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Mong is Ordained

The Hallowed Ground of Okk, the Guardian Spirit [Exits: none]
A wall of trees wraps around behind you and to the east and west, forming a small half-circle in front of the wall to the north. Your attention is drawn to a small fire in the middle, pushing back the shadows that try to creep into the room. Several mats have been laid in a circle around the fire for people to sit on. You are disturbed slightly by the silence that hangs ominously on this place, but you sense no danger here right now.
(Glowing) The Sacred Flame of Life dimly lights the area.
Turalurayay is resting here.
Okk is here.
Layla is resting here.
Kilrath is resting here.
Ibuku is resting here.
Mong is here.
Okk says, 'Spirits of the Earth, I call upon you'.
Okk says, 'Long we have worked together, that time was precious'.
Ibuku gets a small drum from an egg casing.
Okk says, 'Long it has been, that time is nothing'.
Okk fondles a tarnished clasp in his hand, it's picture depicting a flaming ruby, clutched in a skeletal hand.
Okk says, 'Come with me now to touch this One I have chosen'.
A chilling wind blows through the trees.
Ibuku shivers uncomfortably.
'We are here, Child of Sorrow. But we are confused'.
Whitehawk raises an eyebrow.
'How is it that you, who once lived in darkness, now has become the Light? We must know'.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Okk reels, as if struck, panting.
Whitehawk gasps in astonishment.
Okk says, 'Where's Stouthbound?'.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Okk looks about frantically.
Ibuku starts drumming on her drum.
Mong looks around.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Mong says (in common), 'Are you ok, Lord?'.
Okk says, 'Have you ever thought about joining the Conclave, Belial?'.
Okk stares at Mong, cowering in fear.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Ibuku looks around. Ibuku scratches her head.
Okk says, 'Gratz on you Mastery'.
Okk says, 'I have no idea what that means, but it means a lot to Cordir'.
Whitehawk knows it is the memories of Okks past.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Ibuku scratches her head.
Okk shouts (in ogre), 'AI!'.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Okk says, 'Hateful'.
Ibuku sits closer to Whitie shivering slightly.
Okk says, 'They...left me'.
Okk says, 'No one I can trust but Orla'.
Whitehawk puts his arm around Ibuku.
Okk says, 'Hateful'.
Okk says, 'Hateful'.
Okk says, 'Hateful'.
Okk says, 'Hateful'.
Okk says, 'Hateful'.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Okk's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** you!
That really did HURT!
<202hp(313) 175ma(175) 304mv(7941) 682gp ft: none >
Okk blinks.
Ibuku checks on Whitehawk's health.
Whitehawk grits his teeth.
Okk shivers and suffers.
Kilrath comforts Whitehawk.
Kilrath checks on Whitehawk's health.
Mong moves to aid Whitehawk.
Whitehawk bears the pain.
Whitehawk clenches his torso....bleeding.
Ibuku recites the crimped scroll.
A warm feeling fills Whitehawk's body.
<304hp(313) 175ma(175) 304mv(7941) 682gp ft: none >
Ibuku rests. Ibuku grins neutrally.
Shadows strip themselves away from Okk.
'We have seen, we know, we understand'.
'Who is this, that the power is to be given?'.
Okk nudges Mong impatiently.
Mong says (in common), 'It is I'.
'And who are YOU?'.
Whitehawk smiles at Mong.
Mong says (in common), 'I am Mong, Trusted Ogre Knight of the Lifes Blood'.
Mong nods.
'Mong, Mong, Mong, Mong, Mong, Mong'.
Okk utters the words, 'summon'. WitchBlade arrives suddenly.
Ibuku grins neutrally.
WitchBlade bows deeply. WitchBlade rests.
Ibuku beams a smile at WitchBlade.
'A collection of sounds? Nay, this is not you'.
Mong says (in common), 'I am a Servant of Life'.
Strange whisperings can be heard behind you.
Ibuku looks around
Whitehawk eyes glance to see what's there.
WitchBlade sits down and thinks deeply.
'We have decided. Power shall be granted, though with it holds a curse'.
A wicked cackling echos in your soul
Whitehawk focuses on Mong.
Kilrath grins evily.
Ibuku holds her knife firmer then usually.
Mong stands strong, glaring into the fire.
WitchBlade is so excited.
'Never it is to be used to satisfy You; doomed you are to give your Life in assistance to others'.
Ibuku beams a smile at WitchBlade.
WitchBlade smiles happily.
'Will you gladly accept and cherish our Gift, Foolish One?'.
Ibuku looks at Mong.
Mong says (in common), 'That is why I exist, voice... I accept your gift.'.
A great wind slams into Mong, knocking him off his feet.
Mong winces. Ouch!
Ibuku checks on Mong's health.
Kilrath checks on Mong's health.
WitchBlade checks on Mong's health.
The room falls silent.
'Well done, Mong'
Whitehawk kneels before Mong and bows his head. Whitehawk says (in common), 'Well done, Mong'.
Turalurayay checks on Mong's health.
WitchBlade bows before Mong.
Mong nods.
1 player.
Ogr [ Wa:30 ] Mong, Trusted Knight of Life [Nashite]
Okk mutters a single word... Nash. It flows from his lips like the sweetest prayer.
WitchBlade's sores fester. WitchBlade's disease hits herself.
Layla disappears into the void.
WitchBlade's sores begin to close.
Okk looks at Mong.
l mong
who mong
I am fueled by filth and fury.
Mong won't win any beauty contests.
Mong is in perfect health.
Mong is using:
<worn on head> a clay tribal mask
<worn on hands> leather hand wrappings
<worn as shield> a hide-covered targe
<wielded> a sickle
<worn with pride> (Glowing) a long scar across the cheek
Ibuku looks at Mong.
A soft breeze sweeps around Mong, lifting him off the ground slightly.
Ibuku stops using a carving knife.
Ibuku holds a small drum in her hands.
Okk says, 'drat, not enough mana'.
Okk smirks.
Whitehawk giggles.
Okk sits down and thinks deeply.
Ibuku giggles.
Mong snickers softly.
WitchBlade snickers softly.
Ibuku says (in common), 'LOL'.
Whitehawk comforts Okk.
WitchBlade nods in recognition to Mong.
Kilrath tries to give mana to Okk but can't.
Kilrath rests.
WitchBlade bows before Okk.
WitchBlade glares at Mong.
Ibuku starts beating on her drum.
Mong glares at his feet, what is bothering him?
Ibuku grins neutrally.
WitchBlade looks at Mong.
Okk says, 'hmm, come back in awhile?'.
Mong laughs.
Whitehawk hugs Mong.
WitchBlade giggles.
Mong rests.
Ibuku throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
WitchBlade nods in recognition to Mong.
Whitehawk thinks, "Mong got beat up for nothing?"
Ibuku hugs Mong.
Ibuku kisses Mong.
Kilrath says (in common), 'is there anyway I can channel any energy to you Lord?'.
Ibuku says (in common), 'The power, it will come with time brother'.
Ibuku quaffs a clear red potion.
Ibuku invokes recall magic.
Ibuku disappears.

