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Tynian: Version 3.45
Fri Jul 30 13:34:42 1999
To: all
If your character was created before 3.x opened, score should note
that the creation date is not the character's true birth date.

Worked on significant internal changes to how characters are moved
in the game. These changes should be transparent to how the game
currently operates, but will allow some more advanced capabilities later.

Increased the average hit points gained at level for mages and

I was sent a log on the sleep bug report that was pending
verification. As a result, I was able to easily isolate and fix the bug.
This bug would cause all commands after the victim was put to sleep to go
unprocessed until after the combat was complete, which was usually death.
This problem would have also affected those who were attacked when

Gods don't miss in combat.

A recall wand will fail to recall its victim if the victim is not
fighting the user.

Mobs should not have bad recalls.

Fixed a crash-severity bug with info2.

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