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(located at port 4000)

Mushroom Madness..?

Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999
The Kitchen: [Exits: west]
Any experienced adventurer can tell you that it isn't always easy to find food. For new adventurers this task is even more difficult. Originally this room was built to feed those adventurers who could not do it for themselves. Dues negotiations with guild members forced cutbacks in the staff and building maintenance so that all that is left now is a fountain where you can still get a drink.
(1005) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
An animal hide cap has been left here.
( 2) A large croissant lies on the ground.
This mace has the sharpest spikes you've ever seen.
A cute little cap made of a red fabric sits here.
A slimy wormskin coat sits on the ground.
A scarf made of soft cotton has been thrown on the ground.
A splint mail sash has been left here.
A small white fountain gushes forth here.
Admire is here.
Duvel is here.
Janett is here.
Jerome is here.
Bjork is here.
Virgil is here.
Cabal is resting here.
Quarnel is here.

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