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Maldobar: Foul, non-believers
Sat Jul 31 21:44:59 1999
To: all
I'm sure you are all aware that I have been away for some time, and that I have now returned.
What I have been doing is of no concern to you. What I will be doing is.

Any mortal arrangements that were made with me previous to my absence are now void.

Today I was told that the Arch-Lich's Black Conclave was 'just another evil following'.
Today I was told that the Arch-Lich's Black Conclave was 'nothing' now.

Today several people have foolishly spoken for all of you.
Today you shall start paying the consequences for their actions.

and there are some responses to his note...

Sekmet: re: Foul, non-believes (:P)
Sun Aug 1 06:31:48 1999
To: All of the earth's inhabitants, including the misled Nashites.
Oh Maldobar, foolish Nashite. . . It is time you accept the frailty
of the false vision you hail as Nash. The fear you attempt instill
into the inhabitants of our world is no more true than the lies you've
preached to the countless generations of ignorants who have swallowed
the triple-edged sword theory, the Nash creation story, and other such
fairy tales. You, like other brutes of the past, believe that your
sword-skill is enough to destroy the _true_ faiths of this earth, but
we each know that your efforts prove futile.

So you've returned? Great. Give yourself a pat on the back.
In short: big deal.

Sekmet, Disciple of Holy Virtue.
Debonair: maldobar
Sun Aug 1 12:39:25 1999
To: all
I think maldo needs attention....really bad

Debonair -WarD-
Rubicant: Maldobar
Sun Aug 1 23:39:32 1999
To: all
I agree with Deb, Molo must not give him enough attention =p

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