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Thaygar: Serenade to a Siren
Wed Aug  4 22:53:21 1999
To: all

Close His eyes to the sunlight, O evening moon, O storm.
Gather your mist in grace and take your leave of Him.
Taste His blessing as you go.

Two will not lie as One again, for His soul is a Garden of Rot,
.    His heart is ashes, and His tears are blood, to be cried no more
Hunt Well, dark breath, and take with you
.    the bones of the daughter, wrapped in palm leaves.
Scatter them to the Horizon and allay their cries.

Bide Well, O desert mist, hold aloft your blade and oil it with tears.
This One shall be the owl upon the nightwind, the cat with silent paws,
.    and the serpent at the roots of Life.
This One shall be the seed of tears, but His eyes shall be ash and silence.
His heart shall be the desert and the sea, His gaze shall be the Void,
.    and His call shall be the owl gone hunting as the Sun departs the sky.

Weep not, O beloved, but hold Him close in your distant Realm.
.    He shall be the thorn of failed passion.
Forget Him not, Moon to His night, cry to His silence.

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