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After The Ceremony

Thaygar says, 'This Ceremony is Concluded.'
Thaygar bows deeply.
The Giving of Gifts…

Gaul gets a party hat from a folded piece of pitch black cloth.Gaul wears a party hat on his head.
Hornblower never learned to say huzzah.
Daelin says, 'I would like to offer to the.. inseparable souls.. my gift of potatoes.' Daelin gets a pile of potatoes overflowing with gravy from a folded piece of pitch black cloth. Daelin drops a pile of potatoes overflowing with gravy.
Typhon says, 'Congratulations...'
Deamhan gasps in astonishment.
Cordir gasps in astonishment.
Deamhan gets a pile of potatoes overflowing with gravy.
Daelin says, 'representing pure starchy goodness.'
Hornblower snickers softly.
Deamhan eats a pile of potatoes overflowing with gravy. Deamhan is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.
Deamhan thanks Daelin heartily.
Daelin says, 'and gravy.. representing.. fattening, artery cloggin.. goodness.'
Cordir rolls her eyes expressively.
Typhon says, 'I offer a net to help with the wedding night.' Typhon gives a net to Deamhan.
Deamhan grins evilly at Typhon. Deamhan grins to himself. What IS he thinking about...?!
Thaygar recommends a sponge, instead.
Typhon nods in recognition to Thaygar.
Tynian smiles happily.
Gaul winces at Thaygar.
Thaygar smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Thank you, sir.'
Nyx says, 'I got you two a mop.'
Hornblower says, 'Geez, all I got was a worthless rock for a present at my wedding.'
Cordir fingers her long tresses with a wince.
Typhon says, 'Or this might work.....'
Nyx says, 'So she can stop using her hair.'
Daelin says, 'And I offer a red dragon's eye to you, Deamhan, so you can keep watch on Cordir at all times.. So you can make sure she stays away from Brenick, the evil homewrecker.' Daelin gives a red dragon's eye to Deamhan.
Deamhan nods in recognition to Nyx.
Hornblower gets a worthless rock from a leather backpack.
Typhon gets a French Maid's Outfit from an egg casing. Typhon says , 'Something to spice it all up?.'
Thaygar looks at Gaul with a maniacal grin.
Tynian says, 'Again, congratulations.'
Daelin gets a red dragon's eye from a folded piece of pitch black cloth.
Typhon puts a French Maid's Outfit in an egg casing.
Tynian throws back his head and cackles with insane glee! Tynian steps through a rift in the universe, and disappears.
Solanthas dances wildly across the room, and suddenly fades out of existence.
Cordir says, 'Thank you all for coming...'
Thaygar tells all Immortals: thank you very much Tynian
Tynian tells all Immortals: You're very welcome. :) Nice wedding, one of the best I have attended.
Cordir tells all Immortals: it was very much a group effort
Thaygar tells all Immortals: why thank you. spent way too dang long writing it :)
Tynian tells all Immortals: Well, the time you put into it shows. :)

Hornblower tells Cordir , 'gratz :) *smile* How long have you been planning this wedding?.'
JohnPaul disappears quickly as he swirls the Cape of Virtue around his body.
Cordir tells Hornblower, 'a very, very long time.'
Daelin Gets Even Sillier:

Daelin says, 'Gaul, as a symbol of my everlasting love, I give you a sable fur cloak with hood.' He gives a sable fur cloak with hood to Gaul.
Thaygar says, 'do the assembled wish to continue here, or to be returned to the mortal realm?.'
Gaul chuckles, evidently amused.
Gaul thanks Daelin heartily.
Cordir says, 'Here is fine with me....'
Daelin says, 'Typhon, as a symbol of how debonair I think you are, here is a debonair black velvet mantle', and he gives a debonair black velvet mantle to Typhon.
Combee says, 'does that mean you aren't my handmaiden anymore, Daelin?.'
Daelin says, 'Combee, because I will always be your handmaiden, here is a mighty jeweled belt, with a filigreed buckle.'
Daelin gives a jeweled belt with filigreed buckle to Combee.
Cordir says, 'I was supposed to wear that, you bonehead.' Cordir pokes Daelin in the ribs.
Daelin says, 'Hey.. I gave the bags to your sweetie to look through, and he didn't give it to you :(.'
Daelin says, 'have a gorget instead.' He gives Cordir a silver plate gorget with emeralds.
Cordir eats the silver plate gorget with emeralds. She grins, and says, 'Yum, tasty.'
Daelin nods.
Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.
Daelin tosses Cordir more treats.
Daelin gives Cordir an emblazened surcoat.
Deamhan tells Cordir, 'Baby, would you like to eat my clothes? :P.'
Cordir tells Deamhan, 'with salt.'
Cordir eats an emblazened surcoat.
Daelin says, 'And Foolkiller, to you I give a pin of exploration, because I still think of you as that silly newbie writing dumb notes.'
Daelin gives the Silver Pin of Exploration to Foolkiller.
Sitting Around Talking About The Ebon Hand:

