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Foolkiller Announces His Retirement

[ 20] Foolkiller: Not a Press Release but still...
Thu Dec 9 11:44:52 1999
To: all
I rather find it fitting that having come into the levels of Following Level Immortals together that perhaps we should leave them together as well. I too am officially announcing my retirement to all. I join my friend Zarous in looking forward to the rest and recreation that retirement can bring.

The Trinity was one of the greatest experiences one could have. My followers learned as much from me as I did from them, and in between it all we managed to have more fun that I thought was possible. But new eras lead to newer and younger ideas. My time for now has passed, and there are many other Immortals who seem more than prepared to accept the mantle of the past that was presented to us by our predecessors. As they handed their leadership and wisdom to us, so too do we pass on these skills to a new generation.

I wish the best of luck to the current staff of Immortals, specifically Cordir, whom I long have held would make a superb goddess, Tokugawa, my most valued follower, and all the others. Learn the lessons of the past from those who lived it and gave their blood, sweat and tears to a world that was, and still is, worth protecting.

To me followers, past and present, know that to me you will always be precious, no god could ever have asked for a better group of people. I will miss your laughter, your tears, and your sharing of tales in the wee hours in my temple. It is my hope that my followers will see their way clear to at least stay true to the values of the Trinity we all held dear, and those who remain true to them will take their loyalty to the followings of Cordir and Tokugawa, as they are my chosen successors to the values I tried to teach you all for so long.

May the light of the Trinity shine upon you all - You will see me again, as I will be about to say hello from time to time
Once and Future Lord of the Trinity

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