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Serenely Chosen

Cave Conjoining N'Kai [Exits: north]
You are below the Sigil Draktha, near N'Kai the Black. You have no escape but to go onward, for the Barrier seals you within here just as forcefully as it does the Spawn. Bones lie scattered about, strewn above a dried pool of blood.
A Message has been scrawled on the bloody floor.
Serenity tells Cordir (in common), 'I am to follow?'
Cordir tells Serenity, 'please come Down into N'Kai.'
Serenity appears out of nowhere.
Serenity laughs and says (in common), 'I had to be looked... scary' She smiles happily.
Cordir nods and says, 'It is. I ask Petioners to come here for a specific reason... That it IS dangerous.'
Serenity nods.
Cordir says, 'One cannot truly embrace Life unless one has a full knowledge of the possibility of Death.'
Serenity nods.
Cordir says, 'We are not Death's Servants, by any means... But we know it's darkness, and avoid it wisely.' She smiles quietly.
Serenity smiles in understanding.
Cordir says, 'So... Serenity. . . What do you seek, here in the depths of Black N'Kai?'
Serenity says (in common), 'A place for myself. ' She smiles happily.
Cordir nods and says, 'I ask you a first time... Do you wish to join your Pattern to ours, to become one of the Chosen?'
Serenity nods in recognition to Cordir and says (in common), 'i do'
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'There are three virtues I require in those who serve Me. Serenity, are you honest?'
Serenity nods. Serenity says (in common), 'i must be'
Cordir says, 'Why?'
Serenity says (in common), 'to myself and others. No knowledge is gained from false platitudes.'
Cordir nods. 'And do you have courage? '
Serenity smiles happily and nods. She says (in common), 'To travel the width and breadth of the world, it does take some. '
Cordir says, 'Do you understand the meaning of courage?'
Serenity says (in common), 'Courage is to be brave, even when you are not feeling such.'
Cordir says, 'And Honor. What does it mean to you?'
Serenity says (in common), 'It means that one always knows who they are dealing with.'
Cordir says, 'Clarify.'
Serenity cocks her head to the side, in thought.
Serenity says (in common), 'Honor, to me, means that you live by your word, deal fairly and honestly with others...'
Cordir nods quietly.
Serenity says (in common), 'and that You have Your own morality, but that it is one you can explain, and live by, as a personal religion.'
Cordir nods and says, 'Well spoken.'
Serenity smiles happily. Serenity says (in common), 'Thank You'
Cordir says, 'I ask you a second time.... do you truly wish to give your life to Fate?'
Serenity nods in recognition to Cordir. 'Ii do'
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'You were set a quest to show your determination... The first item of that quest is reaching 10th level. You have done so.'
Serenity smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'The second item of the quest, you have also accomplished with grace - the tale of your life.'
Serenity nods. Serenity says (in common), 'That was, perhaps, the most difficult portion'
Cordir says, 'Aye, it tends to be. The third aspect, has within it, three other aspects. 'Have Cordir givesn service to the new in the realm for a span of a year and a day?'
UuKrul appears out of nowhere. Cordir nods in recognition to UuKrul. UuKrul looks at Serenity. UuKrul leaves north. UuKrul arrives from the north. UuKrul utters the words, 'portal' The air shimmers as UuKrul creates a portal here.
Serenity nods.
Serenity says (in common), 'i have assisted many and helped several in their understanding of the beginning school and coliseum, as well as re-distributed all extra eq i posessed'
Cordir says, 'And have you collected tokens from eight racial cities?'
Serenity nods.
Serenity says (in common), 'i have'
Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'The most serious aspect of that final section of the quest is the selection of Geasa. These are voluntary bindings that, when placed upon you...'
Borneo appears out of nowhere.
Cordir says, 'You must adhere to for the remainder of your days. Are you willing to do that?'
Cordir nods in recognition to Borneo.
Serenity nods.
Cordir gestures, and a glittering spiderweb appears in the air.
An enormous spider creeps down from the web to stand before you.
Borneo leaves north.
Cordir gestures at the spider, saying, 'This is the Web Guardian.'
Cordir says, 'She witnesses and records all Geasa of the Chosen.'
Serenity deeply curtseys to the Guardian.
