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Molo: Maldobar's Quest
Wed Aug 4 00:17:48 1999
To: all

My Assassin has requested a quest to challenge him...

He has until September 1st, Noon (Mud time) to complete it.
He may not receive any help to accomplish his quest.
All non-Nashites are invited to TRY to keep him from completing
this quest (which I seriously doubt will even factor in).

1. He must obtain the weapon known as Aleanrahel.

2. He must discover the exact whereabouts of a lost shipment of
"Hazardous Items" that my Conclave sent in the final days of
version 2.x to the Black Ogre Clan of Og.

3. He must obtain the dark-scaled book which vanished with one of
my couriers when he was lost during a bad recall.

4. He must obtain a log from a demon's diary entry which shows
undeniable proof of a planned mutiny against his rightful lord.

5. He must identify the three items that Madman had left as
trophies in the chambers which once held his nest.

6. He must obtain an item from both of the web-wrapped corpses
known to exist in the realm.

7. He must identify correctly the three rings and two amulets
worn by the evils ones in the Throne Room of the King.

8. He must discover what creatures are at the end of each of the
four gates which the master summoner stands before.

9. He must fill a water jug with liquid from the Fountain of
Life which the Witch of Legend holds dear.

10. Finally, he must discover what lies behind each of the four
faintly glowing doors after falling to the Bottom of the Abyss.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave of Nashite

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