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Tynian: Version 3.47 **REPOST**
Sun Aug 1 21:31:45 1999
To: all
Added some protection to newbie corpses. Corpses of characters that are
less than 10th level may not be looted/picked up/sacrificed unless the
owner does so, or the person involved is grouped with the owner. I'm sure
people will try to trick the newbie into grouping them in order to get at
the corpse, but at least the grab 'n' runs should stop. In my haste to
post the new version before I had to leave, I forgot to mention that
newbie corpses ARE still lootable from characters within the victim's PK
range, and the protection only works if the victim is still online.
Since PKing is still allowed between levels 5-10, it wouldn't do for
the PKer not to be able to loot the corpse.

Also included some preliminary limit purge code, which does everything
except actually purge equipment. Once I have reviewed the results,
I will activate the part which warns the player which equipment would
have purged if the code were truly active. Details will be forthcoming.

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