Hornblower shouts , 'HAIL!.'
Typhon shouts, 'HAIL!.'
Nyx shouts, 'HAIL!.'
Foolkiller tells all Immortals: Now there is a shout I never thought to hear again...the Ebon Hand...
Gaul shouts, 'HAIL may the Ebon hands be forever well washed!.'
Gaul nods at himself; he must be getting senile.
Cordir's wrath peels the skin off Gaul.
Gaul winces. Ouch!
Combee snickers softly.
Typhon coughs.
Thaygar pokes Gaul with a burning finger. Singe marks appear, but nothing too terrible.
Nyx says, 'Can we make a bag of that?.'
Gaul says, 'I thought it was in good taste :).'
Cordir says, 'Now is a good time to grovel and beg my lord's forgiveness.'
Daelin says, 'Gaul said I should give him my best shot..'
Thaygar grins evilly.
Daelin says, 'that's an open request for hostilities..'
Hornblower doesn't know the Ebon Hand.
Thaygar says, 'sadly, few do in this age.'
Typhon says, 'We are old.' He grins wickedly.
Cordir nods silently.
Tokugawa says, 'I remember', and shivers uncomfortably.
Typhon nods in recognition to Tokugawa.
Cordir fingers her tresses with an odd smile.
Hornblower says, 'well I believe had I been here about 6 months before I was I think I would have seen a little of it.'
Typhon says, 'Perhaps.'
Foolkiller remembers all too well the Ebon Hand.
Thaygar has some memories of his own. Memories which give Typhon nightmares, He is sure.
Typhon gulps and says, 'I rarely sleep now. So it is no trouble.'
Thaygar says, 'yes, that is an unfortunate side effect.'
Typhon says , 'Though I am now much tougher, since my body is now a mass of scar tissue.'
Nyx says, 'That is your fault. For not running fast enough.'
Thaygar says, 'the scars are just the Dhole's way of expressing affection.'
Typhon nods in recognition to Thaygar, and says, 'I know this now.'
Thaygar says, 'it's quite an old sweetie, when you get to know it.'
Tokugawa says, 'ah, the Dhole, I sent a follower there.'
Tokugawa says, 'I told him to kill it.' He snickers at his own evil thoughts.
Cordir blanches.
Hornblower says, 'what is the dhole?.'
Cordir throws back her head and cackles with insane glee and says, 'Go and find out...'
Nyx says, 'How long did he live?.'
Tokugawa says, 'He did not. That was the point. And he lost his equipment.'
Typhon says, 'The Dhole and I have a good ...friendship?'
Nyx says, 'I meant in rounds.'
Thaygar says, 'that is a proper quest ... i hope the dhole ate well that night.'
Tokugawa nods.
Hornblower says , 'I don't know where the dhole is.'
Tokugawa says, 'It was filling, he has nice eq. Er.. had.' He smirks.
Typhon says, 'Look into the foulest recesses of N'Kai.'
Thaygar says, 'beneath the eightfold door, beyond the frozen lake.'
Typhon nods in recognition to Thaygar.
Gaul says, 'I just hope the Dhole doesn't know where -I- am...'
Daelin says , 'wait.. we talking about the Great Dhole? Yeah, he's pretty wimpy, but he has nice eq.'
Hornblower says, 'N'Kai? doh.'
Typhon says , 'Seek out the earth snake there.'
Daelin says, 'I like to smack him around now and then, after I destroy all the formless spawn.'
Cordir says, 'yes, yes, Daelin, you're very big and tough.'
Combee juggles a pustulous heart.
Deamhan chuckles at Cordir's joke.
Cordir blinks adoringly at Daelin.
Deamhan says , 'Ahem.'
Cordir grins at Deamhan and gives him a long and passionate kiss.
Deamhan's ears turn red.
Typhon says, 'Well, Daelin.....'
Thaygar says, 'yes, the dhole does need its regeneration periods. Thank you for giving it exercise, Daelin :).'
Typhon says, 'My God is creepier than your God.' He grins wickedly at Daelin.
Gaul nods in recognition to Typhon.
Nyx says, 'Neener, neener.'
Cordir ponders a moment, and says, 'but his god is fussier than your god.'
Typhon says, 'Perhaps.'
Gaul says, 'molo's in a worse state of decay .'
Nyx says, 'Fussiness is over-rated.'
Combee tells Cordir , '*bow* gratz again, may you find happiness.'
Cordir tells Combee, '*smiles* Thank you.'
Thaygar had his fussy moments, but only to those who needed it.
Thaygar made Seeker fear for his existence.
Foolkiller chuckles in fond memory of those...fussy...moments, saying, 'Personally I always liked the no-eating-or-drinking-for-10-rl-days punishment.'
Hornblower wonders how well he would have fit in if he was in Thaygar's following.
Foolkiller says, 'You would have been bac-o-bits Hownblower.'
Hornblower nods. Hornblower says , 'I would have.'
Deamhan says, 'You'd fit in great. Your arm would fit in one niche in the temple, your leg in another.'
Foolkiller chuckles, evidently amused.
Thaygar does not know how well Hornblower deals with ... adversity.
Cordir says, 'Nay, the pillars of flame. Roasted Hornblower. With carrots.'
Hornblower has too good of a heart.
