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Sacred is the Darkness

[ 10] Okk: Sacred is the Darkness
Sun Nov 14 20:05:11 1999
To: all
beneath the tower
dark shadows
red stone grinning
a distant menace
chill wind across the mountains
monsters descend
black and evil
tooth, claw, tusk, fist
smash us across the cliffs
who are these who kill us so?
we cannot find out
we cannot know
why do we kill them?
across the mountains
silent whispers
grey rock's anger
volcano smoldering
sky bleeds around spire
demons wing
dull and hateful
feather, beak, wing, talon
attack us, screeching
who are these who hate us so?
we cannot find out
we cannot know
why do we hate them?
we cannot know who they are!
we cannot know why they hate!
too great would be the weakness
too great would be the pain
life begins in war
life ends in war
we cannot know why, we cannot argue
only fight, only kill, only die
only hate
young man falls to my blade
one less of his aura
why did I kill him?

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