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(located at port 4000)

(This log's from tokugawa's point of view. See if you can figure out what's strange about it...)
who tet
1 player.
Elf [ Ma: 1 Wa:10 Cl:15 ] Tetynst, miracle elf.

You tell Tetynst, 'heh'.

You tell Tetynst, 'thats funny'.

Tetynst tells you (in common), 'You tell Malin (in common), 'I went to Jill.  If 
you ask her enough times, she lets you do it, but tells you not to tell anyone''.

You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

You tell Tetynst, 'oh god....'.
who malin
1 player.
Elf [    Ra:21 Cl:25    ] Malin Bounce: Pirate Captain, Arrrrr. -=WarD=-
You tell Tetynst, 'this is funny'.

Tetynst tells you (in common), '*grin*'. 

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