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Stories by the Firelight

It is 11am on Zoardryn the 25th, the month of Celebration,in the year 2377.
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You ftell, 'Okay, Chosen... time's up.'.
Ananasi leaves north.
Talmud ftells, '*laugh*'.

The Storytelling Amphitheater [Exits: west]
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Ananasi is here.
Ananasi smiles happily.
You ftell, 'Please come to the Amphitheatre'.
Talmud arrives from the west.
Ananasi looks around.

You say, 'Okay....'.
Ananasi bows deeply.
Talmud grins neutrally.
You say, 'Ananasi, are you ready?'.

Talmud says (in elven), 'I have not much of a story'.

Ananasi nods. Ananasi says (in old-common), 'I am ready'.

You say, 'Then begin your tale, Journeyman.'.

Talmud says (in elven), 'So I will have to concede this one'. Talmud frowns at himself. Poor baby.

Ananasi pokes Talmud in the ribs. Ananasi says (in old-common), 'Tell _something_'.

You frown. You say, 'You have the entirety of Ana's story to come up with something'. You poke Talmud in the ribs.

Ananasi will draw it out a bit. Ananasi grins neutrally.

Talmud grins neutrally.

You say, 'Ana... begin.'.

Ananasi smiles happily.
Ananasi bows before you.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'Hear then this tale of younger days, in the long ago, there was a young elven maid - still but a few hundred winters old who had lived all her life among the forests and magic of Cillidellia and who had watched the light play in the leaves, and on the Maelmordian Sea'.

You nod in recognition to her.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'and was fascinated by it, for she thought that on some days there was more life to it than there should have been'.

### Talmud has lost link.
Ananasi will wait for Talmud.
You nod.

### Talmud has reconnected.
Ananasi beams a smile at Talmud.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'One day, she happened to be wandering along the beach'
Talmud smiles happily.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'watching the light shine through the waves, wondering how something so bright could exchange its brightness for the bluegreen tones of a jewel, when she saw another Elven woman, one of the Eldest, standing there too, watching the water. This Elder women seemed not to see her, but raised her two hands to the air in front of her and began to gesture strangely. She almost seemed to be catching strands of something, and tying them together. The young Elven lass watched, amazed, not moving, not wanting to break the Elder's concentration. Finally the Eldest ceased her strange movements and turned to the young elf. In her hands, she held a light, shimmering cloth, the very colors of the wind and sea, that seemed to hold the sea's light within it'.

Talmud bows deeply.
Talmud leaves west.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'The young Elf bowed, awed, and said, "How was this done? It is beautiful, Lady!".

You nod.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'The Elder said, "I am Sombra, and I have been seeking an apprentice. Would you be that one to me?" The young Elf was overjoyed, and said, "Gladly!" The Elder smiled slightly, and said, "Then your first learning will be this: to weave me the scent of flowers and the heart of music." The young lass had no idea where to start, but refused to lose hope. She wandered for some time, seeking clues for how to accomplish this strange task. One day, she was walking, breathing of warm spring air, and smelled:'.
Ananasi juggles a black orchid.
Ananasi juggles a black rose.
Ananasi juggles a black lily.

You nod.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'She could not see where the flowers were that gave off such a scent, but as she closed her eyes and breathed deep instinct told her to raise her hands, and how to move them, and when she was done, she had a few threads that smelled of lilies, and roses, and orchids. She kept walking, and not long after, heard the strains of a haunting tune. She paused, entranced, to listen to the music, which was heartrending and joyful at the same time and that same instinct told her what to do, so that when she was done, she had threads then when touched, made one hear the music'.

You nod.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'She spent much time with her threads, and finally one night under the full moon, was able to make:'.

Ananasi gets a bolt of elfweave from a canvas bag.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'It shone like the moon, it carried the scent of roses, it sung like the violin to break your heart and mend it again after'.

You smile happily.

Ananasi juggles a violin.
Ananasi says (in elven), 'like that'.
Ananasi grins neutrally.
You giggle.
Ananasi says (in elven), 'and it had highlights of deeper colors too, all the jewels' light the moon and seas keep for themselves'.

Ananasi gets a ball of bright purple light from a black silk beltpouch.
Ananasi drops a ball of bright purple light.
Ananasi sacrifices a ball of bright purple light to Cordir.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'So she brought the weaving back to Cillidellia, and showed the Elder Sombra'.

Ananasi drops a bolt of elfweave.
Ananasi sacrifices a bolt of elfweave to Cordir.
Ananasi says (in elven), 'And the Elder was content, and thus was I made her apprentice'.
Ananasi bows deeply.

Ananasi gets a poet's shirt from a black silk beltpouch.
Ananasi gets an elfweave skirt from a black silk beltpouch.

Ananasi says (in elven), 'and since have made this things'.

Ananasi gets a pair of elfweave pants from a canvas bag.

You smile happily.

Ananasi drops a pair of elfweave pants.
Ananasi sacrifices a pair of elfweave pants to Cordir.
Ananasi drops an elfweave skirt.
Ananasi sacrifices an elfweave skirt to Cordir.
Ananasi drops a poet's shirt.
Ananasi sacrifices a poet's shirt to Cordir.
Ananasi smiles happily.

You cheer enthusiastically at the way things are going.

You say, 'well done'.
You sigh.
You say, 'even if I missed a lot due to spam'.

Ananasi bows deeply.

You ftell, 'Talmud?'.
You ftell, 'Are you ready?
Ananasi says (in elven), 'I wish Talmud were less lagged and could have participated'.

You nod.

Talmud ftells, 'Yes? *tries to shrink a bit into the shadows*'.
Talmud ftells, 'Some... somewhat'.

c sum talmud
Talmud arrives suddenly.

