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A Loquacious Night on Gossip

Background: Well, it was late, one night, and it just turned out to be one of those evenings when folks just wanted to talk. Mortal and Immortal and Pirate Captain alike, people were in a chatty mood... and then the subject turned to one near and dear to Cordir's heart... the Ebon Hand and the Triat.

It is 9 o'clock pm on the Day of the Great Gods, the 5th day of the Month of the Old Forces.
TFC started up at Tue Apr 13 19:36:35 1999 / The system time is Mon Apr 19 23:07:30 1999

Sadow gossips, 'I find the word "tropicana" to be offensive. Please delete TerraHunden immediately.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Where ya at Sadow, I haven BS'd a claver in a long time.'

Sadow gossips, 'Uh oh... I better watch myself when I'm around a Wyld Tiger like you.'

Ulraunt gossips, 'is it good?'

Who terra
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Hum [ Sh:14 Th:12 Ra:14 ] TerraHunden{BT} Pink Wyld Tiger Guard {LT}

Sadow gossips, 'Hey TerraHunden... can you explain perhaps the most basic concept of the Wyld to me... I'm a little rusty on Ebon lore.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Wyld? Thems the mean ones.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Backstabbin, soul riftin, flesh eating mo'fo's.'

Sadow gossips, 'I.. see...'

Cordir gossips, 'TerraHunden, have you, perchance, ever read HELP TRIAT VOCAB ?'
Cordir gossips, 'In all my days, I have never heard the Wyld likened to a 'flesh eating mo'fo.' .'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Ages ago, but everything else has changed, I'm sure that has too.'
TerraHunden gossips, 'Guess you never met the right wyld.'
TerraHunden gossips, 'Might as well ask what the BT stands for too.'

Cordir gossips, '*mildly* I would imagine I'm relatively well versed on the subject, really..'

Typhon gossips, 'TerraHunden, your ignorance is embarrassing .'

Someone gossips, 'oh oh.'
Someone gossips, 'Now you've done it TerraHunden.'

Typhon gossips, 'You obviously have no idea what you speak of.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Look here, skippy.'

Someone gossips, 'Typhon is one of the ancient Ebon Masters.'

Sadow gossips, 'I'd just like to take this time, when people won't really be listening to me, to discuss something.'

Ulraunt gossips, 'go on.'

Typhon gossips, 'Yes, Sadow?'

TerraHunden gossips, 'We always listen to you Sadow.'

Sadow gossips, 'TerraHunden used the phrase "mo fo" on gossip. Hellllooooo? This is cussing, people.'

Ulraunt gossips, 'now that is a good way to get peoples attention.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'It is?'

Sadow gossips, 'It's a phrase that means only one thing.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'what's that?'

Sadow gossips, 'and that one thing is vulgar, and against the laws of the mud.'

Furnock gossips, 'nope it also means more mo fo me less for them.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'If I had intended to cuss...I'll give you a hint, I woulda cussed.'

Someone gossips, 'Sadow, you might be will earn a silence next time.'

Sadow gossips, 'let's say, for instance, that there was a really, really bad word that started with the letter y. Saying "y***" on this mud is also considered cussing.'

Premium gossips, 'yellow?'
Premium gossips, 'yuck?'

Sadow gossips, 'of course no bad words start with "y", but had that been the letter "f".. oh man, watch out.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'So if I say Yo Yo, I get deleted?'

Someone gossips, 'Cussing Will be Met With Silences.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Jumpin gee willikers, Batman.'

Ulraunt gossips, 'jokers done it again!.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Wanna hit me for jumpin out of char?'

Typhon gossips, 'Pathetic. Lorna must be so proud.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Give you another hint there, Ebon Skippy.'

Someone gossips, 'Typhon, wasn't Lorna an Ebon Master?'

Typhon gossips, 'Not to my knowledge.'

Gaul gossips, 'lorna was PBS :P.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'If I actually cared what you people thought, I'd be here more often.'

Furnock gossips, 'Lorna wore Bunny Slippers.'

Typhon gossips, 'Then feel free to grace us with your ignorance no longer.'

Gaul gossips, 'as did I :P.'

Someone gossips, 'You sure? Didn't she follow Thaygar, the Master of the Ebon Hand?'

Typhon gossips, 'No, she didn't.'

Furnock gossips, 'some how I have a hard time using Bunny Slippers and Ebon in the same sentence.'

Gaul gossips, 'well from 19 to 30 at least she was PBS.'