Thaygar says, 'the Ebon Hand was a following frought with ... adversity. You might have made a decent Weaver.'
Nyx says, 'Hornblower, He means with "running from things who want to kill you.".'
Foolkiller says, 'It thrived under it as well.'
Daelin sniffs sadly, and says, 'Huey just called me a bad word.'
Hornblower says, 'Yes, I would run. *snicker*.'
Deamhan gasps as he realizes what Daelin did.
Hornblower says, 'Wanna give me the short story or description of a Weaver?.'
Huey arrives from a puff of smoke.
Gaul says, 'I've run away from more scary things than most folks.'
Thaygar bows before Huey.
Nyx grins wickedly.
Gaul screams loudly at Huey. Better leave before Gaul blames you, too!!!
Deamhan bows before Huey.
Huey says, 'this is madness!.'
Nyx says, 'It's PARTY time!.'
Foolkiller says, 'Probably best to talk to Cordir at a later time, Hornblower... she would give a wonderful explanation of the Wyrm, Weaver and Wyld.. Besides Lord Thaygar, none understand it as well as she.'
Huey says, 'this is so coo!.'
Thaygar says, 'Daelin said that you called him a bad word, Huey. Good job!.'
Huey says, 'yes, I do that on a daily basis.'
Cordir says, 'That's our Wyldling!.'
Tokugawa says, 'it shows he cares, Daelin.'
Huey throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Nyx says, 'Gotta keep your hand in...'
Look Huey:
Though naked and mean, level 30 shamans do serve a purpose....
Now i gotta think about what that is..........
I just thought of it!!
Madman made me realize it on a trivia quest.
It's to kill stuff :P WooHOO
Visit my website at:
Huey is in perfect health.
Huey is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a lifestone
<worn on finger> (Magical) the flickering sardonyx ring
<worn on finger> (Magical) the thick peridot ring
<worn around neck> (Red Aura) a black spider silk cape
<worn around neck> (Magical) a Minor Amulet of Steadfastness
<worn on body> (Red Aura) a black spider silk dress
<worn on head> (Magical) a golden turban
<worn on legs> (Red Aura) a pair of black spider silk pants
<worn on feet> (Red Aura) a pair of black spider silk boots
<worn on hands> rakasta claws
<worn about body> (Red Aura) a black spider silk cloak
<worn about waist> (Red Aura) a black spider silk sash
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the simple ruby bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the ancient ivory bracelet
<wielded> a bludgeon
<held> (Magical) (Glowing) a ward major
<worn with pride> a small wooden brooch
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) a black spider silk baldric
Thaygar hugs Huey.
Huey looks at Thaygar.
Daelin kisses Huey passionately.
Huey smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'What's with the turban?.'
Huey says, 'its silly.'
who ebon
5 players.
Gia [ Retired ] Thaygar: Master of the Ebon Hand
Hum [ Sh:28 ] Huey Shaman of the Ebon Hand, Wyld
Hum [ Sh:27 Wa:15 Th: 9 ] Typhon, Shaman of the Ebon Hand, Weaver
Hel [ Th:22 ] Nyx, Shadow of the Ebon Hand
Hum [ Ambassador ] Cordir, Lady An-Shalach, Ebon Weaver
Cordir shouts, 'HAIL THE EBON HAND!.'
Huey shouts , 'HAIL THE EBON HAND!.'
Foolkiller shouts, 'HAIL!! GET AN UMBRELLA QUICK!.'
Thaygar grins evilly at Cordir.
Hornblower says , 'Maybe its good that I came later *grin*.'
Nyx laughs.
Deamhan says , 'Good for your health. And sanity.'
Cordir says, 'I do not think that it would have suited you... or that you would have suited it.'
Hornblower says , 'prolly , the ebon hand, would have made me more frustrated then ever.'
Thaygar says, 'the masses are worthy of praise, but the Hand were always a special, elite few.'
Hornblower says, 'I gotta go too. Thaygar, if could please transfer me back. It has been real nice attending and talking.'
Thaygar says, 'it was an honor to be your lord.'
Hornblower says, 'I hope to see you in the future.'
Gaul says, 'I was never worthy :).'
Tokugawa says, 'I remember when Corsendonk attack a group I was in.'
Tokugawa says, 'he died.'
Cordir says, 'You should probably change your title, Huey, before Molo sees it and his head explodes.'
Deamhan says, 'That'd be messy.'
Nyx says, 'Yeah. Little Lich bits everywhere.'
Thaygar says, 'yes, he was quite unique in his own way.'
Huey says, 'yes, good idea.'
Cordir says, 'but thank you for it while it lasted.'
Nyx says, 'It was fun to re-live the odd... I mean, old times.'
Thaygar pokes Nyx in the ribs.
Nyx casually sidesteps Thaygar's finger...
Thaygar pokes REAL THOROUGHLY, without possible dodge. Nyx gets singed.
Nyx says, 'Ow.' And grins wickedly.
(And on or about that time, folks generally departed…)

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