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A Press Release

[ 12] Zarous: press release
Wed Dec 8 12:58:07 1999
To: all
Press release
For immediate distribution
Greta, Midgaard daily news

Zarous, God of Adventure, makes bid for retirement.

A notice was given earlier this month to the Midgaard daily news,
apparently a copy of the official notice forwarded to the very
creators of this realm. The notice indicates that Zarous, the God
of Adventure, is requesting retirement after a long career of
immortality- despite the obvious typo of four years and three
months, It is well known that Zarous has held this title for well
over a thousand years*. After reciept and processing of this
notice, Zarous made himself available for an interview.

MDN- After your long career as an immortal here, why are
you retiring?
Z- Immortality is a long time.. A rest would be good. Be careful
what you wish for, you just might get it.

MDN- How do you feel about some of these new immortals that
are being promoted these days?
Z- They'll do ok, immortality isn't the "trial by fire" that it used
to be. lots of helps and helpful individuals nowadays. I doubt they
could do worse than i did.

MDN- What was the most valuable experience you gained here?
Z- Lots of things, Patience, Empathy.... Hmm.. probably the most
valuable experience would have to be all the good times that I
had with my followers... probably not valuable experience like
you meant, but it was the experience that i value the most.

MDN- What advice can you give mortals?
Z- Wow.. thats a big one.. Umm.. i'd suggest making sure you
consider your enemies wisely.. especially when you are
between level 10 and 15.

MDN- Are you planning to return those staplers you borrowed?
Z- What? These staplers? How did those get in my pocket?
Did you put those in there?

Following the interview and a thorough search of Zarous's temple
for other missing office equipment, on his way out, Zarous was
noted to have said, "I'm not saying goodbye to anyone because
I'll still be around, I'll just do less damage this way."

*based on research of the archives and elders of Loth-Llorien

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