Khore gossips, 'No, Ivan was too busy killing her to interview her..'

Typhon gossips, 'Though the Ebon Hand killed her several times.'

Someone gossips, 'Bunny Slippers? You mean an Ebon Immortal, War Goddess was a PINK BUNNY SLIPPER WEARING PEACENIK!?'

Typhon gossips, 'Yes.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Welp, Typhon, of you don't wanna listen, turn off gossip.'

Gaul gossips, ';).'

Pacho gossips, 'say it ain't so.'

Someone gossips, 'so what does that make TerraHunden?'

Khore gossips, 'Who says she's Ebon?'

Sadow gossips, 'I'm so shocked, I need to log out.'

Furnock gossips, 'heh I just put it in the paper.'

Cordir gossips, 'Correction: Lorna claimed Triat. She was NEVER an Ebon Immortal..'

Typhon gossips, 'TerraHunden is merely confused, that's all.'

Someone gossips, 'Oh, my mistake.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'TerraHunden is as he always was...fuzzy.'

Typhon gossips, 'Listen, Lornaling: I have known every true mortal Wyld very well. You obviously have not.'

Someone gossips, 'Ebon, triat, these religious references always confuse me.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Go climb a tree, Ebon boy.'

Someone gossips, 'Me too Typhon...he ain't Wyld.'

Cordir's wrath peels the skin off TerraHunden.

Khore gossips, 'A rose by any other name.... And it's much less known, but equally true counter-adage, a stinkweed by any other name....'

Someone gossips, 'Khore, Khore, Khore.'

Khore gossips, 'Invisimmortal, invisimmortal, invisimmortal, Yes?'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Heh, I sure do liven up the party.'

Someone gossips, 'OK, mortals...praise Lord Khore.'
Someone gossips, 'LET'S HEAR PRAISE!.'

Typhon gossips, 'Praise be to Khore.'

Khore gossips, 'I'll content myself with their silent adulation..'

Someone gossips, 'chuckle.'

Vhirrek shouts , 'PRAISE LORD NASH!!!.'

Typhon gossips, 'Having completed my obligation, I should like to continue to poke ridicule at TerraHunden.'

Molo gossips, 'such sad mortal enthusiam.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Feel free, Typhon.'

Molo gossips, 'Greetings Puny Mortals.'

Khore gossips, 'I'll lawyer on behalf of TerraHunden..'

TerraHunden gossips, 'If I actually cared I'd actually play here.'

Typhon gossips, 'Good evening, Molo.'

Molo gossips, 'and Greetings my old friend Typhon, Ebon Master.'

Khore gossips, 'My client says that if he actually cared, he'd play here..'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Thank you, Lord Khore.'

Typhon gossips, 'Feel free to leave, TerraHunden.'

Gaul gossips, 'Evening Lich :).'

Typhon gossips, 'We do not crave your ridiculous taunts.'

Khore gossips, 'His title is entirely up to him..'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Being a pain in your backside is entirely too much fun to abandon, Ebon boy.'

Clumsyfool gossips, ''evening Lich .'

Khore gossips, 'His trolling for flames is also his prerogative..'

Typhon gossips, 'I know...I was just pointing out that his threats were empty.'

Khore gossips, 'As it was to be proven in TFC vs. Conclave and other such events, the title is not a sacred thing..'

Molo gossips, 'I remember that law suit.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Threats?'

Typhon gossips, 'Your implications that you do not find play here amusing.'

Molo gossips, 'I thought it was Syrinx vs. Conclave (I).'

Typhon gossips, 'The implied threat of logging off.'

Khore gossips, 'My client's sanity is not at issue..'

Typhon gossips, 'It was II.'

Molo gossips, 'Syrinx vs Conclave (II) was about Temple rights.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'I don't find play here amusing...I find annoying you amusing.'

Typhon gossips, 'I thought I was the temple right issue.'

Molo gossips, 'Syrinx vs Conclave (I) was about title infringement.'

Typhon gossips, 'Ahh.'
Typhon gossips, 'Which was the keeping him in a safe room issue?'

Khore gossips, 'Like all public defenders, I'm not fond of my client. But he does have certain rights, even if his defense is suspect..'

Molo gossips, 'We lost (I) though some think I wanted to lose that one.'

Typhon gossips, 'He was very angry about that one.'

Molo gossips, '(I) stated that he could use whatever he wanted in a title...and let me have my days of deception.'
Molo gossips, '(II) stated that I could lock an intruder in my temple and order them out by whatever means.'

