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Tynian's Challenge

[ 49] Tynian: Long live the king
Fri Dec 3 10:29:37 1999
To: all
Regarding Lorna's quest: I'm betting on Ebencaleneezer and the demons. I mean no offense, but I don't believe there is anyone left in the mortal world with a strong enough spirit to totally destroy one's enemy, let alone the physical prowess necessary to accomplish the task.

Perhaps I can be proven wrong. If the quest that Lorna has outlined is completed to Lorna's satisfaction, I will see to it that those avg 10 demon-slayers are enchanted as +5/+8 weapons. I will do this regardless of the alignment of those that first succeed in this quest, since surely the slaying of Ebencaleneezer and his minions is an unparalleled act of Good.

Good luck to anyone who believes themselves to be among the most powerful mortals that this world has seen... if there are any left.

See Lorna's FYI for conditions and exclusions. Some restrictions may apply. Not available in all areas. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Limited time and quantity only.

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