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Tynian: The playing field
Mon Aug 2 13:31:59 1999
To: all aringar
This note is in response to Aringar's idea and note post on 2.x characters
and their hit points. In short, there is only one good way to make the
adjustment that he proposes, which I outline at the bottom of the note.
First the problems:

1. Hit point values have changed for various classes many times during
TFC's existence. There is no way to determine what levels and classes a
given character had at the time such changes were made.

2. Many other things have changed in TFC's history. Let's take stats, as
an example. Older characters tend to have higher average statistics than
newer characters. Should older character stats be lowered so that they
are more in-line with what a new character would expect? Maybe older
character stats should just be re-rolled any time a change to statistics
are made. Some of the older characters no doubt have some of the more
powerful random items. Should those be adjusted downward to be more
in-line with what is seen today?

3. The "conversion" of characters between 2.x and 3.x was mentioned. The
amount of extra experience that new 3.x would have had to earn is nothing
like what the 2.x characters paid, even retroactively. Those that leveled
early in 3.x needed much more experience to level than the experience
needed now. Should the levels of early 3.x characters be adjusted
accordingly? Not that this is possible, but hopefully it illustrates
the point.

In short, the game is a moving target. As a result of the changes made,
differences appear between older characters and newer characters. I could
avoid making changes, but I believe this will harm the rate of growth of
the game. I need to strike a balance between retaining old players and
attracting and retaining new players.

The only real solution that I see to this problem is to purge the player
files. I have avoided doing this throughout TFC's history, with the
belief that the harm that it would do to the player base far outweighed
the benefits that would be derived. Doing a player file purge would
level the playing field, at least at the time the purge is done, since
everyone would start over at the same time (those people who come back).
It would have the added advantage of resetting all the items in the

I cannot guarantee the equivalence between characters that are years old,
and characters that are created today. Unless the game stays static, or
unless we do periodic player file purges, things will drift, one way or

I'm sorry I can't offer up an instant solution to this problem. It is
my belief that it has no good answer.


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