Khore gossips, 'The right to your own title is guarenteed except in the case of vulgar, obscene or otherwise unacceptable titles..'

Molo gossips, 'Made 5 blues bad recall out one was beautiful.'
Molo gossips, 'yes Khore.'

Khore gossips, 'Sidebar with client….'
Khore gossips, 'You have nothing better to do than to log on and say how much you don't care?'
Khore gossips, 'Do you have any idea how pathetic that sounds?'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Actually I was having fun visiting, till the Ebon wonder opened his yap.'

Typhon gossips, 'Just trying to clean up after your ignorance, LornaLing.'

Molo gossips, 'a new term is born...LornaLing.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Here's the lowdown, Ebony.'

Molo gossips, 'I think we should discuss a very important topic.'

Typhon gossips, 'I would not disgrace of the noble beast that she chose as her namesake.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'In the days before this realm turned itself inside out, I was devout in the ways of the Tigers.'

Molo gossips, 'I will become the first immortal to reach 10,000 hours.'

Typhon gossips, 'And TerraHunden, you never made much of a mark....'


Molo gossips, 'You will all celebrate and bring gifts.'

Typhon gossips, 'Congratulations, Ancient Lich.'

Molo gossips, 'Not yet Typhon my old friend.'

Khore gossips, 'I'll return parts of yourself that you've shed over the years..'

Furnock gossips, 'will there be groveling?'


TerraHunden gossips, 'I never tried to, I tried to live my life and have fun.'
TerraHunden gossips, 'I was never here to leave a mark.'

Typhon gossips, 'Yes, of course, TerraHunden... the refuge of the mediocre.'

Molo gossips, 'Actually, TerraHunden, I've seen you leave marks. Pink wet ones where you have died.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Let me explain something that many people here seem to forget. This is a game about having fun.'

Molo gossips, 'Aren't you having fun? I am having fun.'

Khore gossips, 'My apathy's kicking in pretty hard..'

Typhon gossips, 'TerraHunden, feel free to role-play at any time.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'I'm having a blast. If I wasn't having fun I'd leave.'

Molo gossips, 'Khore likes being apathetic...that's fun for him.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'But watching the Ebon wonder get riled is hilarious.'

Typhon gossips, 'I am actually pretty surprised that the undead aren't more bored with everything, really.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'I don't think you understand, Ebony.'

Pacho gossips, 'you must be watching a different channel TerraHunden.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'This is the role of TerraHunden.'

Typhon gossips, 'Village idiot?'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Hell I used to run around in a loincloth and BS grouped 30+ clavers.'

Typhon gossips, 'Your parents must beam with pride.'

Cordir gossips, '*cackle* *Bow Typhon*.'

Khore gossips, 'You still BS..'

Furnock gossips, 'what have you done for me lately?'

Molo gossips, 'naked that wound or scratch?'

Furnock gossips, 'at least we know nothing gets in the way.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'I think I actually got a maul once *smirk*.'

Molo gossips, 'ok...backstab (which I don't remember you doing but I will take your word for it), and then what followed?'

TerraHunden gossips, 'It's called being fun loving and care free, but you seem to have your Ebon cheeks all puckered.'

Typhon gossips, 'No.'
Typhon gossips, 'I did not want the rest of the mud to share your ignorant views.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Then quit puttin alum on your backside and try and have a little fun. I'm not here to impress you, I'm not here to share your views of the world.'

Cordir gossips, 'TerraHunden, the sheer absurdity of your babbling is rather amusing..'

Typhon gossips, 'Of course you aren't, child. How could you?'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Then it serves it's purpose if you find it amusing. I could quote to you the way of the wyld, but why should I?'

Typhon gossips, 'Lornaling, you do not know the way. Why pretend?'

Cordir gossips, 'Amusing in the sense that one must laugh, or one must weep in disgust. .'

Typhon gossips, 'You might have heard a story once. But you never really knew.'

TerraHunden gossips, '*shrug* Do as you will, I could give a hoot.'

Khore gossips, 'I tend to let the ignorant dangle themselves by the rope of their lies.. Why work?'

Typhon gossips, 'I suppose you're right. Spout on, little Lornaling.'

TerraHunden gossips, 'Tell you what, Ebon boy, you do that, I never asked for your opinion or your blessing.'

Typhon gossips, 'Make the kittens proud.'