Cordir says, 'Speak your first Geas.'
The spider dips its thorax in a bow.
Serenity says (in common), 'i, Serenity, will always speak in honesty, even if it is perhaps not wise to do so.'
A warm breeze plays on your hair.
Cordir pauses a moment, then asks, 'Will you speak truth when it would cause harm or hurt to do so?'
Serenity says (in common), 'Else i will be Thumper, and not speak'
Serenity smiles at Cordir. Serenity says (in common), 'There is always time for silence'
Cordir nods.
Serenity says (in common), 'If it will cause harm, i will choose not to speak.'
Cordir says, 'Wise, little one.'
The spider dips its thorax in a bow.
The spider speaks in your mind: *Witnessed*
Cordir says, 'And your second Geas?'
Serenity says (in common), 'I, Serenity, will provide assistance, to those that ask, without presumption, and without exception.'
Cordir says, 'This geas and your first are actually quite close to the rules I set my following already.'
Serenity sits down and thinks deeply. Serenity says (in common), 'Then one moment, Ma'am./'
Cordir says, 'Would you be willing to alter that Geas a touch, and make it a little stronger?'
Serenity smiles happily. Serenity says (in common), 'What would You suggest?'
Cordir says, 'Perhaps giving oath to offer assistance to the young or to one of each alignment or ... something of that nature?'
Serenity nods.
Cordir says, 'Then please clarify your Geas.'
Cordir says, 'And re-state it.'
Serenity says (in common), 'Oh, this is a hard one! '
Serenity laughs.
Cordir chuckles.
Serenity says (in common), 'My apologies for the delay'
Serenity smiles happily and says (in common), 'i am seeking the correct wording.'
Cordir says, 'Take your time.'
invis 70
gs Serenity
Okay, grantsight set.
gs silonch
Okay, grantsight set.
Silonch tells Cordir (in common), '?'
Cordir tells Silonch, 'going invis again.'
Serenity says (in common), 'I, Serenity, will always offer assistance to the young (Level 1-10) of this land. In doing so, my goal is to promote their ability to funcion independan'
Adso ftells, 're hi'
gs adso
Okay, grantsight set.
Cordir ftells, 'hello, Adso'
Cordir nods.
Serenity says (in common), 'independantly. I would add, that i favor those that would chose Neutrality, and will encourage all to do so'
Serenity smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Please forgive my distraction.'
Serenity shakes her head.
Cordir says, 'I was just asked to release a follower for the first time.'
Cordir swallows hard.
Serenity gasps in astonishment. Serenity says (in common), 'i do not know if i should ask. '
Cordir brushes away tears, and then schools herself to calm.
Serenity says (in common), 'it is sad when one chooses to leave.'
Cordir nods. Cordir says, 'Aye. Especially for out-Realm reasons.'
Cordir ftells, 'one sec, Adso.'
Serenity winces. Ouch!
Adso ftells, 'nod'
Serenity nods in recognition to Cordir.
Cordir says, 'But... any road....'
Serenity says (in common), 'You may wish to remind them of the 300hour pk restriction :)'
Cordir says, 'I acknowledge your Geas and find it acceptable.'
Serenity says (in common), 'That was advised by the other in the room'
Cordir shrugs and says, 'They're out of luck.'
Serenity snickers softly. Serenity nods.
Cordir says, 'They're out.'
Cordir says, '(But not a Pker.')
Cordir says, 't'was an Imp. Perhaps the other could explain.'
Serenity sits down and thinks deeply.
Serenity nods.
Cordir sighs, and murmurs, 'To continue... Your Third Geas. Please speak it.'
Serenity says (in common), 'I, Serenity, will travel to every known place in this world. I will map it, so that i may be of truly useful assistance to all who seek it.' She smiles happily.
Cordir smiles quietly and says, 'A mighty Geas indeed.'
Serenity says (in common), 'Levels allowing, of course. There are areas I may not traverse for quite some time.'
Serenity nods. Serenity says (in common), 'Difficult, but a promise I made to myself.'
Cordir says, 'One other Chosen has Oathed it... but is not taking steps to fulfill that oath, much to my regret.'
Serenity sighs sadly.
