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Tynian: Syla's aura
Tue Aug 10 21:41:22 1999
To: all
Well, first the good news. Several of you tried to help me out with
the little aura problem with Syla. I greatly appreciate the help of
those that participated. Of those, these are the top 5 bag collectors:

1. Satriani
2. Nicademus
3. Flutter
4. Katrana
5. Arden

I will hand out prizes in a couple of days.

Now, the bad news. I was too trusting. I assumed that everyone was
giving me bags of evil mobs, like I had asked. *Someone* also included
bags of good mobs. The result was was rather unpleasant. I now have a
used size 72 PURPLE aura. I am avoiding Syla right now, and have not
asked her whether purple is close enough to red for her to be happy. I
suspect that it is not.

I can fix this. All it takes is more bags. And more red.

I will reward the first person to find and bag 20 unique mobs that have
have red in them. An example would be 'bag made from Ancient Red Dragon
hide' (there's 1, if you can bag it). Things that DON'T count are bags
that aren't actually describing the color red, like 'bag made from the
antlered buck'.

The first person to collect the bags and post a note to me will be
rewarded. Anyone who posts a note but can't actually hand over the bags
will instead give me a level. The note needs to be posted before 6pm
tomorrow (Wednesday), and I will need the bags the same day. Otherwise,
I will have to figure out some other way to fix Syla's aura.

I will provide a bag-making apprentice in the Guild, for the shaman-
impaired among you. Otherwise, make friends with a few shamen.

Thank you.

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