-Lich
Elf [    Cl:27 Ra:30    ] Malin Bounce: PirateDruid of the -=WarD=- {HC}
Hum [ Ma:18 Th:18 Wa:18 ] Edge, Agent of the Black Conclave.
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Jet Starvo, High Seraph of Wrath.  AWA  Mc.  word
Hel [    Ma:23 Wa:22    ] Amon, Knight of the Black Conclave
Hum [ Th:20 Wa:21 Sh:30 ] Borneo, Grand Druidess of the Black Conclave {NASH}
Hel [      Retired      ] Syla.
Aar [      Demigod      ] Nicademus: Lord of the Four Winds
Elf [ Ra:12 Cl:15 Th:12 ] Orpik, Adept of the Black Conclave.
Hum [       Sh:20       ] Calh, -Nash, -Cows, -Tigers, -Dancers
Gno [    Th: 1 Sh:10    ] Euros is a Windy type shaman little dude
Ogr [    Sh: 3 Wa:30    ] Ugluk, Warchief of the Black Conclave [BOC]
Hel [    Wa:15 Cl:20    ] Quarnel is always the first to say, "Me too!" *Wind*
Hel [       Wa: 7       ] Galithandril the Half-Elf
Hum [      Demigod      ] Torchbearer, Dark Seraph of the Arcanes.
Hel [    Bladesinger    ] Berrin Tharvo, Master of the Blade     -{WARDANCER}-
Elf [ Ra:18 Th:18 Ma:18 ] Boromir Servant of Fate - Husband of Cassandra
Hel [ Th: 5 Ma:28 Wa:28 ] Shazam of Balance (Half-Elf Power)
Elf [       Cl:19       ] Toxic, Principality of the Arcanes
Hum [      Demigod      ] Tokugawa, Lord of Balance.
Hum [    Cl:29 Wa:25    ] Clue Rigel'sWidow: Priestess of Hugs...ITK/IPS/KGB
Elf [      Demigod      ] Tripper: Master Tiger (2.ruffler)
Elf [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ] Vorax the Ogre, Chief Transporter Operator [Life]

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