The spider speaks in your mind: *Witnessed*
Cordir says, 'I, Cordir, accept these Geasa.'
Serenity smiles happily.
Cordir gestures, and three wisps of smoky substance appear.
Cordir gestures, and the wisps swirl and circle about you.
The wisps of substance wrap about you, sinking into your skin.
You feel a tingling.
Cordir says, 'The Geasa have been laid.'
Cordir says, 'And cannot be removed, except through Release and Rejection from the Chosen.'
Cordir says softly, 'Which, I pray, never happens again.'
Serenity nods.
Aar [ Sh:12 ] Serenity walks the Path of the Wyrm
l serenity
You see nothing special about her.
Serenity is in perfect health.
Serenity is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> (Magical) the burnished marble ring
<worn on finger> (Magical) the flickering sapphire ring
<worn around neck> (Invis) (Magical) the odd agate amulet
<worn around neck> (Magical) the plain moonstone amulet
<worn on body> (Magical) a fur vest
<worn on head> (Magical) a tribal headdress
<worn on legs> (Magical) a pair of padded cloth peasant pants
<worn on feet> (Magical) a pair of leather shoes
<worn on hands> (Magical) a pair of quilted cloth formal gloves
<worn on arms> (Magical) a pair of animal hide sleeves
<worn about body> (Magical) a fur robe
<worn about waist> (Magical) a quilted cloth belt
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the antique jade bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the brittle citrine bracelet
<wielded> (Magical) a spiked whip
Serenity says (in common), 'i agree.'
Cordir says, 'I ask you one last time, Serenity... Is it your wish, with full knowledge, to join the Chosen?'
Serenity says (in common), 'It is.'
Cordir smiles quietly and says, 'Then, when you are ready, kneel and give me your hands.'
Serenity kneels and stretches her wings out, so that her hands meet Yours.
Cordir takes your hand between hers, in the age-old gesture of a liege accepting a vassal.
Cordir says, 'Serenity, having within you those traits I seek...And having completed the Quest of entry... And having a true heart that I believe will find its home and complement within us... I invite you to give me your Oath and your Worship.'
Serenity smiles happily. Serenity says (in common), 'I give my oath, life, and all to the Chosen.'
Serenity now worships Cordir.
accept serenity
Cordir has accepted Serenity into her following.
Cordir smiles quietly.
Serenity smiles happily. Serenity curtseys gracefully for Cordir.
Cordir says, 'There is but one more task.'
Serenity says (in common), 'Thank You for Your acceptance' Serenity smiles happily. Serenity nods.
Cordir says, 'And it, like life, involves some small bit of pain.'
Serenity nods in recognition to Cordir.
Cordir says, 'I mark each of my followers with a ward and covenant. Where do you wish it inscribed?'
Elladan says, 'Congratulations to you both'
Cordir says, 'I warn you, it tends to wander on its own, so ... where it is set originally is not where it may wish to stay.'
Cordir says, 'Thank you, Elladan.'
Serenity curtseys gracefully. Serenity says (in common), 'Thank You'
Serenity smiles happily.
Serenity lifts her right wing, the stronger of the two, and points to the upper edge.
Cordir nods.
Cordir gets a black raven quill from a bag of Nyx hide.
Serenity says (in common), 'For now, i will be able to see it each time i fly'
Cordir uses the nib of the quill to slash her left palm.
Blood pools in Her hand.
Cordir dips the raven quill in the pool of blood.
Cordir quickly enscribes a Covenant upon your wing.
There is intense pain, but it is brief.
Serenity brings her teeth together for an instant, breathing deeply.
Cordir creates (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen out of thin air!
Cordir gives (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen to Serenity.
Cordir smiles quietly.
Cordir ftells, 'Welcome to the Chosen, Serenity!'
Cordir says, 'Lets bring you home.'
Cordir steps through the Pattern Web, disappearing from the chamber.
Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north]
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
Adso ftells, 'welcome serenity'
C sum serenity
Serenity arrives suddenly.
Cordir smiles quietly.
Serenity ftells, 'Thank You'
Cordir says, 'I'm glad you've joined us.'
Cordir says, 'I see many things in store for you.'
Serenity happily flaps her wings, then scurrying about to gather all the feathers she sent flying.
(end scene)

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