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Team Weasel's Quest Answers:

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 23:19:48 -0700 (MST)
To: Lorna <>
Subject: quest answers for Team Weasel
1. How many times was Molo PK'ed as a mortal? Once by a group, then he portaled back and their triggers killed him a second time.
2. How many times was Lorna PK'ed as a mortal? By whom? Three times, by Ivan and Huey.
3. times Toku was pk'd as a mortal: 2 By whom: Ivan and Europe
4. times Okk was pk'd as a mortal: 0
5. times Solanthas was pk'd: 2
6. times Asia was pk'd: 0
7. times Cordir was pk'd: 3
8. Who was the first mortal to reach 30th level as an Ordained Mortal?: Torchbearer as an Ordained Mortal, Tel as an ordained mortal (paladin) (Weren't sure if you meant the capital letters, newest class, or not. :> )
9. What mob did Zarous level to 30 on? Dwarvenhold Candler
10. 3 simultaneous ordains: Lorna
11. What mob did Nayr level to 30th level on? Stone golem in Thalos
12. In what area did Molo earn his TFC Explorer's Medallion? Longship What level was he at the time? Level 12
13. What cities did Molo visit mortals in last year? LA, Phoenix [Webmistress's note: Actually, it was Fountain Valley / Costa Mesa. Molo was never in LA proper, but rather 45 minutes drive south.]
14. what mob did DM hit 30th on? Luxan
15. At what shaman level did Masher dual to warrior? Level 28
16. Who gave Syla a trinket of affection? Khore
17. Which mob says "I hate having to do this"? Nevyn
18. Who is Madman's favorite musician? Ozzy Osbourne
19. Sirak's favorite musician: Evelyn Glennie
20. Who is Lorna's favorite musical group? Roxette
21. Who is DM's favorite musician? Barry Manilow
22. Who is Nayr's favorite musician? Enya
23. Toku's favorite musician: Jimmy Buffet
24. Okk's favorite musical group: Brook and Dunn
25. Solanthas's favorite musical group: Metallica
26. Who is Masher's favorite musical group? ZZ Top
27. Asia's favorite musical group: WuTang Clan
28. Thaygar's favorite string quartet album: Apocalyptica plays Metallica, by Four Cellos
29. What is Torchbearer's favorite constellation? Libra
30. Cordir's favorite food: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
31. Syla's favorite fruit: strawberries
32. Leader of the Templars: Dirkstrom
33. Answer to life, universe, everything: 42
34. What is your quest? We seek the holy grail (which for us is answering all these questions and finding all these items, bags, and baskets)
35. What is your favorite color? blue
36. What is the name of Queen Mariel's ship? The Butterfly
37. What creature did Thaygar seek? Guardian vampire
Where did He acquire His ebon hand? Short Path to Hell
38. What bagged mob was submitted to Tynian the most times for the Syla aura replacement quest? small bat
How many times? 8
39. Siren's favorite color of jello: yellow
40. Where is a basin with a stone, a carved figurine etc.? in Chamber of Preparations (Black Manor)
41. Only demi to change from good to evil: Siren
42. As demi, Jaxxon was Cardinal of: the Heavens
43. First shaman: Chant
44. Kalten was whose paladin? Psykill's
45. # of Molo deaths on Longship at lvl 18? 7
46. Nalya's first paladin: Ankara
Wed to: Xymo
Caught bouquet: Lorna
47. Who was the first mortal to reach level 50 on TFC?: Syrinx
48. Syla and Pyros's kida: Jahna and Leer
49. Who is the founder of IPS? Kaern
What does IPS stand for?: Incredibly Profound Sayings
50. Crashed mud by looking at 1000 balls of light: Jerald
51. Who did Combee quest for Fang Sheaths for? Corri
52. Combee's favorite hockey team: Edmonton Oilers
53. How many times was Tel pk'd as a mortal? 1 By whom? Snare
54. Tel's favorite mixed drink: amaretto sour
55. Shark: Bluto
56. Finale pill: teleport, teleport, earthquake
57. Drink from to change sex: Fountain of Youth
58. What effect did smurfberries have on anyone who ate them?: change sex
59. Wields guilt trip: Grandma Schon in Nydia
60. What is the exact name of the The Grand Mistress of Magic's pet?: A large calico cat
61. Vahzlune's weapon: Aleanrahel
62. King of demons: Ebencaleneezer
63. properties of eye of beholder? projects an anti-magic ray
64. How many tentacles does the master mindflayer have on its head?: 4
65. What creature has upper torso of a beautiful woman, but the lower body of a four-legged beast?: a lamia
66. What is the name of the dwarven spelunker? Hylleotreaup
67. What item does Queen Arbora hold? (Blue Aura) a small leaf
68. What is the name of the room in which the Yochlol resides? Dais
69. Gelatinous cube? In Penfold
70. What does a nublar tiger want? revenge
71. What does Guido wear on head? a fedora, pulled low
72. Baron Mael consumed by: envy
73. Syla and followers hunting in painting: 300-lb duck
74. Inspiration for pink elephants stealing beer: Syrinx
75. Daliah's race? dwarf
76. If you try to touch Tyn's mace, you are greeted with: a powerful shock
77. IT's race? half-elf
78. What are all the possible destinations of the energy field south of the pentagram chamber?:
1) A rock dragon's lair (rock dragon)
2) In a small stream (Kappa, the river demon)
3) In a troll's workshop (troll)
4) The Chieftain's room
79. Where can one find a dancing sword?: The master Enchanter's chamber in the mage tower
80. What does Edgar seek to buy? cups
81. What two mortals did Tynian enjoy grouping with as a mortal?: Maurice and Caradoc
82. Who was the musician at the last concert Tyn attended? Rick Springfield
**Underwater weeds, in Mystic Woods, in "The Smell of Death," are no-take.
Directions: From first room of Mystic Wood: w s s s s s s w s

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