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Tynian: Re-making auras
Sun Aug 8 22:36:00 1999
To: all
The best of intentions have gotten me in trouble again. While I was
sorting stuff out in my office, I came across a size 72 blue aura that
belonged to some past Immortal. The aura was in pretty good condition,
and I hated to see a good aura go to waste, especially an attractive blue
aura like this one was. I remembered that Syla's old worn-out red aura
was looking pretty threadbare, and I thought she would look great in blue.
Unfortunately, when I surprised her with the new blue aura gift, her old
red aura fell to pieces.

I now have a problem. Syla insists that blue is just not her color, and
really wants a red aura. All I have on-hand is a new size 71 red aura...
and of course the old size 72 blue aura that she hates. Syla insists that
the new size 71 red aura is too small for her, and she wants an aura that
has been broken in. I hope she re-considers and keeps the new red aura,
which even allows her to take on followers/admirers/worshippers. I could
even arrange to find her a new size 72 red aura after some time has past.
So far, though, she has insisted on a broken-in size 72 red aura. So,
unless she can be convinced to change her mind, I am obligated to make her
a broken-in size 72 red aura.

New auras are easy for me. Used auras take more work. Since it is to be
a used aura, I will have to take auras from others. Molo could not be
convinced to give his up, so I will have to make one. I need your help.
In order to make Syla's new old size 72 red aura, I need auras. To be
specific, auras from 100 *different* Evil mobs, in bag form. Bags of Evil
PC's won't work. The bag descriptions all need to be different. I will
reward the 5 PC's that give me the most bags. You can work in groups
if you wish, but a group only gets one reward to split between them.

Thanks for any bags of Evil mobs that you can supply me with.


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