Okk says, 'Not the perfect ceremony, I suppose'.
Okk says, 'only Nash is perfect'.
Okk unlocks the brush.
Okk opens the brush.
WitchBlade says (in common), 'heh'.
Turalurayay grins his big, toothy (7 tooths!) grin.
WitchBlade bows before Okk.
WitchBlade stands up.
WitchBlade leaves south.
Kilrath smiles happily.
WitchBlade arrives from the south.
Okk says, 'Come back when i tell you to'.
Okk smiles happily.
Kilrath says (in common), 'Congratulations Mong'.
[A Short Passage Of Time Later…]
Okk says, 'Let us resume, shall we?'.
Mong nods.
Kilrath says (in common), 'lets'.
Ibuku looks around wondering where'd those shadows go.
Okk sits down and thinks deeply.
Mong goes back to what he was doing before the intermission.
Ibuku looks at Mong.
Whitehawk smiles happily.
Kilrath trys to get his butt on the right edge of the seat.
Whitehawk hides his Ju JU fruits, and pays attention.
Okk pricks Mong with his quill, and watches satisfied ad the blood flows down his face.
Kilrath watches the blood drip to the floor.
### Mong has advanced to level 1.
Kilrath ftells, '(info)(trigger) ### Mong has advanced to level 1.'.
Okk shouts, 'Praise Lord Nash, the First Life, He who created All.'.
Okk shouts, 'All recognize Mong, my trusted Knight, Emissary of Life!!!'.
Turalurayay is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.
Whitehawk shouts (in common), 'Gratz Mong!'.
Turalurayay bows before Mong.
Ibuku shouts (in common), 'YAY!!!!!! CHEER!!!! and WE MUST GET DRUNK!!! YAY!!! MONG'.
Whitehawk shouts (in common), 'Emissary of Life!!'.
Kilrath shouts (in common), 'Praise Lord Nash! Hail Mong, Emissary of Life!'.
who mong
1 player.
Ogr [ Emissary ] Mong, Trusted Knight of Life [Nashite]
Ibuku stands up.
Mong shouts (in common), 'All Praise Our Creator, Lord Nash!'.
Ibuku hugs Mong.
Ibuku kisses Mong.
Kilrath showers Mong with confetti!
Mong bows deeply.
Ibuku smiles happily.
Turalurayay shouts (in common), 'Hail, Lord Nash!'.
Whitehawk bows before Mong.
Turalurayay grovels in the dirt before Mong.
Whitehawk hugs Mong.
Mong smiles happily.
Mong struts proudly.
Mong bows before Okk.
Ibuku growls.
Mong hugs Ibuku.
Whitehawk smiles happily.
Okk unlocks the brush.
Okk opens the brush.
Ibuku says (in common), 'I cant pick the lock'.
Ibuku grins neutrally.
(End Scene)

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