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Lorna: Quest Note 1: Details
Thu Aug 12 15:31:53 1999
To: All
I'm running a quest to test your skill, luck, and knowledge. It is not easy.
Participation is strictly voluntary.

The quest is a combination of trivia and a scavenger hunt, and is a team
competition quest. Teams may be as small as two characters, and they may be
larger as well. In keeping with the alignment rules, collaboration between
goods and evils is not allowed, and is grounds for disqualification.

The quest begins with the posting of these notes, and will run until midnight
game time next Thursday, the 19th (which includes that Thursday).

Notes on Trivia: some of the trivia questions asked cannot be answered other than
by asking the immortals the question is about (or possibly a fortuitous guess).
Mortals are free to ask the immortals for the answers to the questions, but the
immortals are free to answer or not as they each see fit.

Scoring: Each item, bag, and basket are worth 1 point each. Each trivia question
is worth 1 point, with the exception of some multi-part questions which are worth
2 points each, but no question, no matter how many parts, is worth more than 2 points.
If 10 or more teams submit answers and items by the deadline of the quest, there
will be a first, second, and third prize team, ranked by their respective team
scores. If less than 10 teams submit items and answers, there will be only a
first and second place team. Teams must submit no less than 25 items/answers to

Submission of items & answers: Each team must choose a Team Captain, who will be
responsible for e-mailing the answers to the trivia to me at
The e-mail should include the name of the team (each team should choose a unique
team name - i.e. Team Borf, Team Virtue, etc.), the names of the members of the
team, the total number of items the team has collected, and the answers to all
the trivia questions, in order, the team is able to answer. Items will be collected
from each respective team in the game by me after each team has submitted their
e-mail. Once a team has submitted an e-mail, they are considered done with the
quest - so don't miss the deadline, but don't submit too early and lose out to
someone who waits that extra bit of time. All items submitted are forfeit (you
don't get to keep the stuff you collect and turn in).

PRIZES: Exact prizes awarded will depend on the composition of the winning teams,
but possible prizes include simple rings, restrings, random items, twist rings,
potions, gold, Chance coins, and a few surprises. There will also be a special
reward to all teams (winning or otherwise) who submit a bag of Tempest hide.

Item and Trivia lists follow in successive notes.

Lorna, Goddess of Chance
Lorna: Quest Note 2: Item List
Thu Aug 12 15:32:34 1999
To: all
a stupid sign, a sharp pointy stick, a bunch of cherries, a firestone, a secret,
a wheelbarrow, a worthless rock, underwater weeds, a milk bladder, a large bottle
of dew, a seagull's egg, a sticky tissue, what remains of someone's homework,
the Incense of Enlightenment, a white daisy, +2 dam and -2 dam random rings,
+2dam absorb and -2 dam absorb random leggings, +1luck and -1 luck random gloves,
a bottle of champagne, a loganberry pie, A slice of pizza, a dragon squeeze toy,
a vial of dragon blood, a vial of kraken blood, an ear cuff made of polished silver,
a +1dex +1str affect random jewelry item, a handful of raspberries, a bayeux shield,
a cup of spiced wine, a bowl of lobster stew, a plate of bacon and eggs, a rain
poncho, a counterfeit Major Amulet of Anti-Theft, a genuine amulet of anti-theft
a multi-colored key ring, a bag of aarakocra hide, filled with dried kiwi,
a pair of feathered earrings, some soft soled black boots, a black rod, a black
leather belt, a long black quill, a purple feathered black wide brimmed hat,
a black chain shirt, a black rose, a black lily, a black lace veil, 5 different
swords, 5 different axes, a halberd, a stale bowl of popcorn, plate of calamari
strips, a snapdragon.

Bags of: Karmyn, Feggestad, Guido, Atienne, Gargoyle Lord, Gargoyle Mage, Yochlol,
mimic, Okrii, feral wolf, crystal dragon, killer rabbit, darkenbeast, green dragon
Elmer, black widow, the Great Dhole, Shudde-M'ell, giant seahorse, the tempest,
a bulette from each continent, Bezil, Guardian Vampire, Khan, the Ogre Mage, a harpy,
Juju, Sendres the High Mage, Honey, Tawny, Lisa, Anathea, large black tentacle,
black raptor, beached jellyfish, black dracolich, black knight, black cat, black
robed apprentice, black raven, blue djinni, songbird, hunter, moss slime, Minotaur
Citizen, Caest the Obsidiansmith, orog guard, dragonmage, pirahnacuda, tiny ladybug,
night tiger, nightstalker, Harem Girl, snowshoe rabbit.