Khore gossips, 'Gaul says, 'A toad is not only sometimes warty, but also, because of that wartiness cannot apply itself towards froghood..'.'

Molo gossips, 'I wonder sometimes if I was gone, if my Black Conclave will be remembered as the Ebon Hand is. Of course, we will never know...because I am immortal and not going anyplace.'

Typhon gossips, 'That is a good question.'

Molo gossips, 'Typhon, who online that you see knew Lord Thaygar as a Lesser God?'

Typhon gossips, 'Cordir, Khore, Yourself, Gaul, Clumsyfool.'

Molo gossips, 'I see Cordir and Khore...they were about 15-20 when he left I believe.'

Khore gossips, 'I was an ambassador..'

Typhon gossips, 'Clumsy is rather ancient.'

Molo gossips, 'oh....close enough.'

Furnock gossips, 'I never saw him, I was too busy running the other way.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'I remember you, Typhon *chuckle* .'

Molo gossips, 'so most of these puny mortals and respected immortals were still young..'

Typhon gossips, 'Unborn.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'indeed it was so Lich *bow*

Molo gossips, 'yes, most were unborn and the rest were young.'

Arkanis gossips, 'so you considered yourself god of the evil at a young age?'

Khore gossips, 'I remember getting IDs from Molo..'

Typhon gossips, 'I have several stories of the Lich.'

Molo gossips, 'I remember only trying to mob kill you that one time Khore.'

Typhon gossips, 'But I won't share.'

Khore gossips, 'Oh, I don't remember that..'

Molo gossips, 'Typhon, you may tell whatever hair raising story you saved my mortal life three times I believe.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'some stories can not be re-told ... just remembered .'

Arkanis gossips, 'always there to lend a hand huh Molo?'

Gaul gossips, 'I remember Molo as a mortal vaguely...mostly remember he was one of the best ambassadors.'

Typhon gossips, 'Irony.'

Molo gossips, 'I was an Ambassador for a week and a half.'

Gaul gossips, '*shrug* quality time heh.'

Molo gossips, 'Khore, you don't remember the floating cityguards catching you fishing?'

Khore gossips, 'Someone was impatient to become an FLI..'
Khore gossips, 'Oh yes, that was you, rascally bas-....'
Khore gossips, 'Unkind one, you. My poor 16th level mageness, beset on all sides by spelled up city guards floating down the river in boats..'

Molo gossips, 'First time Khore cussed on gossip (almost).'

Cordir gossips, '"Your kind is not welcome here!" Bring back memories?'

Khore gossips, 'Not pleasant ones..'

Molo gossips, 'well, that came after they faded into existence around him.'

Khore gossips, 'He sent some mean ones down..'

Typhon gossips, 'My first memories of you, Lord Khore, had to do with will immersion in the drowning pool.'

Molo gossips, 'only the entire guard of Midgaard.'

Furnock gossips, 'hey Khore.....SHARK!.'

Khore gossips, 'Aie. Bluto dies hard..'
Khore gossips, 'Dargons and cannons and Sharks, oh my!.'

Molo gossips, 'Ancient scholars believe that Bluto was the one responsible for inflicting Khore with his blood sickness. Khore still has marks from Bluto.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'and the Cannon didnt help :) .'

Khore gossips, 'And his taste for shark fin soup..'

Furnock gossips, 'I always thought it was just bad fish.'

Khore gossips, 'I didn't trade my flesh for power..'

Molo gossips, 'I did.'
Molo gossips, 'Typhon, where did we meet? Longship?'

Typhon gossips, 'The Black Shrine.'

Molo gossips, 'I think that was after the time on the Longship.'

Typhon gossips, 'No, the Shrine was first.'

Molo gossips, 'I went into the Black Shrine looking for pumpkins on Halloween.'

Typhon gossips, 'chuckle.'

Molo gossips, 'bad mistake.'

Khore gossips, 'I once mobkilled Toonse in the black shrine..'

Someone gossips, 'had to be Europe, he was insane.'

Typhon gossips, 'Wasn't Europe. T'was Corsendonk. Equally mad.'

Molo gossips, 'I fetched your corpse from the Shrine Khore (well, my Conclave did) when you were questing...I remember that.'

Clumsyfool gossips, '*grin* .'

Khore gossips, 'Which quest? The silenced latin quest?'

Molo gossips, 'quest for immortality, Grayghost fetched it under my orders for you.'

