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[ 12] Tynian: Daelin

Sun Jan 10 12:20:20 1999

To: all daelin

Interesting note, Daelin. Since you brought the world in on this, the world should hear my judgement. Your appeal is denied. Ironically, your note supports Nayr's position.

Nayr spoke to you about Immortal respect. The incident in question wasn't the first time you had goaded Lorna or other Immortals over gossip. He chose this topic instead of the more serious issue, disobeying an Immortal's instructions (see FYI 0 for more details).

So, to prove how wrong he was, you post a note to 'all', clearly disrespectful to and about him, hoping that player response would "force" him or I into reversing his judgement. You have also taken to gossip while he is visible, hoping to incite a public response from Nayr. Nayr, knowing that TFC has no shortage of people that would jump at the chance of martyrdom, chose not to respond to your prodding. A response would have played into your "innocent as the pure-white-snow player, just trying to get by in this cruel world, but being picked on by mean ol' Nayr at every turn" point of view. If you make enough noise and stir up enough trouble, surely it will become too inconvenient for Nayr, and he'll back off.

Your note also shows disrespect towards my Immortal hierarchy. You've had opportunity to appeal this issue directly to me in two ways. I was visible while you were online for several hours a couple of days after Nayr handed down his decision, but I heard nothing from you, other than the usual hellos and stuff on gossip. There was also no note posted to me directly. And no, the note you posted to stir public opinion doesn't count.

Your admission that Nayr chooses you to help him test things helps emphasize that it wasn't some personal vendetta that caused him to rule against you. There was an attitude adjustment that needed to occur, and he needed to get your attention.

I'll make a martyr of you if I must. Obviously, if the situation doesn't get any better soon, I will have to. All of this presumes that you even care about your existance on TFC.



[ 13] Tynian: Respect

Sun Jan 10 12:21:07 1999

To: all

As someone mentioned, it is the players that characterize TFC. TFC's "character" has developed a few character flaws that need to go away.

Respect my Immortals. If you have an issue with an Immortal, commlog (HELP COMMLOG) the incident, and report it to a god+ of higher level than the Immortal in question. You are required to obey them, regardless. See FYI 0 for details. I have modernized it to include the appeal process, using commlog.

Respect my hierarchy of Immortals. This is the chain of command for which problems are resolved.

Respect TFC's players. Be helpful to newbies. Do not harrass the other players.

Respect TFC. Do not participate in activities which harm the game.

If you cannot respect these guidelines, you will leave. If you don't have the willpower or desire to leave on your own, you will be shown to the door.

Someone said, what is TFC without players? In response, I say: without the right players, TFC is nothing.


[ 14] Tynian: Version 3.31d

Sun Jan 10 13:12:50 1999

To: all

Fixed problem with auto-assist not resetting under a specific
circumstance when a character follows self.

Improve invis'd characters are no longer visable via scan.

LIST FULL does not display for inventory items, just items that have been
given/sold to shopkeeper.

Fixed problem with trust level and deny.

Fixed problem with parry working sometimes, even when it was not learned.

Worked on justifications. Multiple attack justifications should no longer
appear for the same attack. Some cases might still cause this to happen,

Fixed problem with detect magic and class-specific items.

Charmed ghosts should no longer haunt.

Fixed problem where mobs can cast spells they ordinarily couldn't cast
(such as godmagic) while confused.

Mobmastery quests should be no less than 20 ticks. In testing, this
worked correctly, though there might be something else going on which
messes up the minimum duration.

Problem where random items could hum but not be marked magical should be

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