Baskets of: patch of obliviax , carnivorous water plant, shambling mound.
Lorna: Quest Note 3: Trivia
Thu Aug 12 15:33:31 1999
To: All
1) How many times was Molo PK'd as a mortal?
2) How many times was Lorna PK'd as a mortal? By whom?
3) How many times was Tokugawa PK'd as a mortal? By whom?
4) How many times was Okk PK'd as a mortal?
5) How many times was Solanthas PK'd as a mortal?
6) How many times was Asia PK'd as a mortal?
7) How many times was Cordir PK'd as a mortal?
8) Who was the first mortal to reach 30th level as an Ordained Mortal?
9) What mob did Zarous level to his final 30th level on?
10) Who is the only immortal to date to have three simultaneously ordained OM's?
11) What mob did Nayr level to 30th level on?
12) In what area did Molo earn his TFC Explorer's Medallion? What level was he at the time?
13) Which cities did Molo visit mortals in last year?
14) What mob, did Darkmoon level to 30th level on, while she was faerie fired and
the mob was sancted?
15) At what shaman level did Masher dual to warrior?
16) Who gave Syla a trinket of affection when she was a mortal?
17) Which mob says "I hate having to do this"
18) Who is Madman's favorite musician?
19) Who is Sirak's favorite musician?
20) Who is Lorna's favorite musical group?
21) Who is Darkmoon's favorite musician?
22) Who is Nayr's favorite musician?
23) Who is Tokugawa's favorite musician?
24) Who is Okk's favorite musical group?
25) Who is Solanthas's favorite musical group?
26) Who is Masher's favorite musical group?
27) Who is Asia's favorite musical group?
28) What is Thaygar's favorite String Quartet album?
29) What is Torchbearer's favorite constellation?
30) What is Cordir's favorite food?
31) What is Syla's favorite fruit?
32) Which immortal led the Templars?
33) What is the answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
34) What is your quest?
35) What is your favorite color?
36) What is the name of Queen Mariel's ship?
37) Thaygar was quested by Madman to find and slay a creature of undead malevolence.
Along the way, He gained His Ebon Hand. Question: What creature did Thaygar ultimately
seek, and where did He acquire His ebon Hand?
38) What bagged mob was submitted to Tynian for the quest to fashion a replacement
aura for Syla the most times? How many bags of it were submitted?
39) What was Siren's favorite color of Jello?
40) Where can a basin with a stone, a carved figurine, and several other tokens be seen?
Lorna: Quest Note 4: Trivia Continued
Thu Aug 12 15:34:26 1999
To: All
41) Who is the only following level immortal to have changed from Good to Evil alignment?
42) As a Demigod, Jaxxon was Cardinal of what?
43) Who was the first Shaman on TFC?
44) Whose Paladin was Kalten?
45) How many times did Molo die on the longship at level 18?
46) Who was Nalya's first Paladin? And to whom was he or she wed? Who caught
the bouquet at the wedding?
47) Who was the first mortal to reach level 50 on TFC?
48) Who are Syla and Pyros' two children?
49) Who is the founder of IPS? What does IPS stand for?
50) Who once crashed the game by looking at a pile of more than a thousand balls
of light in the Recall Room?
51) Who did Combee quest for to get a set of Fang Sheaths?
52) What is Combee's favorite Hockey team.
53) How many times was Tel PK'd as a mortal? By whom?
54) What is Tel's favorite mixed drink?
55) What is the nickname of the shark in The Drowning Pool that both Khore and
Lorna have met on multiple occasions much to Madman's amusement.
56) What spells were contained in a finale pill?
57) What is the name of the item that when drunk from can change your character's sex?
58) What effect did smurfberries have on anyone who ate them?
59) Who wields a guilt trip?
60) What is the exact name of the The Grand Mistress of Magic's pet?
61) What weapon is wielded by Captain Vahzlune?
62) Who is the King of the demons?
63) What properties does the large central eye of the mighty beholder have?
64) How many tentacles does the master mindflayer have on its head?
65) What creature has upper torso of a beautiful woman, but the lower body of a four-legged beast?
66) What is the name of the dwarven spelunker trapped in the Mystic Wood?
67) What item does Queen Arbora hold?
68) What is the name of the room in which the Yochlol resides?
69) Where can one find a gelatinous cube?
70) What does a nublar tiger want?
71) What does Guido wear on his head?
72) What is Baron Marel consumed by?
73) What creature are Syla and the followers of Mischief hunting in the painting
in the Timerian museum?
74) Who was the inspiration for the Pink Elephants stealing your beer?
75) What race was Daliah?
76) What are you greeted with if you try to touch the mace Tynian used to smash
his way to immortality?
77) What race was IvoryTiger?
78) What are all the possible destinations of the energy field south of the pentagram chamber?
79) Where can one find a dancing sword?
80) What does Edgar seek to buy?
Lorna: Quest Trivia Addendum
Thu Aug 12 20:09:04 1999
To: All
Due to an oversight, trivia questions for a certain immortal were missed on
the initial posting of the quest notes. To fix that, two additional questions
have been added to the quest:

81) What two mortals did Tynian enjoy grouping with as a mortal?
82) Who was the performer at the last concert Tynian attended?

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