Typhon gossips, 'I must admit, Lord Khore, your quests were most...imaginative.'

Khore gossips, 'Hell is the more correct word..'

Typhon gossips, 'But nothing to a slayer of Dargons.'

Molo gossips, 'Corsendonk, that's a name I hadn't heard in me, Lord Thaygar and Corsendonk in the Black Shrine...was fun.'

Typhon gossips, 'Lord Thaygar was there as well, laughing at us. And summoning me out.'

Molo gossips, 'yes, he was laughing at me and telling me not to get his Ebon Master killed.'

Typhon gossips, 'How many times did the two of you bravely assault the Longship again?'

Molo gossips, '14 times.'

Typhon gossips, 'Both of you?'

Molo gossips, 'at level 18.'

Molo gossips, 'I survived all but 4 of those times. OK, Maybe all but 6.'

Typhon gossips, 'Bortizeth and I became drinking buddies, after he beat the living hell out of me.'

Someone gossips, 'Bortizeth was always nice to me.'

Molo gossips, 'yes Typhon, but he eventually died to us one day.'

Typhon gossips, '*grin*.'

Khore gossips, 'Get Vahz?'

Typhon gossips, 'Never met him.'

Khore gossips, 'I have..Unpleasant fellow..'

Typhon gossips, 'Lucky you.'

Someone gossips, 'I bagged his corpse.'

Molo gossips, 'I don't think Vahzlune has died many times...Jaator, my High Council and no others.'

Typhon gossips, 'Assorted G+.'

Molo gossips, 'Anyone else kill Vahzlune?'

Gaul gossips, 'dalaran and Myron.'

Captain Vahzlune gossips, 'come and get some mortals.'

Typhon gossips, 'No.'

Molo gossips, 'ah.'

Typhon gossips, 'I am quite busy.'

Khore gossips, 'Vahz kills Slue handily..'

Gaul gossips, 'back when they were pretty much beasts heh, couldn't do it now.'

Captain Vahzlune gossips, 'Slue is a meanie, keep 'im off of me ship.'

Typhon gossips, 'Come now, Vahz.'

Typhon gossips, 'You and your crew would have him crying like a little girl.'

The cow gossips, 'moo?'

Typhon gossips, 'Welcome back, Brahma.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'your voice is herd :) .'

The cow gossips, 'I'm not Brahma, I look better.'

Someone gossips, '*laugh*.'

The cow gossips, 'Moo.'

Typhon gossips, 'Undoubtedly.'

Sevan gossips, '*giggle*.'

Typhon gossips, 'Without so much temper, I'll wager.'

Molo gossips, 'ok...bad jokes...that's my cue to depart.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'thats no bull : ).'

Khore gossips, 'STOP.'

Khore gossips, 'Colemanitis..'

Molo gossips, 'faretheewell puny mortals.'

The cow gossips, 'I smell a Coleman type.'

Molo gossips, 'take care my old Ebon Friend.'

Typhon gossips, 'Good eve to you, Lich.'

Sevan gossips, '*wave* Molo.'

Typhon gossips, '*bow* You as well.'

Clumsyfool gossips, ''Night Lich.'

Typhon gossips, 'I will hunt for a gift.'

Khore gossips, 'I got a pinky..'

Typhon gossips, 'Perhaps an elven child, or some such.'

Molo gossips, 'yes, birthday presents are required and expected next month.'

Khore gossips, 'Dime a dozen. I'd sure like one of those nifty baby's heads drink containers though..'

Typhon gossips, 'Or a young impressionable girl.'

Gaul gossips, 'does Immunity block mortals from Khore-cooties? I'm guessing not.'

Khore gossips, 'Heck no..'

Gaul gossips, '*sigh*.'

Khore gossips, 'I have a deal with the manufacturer of the immunity spell..'

Someone gossips, 'Every time I throw a stone I think I'm dropping Gaul on his head. Which might account for his brain damage.'

Khore gossips, 'Don't pick on the mortals, immortal..'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'dain bramage? .'

Gaul gossips, 'yeah really.'

Drazen gossips, 'yeah, cause you have to be Einstein to pick on people, right?'

Someone gossips, 'Gaul can take the abuse :).'

Drazen gossips, 'well, first you'd have to say something abusive.....'

Gaul gossips, 'Nalya once turned my nice girth into a ruffled pink tutu...nothing you can say can match that heh.'

Clumsyfool gossips, 'I mean he finds this kinda gaulling to say the least.'

(End Scene)

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