You ftell, 'So....'.

Ananasi laughs.

You say, 'Tell your tale'.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Ohhh boy'.

You say, 'one sec'.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Here goes nothing... quite literally'.

Ananasi sits down crosslegged on one of the benches.

Talmud gets bag made from Talmud hide from an egg casing.
Talmud closes his eyes and mentally tries to patchwork the story.
Ananasi is very very quiet.
You say, 'Okay'.
You say, 'Sorry...'.
You say, 'Talmud, ready?'.
You say, '(hosts got back)'.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Okay'.
Talmud clears his throat, and stares at the sculpted ceiling.
Talmud says (in elven), 'My story lacks eloquence, lacks interest, and lacks much else,'.

You frown.
Ananasi pokes Talmud in the ribs.
Talmud says (in elven), 'but for it lacks, it possesses truth'.

You nod.
Ananasi smiles happily.

Talmud says (in elven), 'for it is the story, made known to the Lady, of my life.'.

You nod. You say, 'do begin.'.

Talmud bows deeply.
Talmud says (in elven), 'There were once two servants to Queen Mariel, farmers by trade. In the summery environment of the Gardens of Summer, these'.

Talmud holds up the blueberries.
Talmud juggles a handful of blueberries.
Talmud says (in elven), 'were not the only fruits in bloom'.
Talmud smirks at his own 'wisdom'.

You nod.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Love in its seemingly heedless course bloomed between the servants. And I, its child.'.

Talmud bows deeply.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Well...'.
Talmud gathers his breath as the strands of memory rush together.
Talmud says (in elven), 'Queen Mariel, in her wisdom and magics, feared something... amiss with my birth, and knowing what she did, and what she did not, she did all she could and kept me under the tutelage of the musicians'.
The mistress of music, (whose corpse erm decayed by this point)..'

Ananasi chuckles, evidently amused.

Talmud says (in elven), 'I, though, had no gift in music, as evidenced by'.
Talmud has begun to sing. Have you considered fleeing?
Talmud coughs.
Ananasi winces. Ouch!

Cordir smiles quietly.

Talmud says (in elven), 'but despite my protests (and the fellow students'), the Queen kept me there. But Fate would not be deterred by such small things. One day, I stood on the balcony overlooking the gardens, and thinking my life naught, I jumped. And what should have killed me, did not, in the intervention of Fate.'

You nod.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Gardeners found me, and immediately brought me to Queen Mariel... And I, being near death… she nurtured me back to life in one of the private rooms. Upon waking, I realized that bandages, of Cillidellian make,'
Talmud juggles a bolt of elfweave.

You nod.

Talmud says (in elven), 'had been carefully wrapped around my face. There was a mirror there... and... I removed the bandages'.

Cordir nods quietly.

Talmud unconsciously begins to shift from foot to foot.
Talmud says (in elven), 'Upon looking into the mirror (which i couldn't find now), I discovered with the greatest horror my face was completely disfigured. It was a miracle'.

Ananasi prays, '*smile* you are going to have a rough time deciding, he's doing pretty well for complaining how bad it was going to be'.
You tell Ananasi, '*nods* Tis true'.

Talmud says (in elven), 'that I could see it all. Twisted, mangled, bruised and broken, I thought my life even less worth, but then, Queen Mariel was near me. She revived me from my shuddering position, brushing her hand against my face, and again, bade me to look in the mirror. And I screamed again. This time, I lacked all features whatsoever. The marks of the jump were gone, but in its place, nothing.'

You nod.

Talmud says (in elven), 'Yet, miraculously, by the power of the Hundred, her brushing hand had also restored all my senses, even sharper than before... but no magic could restore my face.'.

Talmud tugs on his cowl.

You nod.

Talmud says (in elven), 'And so went this story... Queen Mariel, fearing that I'd be kidnapped and sold to a band of travelling circusmen, sent me to Loth-Llorien to grow, to learn... And that, is when the Hand, and the Blade of Fate intervened in my life'.

Talmud bows before you.
Talmud gets the Blade of Fate from bag made from Talmud hide.

You smile happily.
You nod.

Talmud nods in recognition to Ananasi.

You say, 'I'm afraid that you two have given me a bit of a puzzle.'.

Ananasi enthusiastically cheers Talmud to victory.

Talmud says (in elven), 'doh'.

Ananasi snickers softly.
You say, 'So...'.
You say, 'Being horrid at such decisions...'.
You say, 'I award you both with a restring'.
Cordir is feeling reckless this evening.

Ananasi is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

You grin neutrally.
You say, 'So...'.
Ananasi whistles at the sight of you.

You say, 'Think on it'.
Talmud says (in elven), 'Yay'.
Talmud laughs.

You say, 'Decide what it is you wish restrung'.
You say, 'and to what'.
You say, 'And email me with it'.

Talmud nods.
Talmud bows before you.

You say, 'For now, However, I must depart'.
Ananasi bows before you.
Talmud says (in elven), 'Your mercies in this case are too great'.
Talmud chuckles at his own joke, since none of you would.
Talmud waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.
Talmud ftells, 'Farewell, Lady *bow*'.
You say, 'Well done, both of you'.
You say, 'Despite what you might think, Talmud'.

Ananasi says (in common), 'This was very enjoyable, Lady, thank you'.
Ananasi says (in common), 'and fare well'.

You smile happily.
Ananasi hugs you.

You ftell, 'Fare well, Chosen'.
Natalie ftells, '*curtsey*'.
Ananasi waves happily.
Natalie ftells, '*wave*'.
You ftell, 'I'm glad you enjoyed my little contest'.
Talmud bows before you.
Fare thee well!

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