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A Gift Restored

Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north]
(Magical) A ball made of bright purple light is here.
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Purple Aura) Kennet is resting here.
(Purple Aura) Dinin is here.
(Purple Aura) Thaygar is here.

It is 6am on Zoardryn the 25th, the month of the Deities' Wrath, in the year 2370.
TFC started up at Sun Sep 12 22:25:56 1999 The system time is Thu Sep 16 22:17:04 1999

Cordir smiles quietly.
Kennet bows before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Welcome.'

Dinin bows before Cordir.
Thaygar nods in recognition to Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Forgive my absence... working on a quest.' Cordir smiles quietly.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One greets Thee, Lady of Fate. Thank you for letting us attend in your sanctuary.'

Cordir says, 'My Lord Thaygar, I bid you welcome to my home.. Milord Dinin... the welcome of this place is yours, as well..'

Thaygar bows before Cordir.

look thaygar
Before you stands a tall giant, stoically bearing constant, searing pain. His right hand is sheathed in black, flickering fire, giving Him great insight, but also making His eyes dance with the faintest glimmers of insanity.

You realize that He must have carried that burning flame for decades, if not centuries. You wonder what that much constant pain would do to you, but refrain from contemplating the thought for long.

Thaygar is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Thaygar is in perfect health.

Thaygar is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) the Soul of the One Dwarf
<worn with pride> (Glowing) the Medallion of Godhood

l dinin
A man shrouded in the cloths of his well-worn cloak and black leathers, sits silently; seemly oblivious to his surroundings and those around him. you can barely make out the small printed words in a lateral list: Loth Llotherian, Dwarven Mines, Harper's Landing, Midgr.... The rest obscured by his low pulled cowl. A wicked looking tattoo of a grim grinning skull has been forged into his forearm. Writen around this skull is Old-Common reading: Death Before Dishonor! Your eyes turn to a flicker of light that has been reflected from a nearby light source, you spy an amulet dangling from his neck; it's shape one of a spider with all eight arms, each wielding a different weapon. -={ Sigil House Do'Urden }=-

Dinin has a special twinkle in his eye.
Dinin is in perfect health.

Dinin says (in common), 'Thank you Lady Cordir.'
Dinin bows deeply.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'we only await one last person. This One has been informed that your husband would be joining us.'

Cordir blinks and says, 'That would be most welcome.... It has been long since I saw Deamhan..' She smiles ruefully.

Kennet comforts Cordir.

Thaygar nods. Thaygar says (in old-common), 'how fare Thee, fair Lady?'

Cordir smiles quietly. 'I am well, and content..'

Thaygar nods.

Cordir says, 'I had many of my folk about me today, which is always very comforting..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One, as well. This One has the honor of having attained Lesser Power once more.'
Kennet shakes Thaygar's hand.
Thaygar beams a smile at Kennet.

Tares arrives from the north.
Tares bows before Cordir.
Cordir says, 'Hello, Tares. Welcome to my home.'

who tares
1 player.
Hel [ Ma:10 Ra:15 ] Tares.

Tares says (in common), 'Hello, I just stopped by to look at your temple; didn't mean to intrude.'

Cordir says, 'You're no intrusion, Tares. Feel free to look around..'
Tares thanks Cordir heartily.

Cordir smiles wryly. 'There is lots to see.'
Tares nods.

### Deamhan has connected.
### A pinch of ground unicorn horn purged from Deamhan.

Deamhan arrives from the north.
Deamhan bows deeply.

Cordir ftells, 'Hello, my beloved.'

Thaygar nods in recognition to Deamhan.
Dinin bows before Deamhan.
Deamhan hugs Cordir.
Kennet beams a smile at Deamhan.

Deamhan ftells, 'Hello, love. Hi, Kennet..'

Cordir lightly traces the line of Deamhan's cheekbone and throat, murmuring, 'I missed you, beloved.'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One greets thee, Groom of the Lady of Fate.'

Deamhan smiles at Cordir.
Deamhan bows before Thaygar. Deamhan says (in old-common), 'Thank you, sir.'

Cordir turns to Thaygar with a curious smile. Cordir says, 'So, my Ebon Lord....'

Kennet prays, 'Might I have a comprehend Milady? I wish to log this and cannot speak thoras.'
c comprehend kennet

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this night, this One behaves somewhat uncharactistically.'

Cordir says, 'And is there a cause and purpose?'

Cordir gestures, and the spider-web closes.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One usually counsels the acceptance of Loss, and the casting aside of old things.'

Cordir nods in recognition to him.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'material possessions, are after all, fleeting.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One does, however, place a greater emphasis on symbols.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'the material item matters little ... but the spiritual link within is greatly more important, and endures even past the item's destruction.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'you lost a link some time past, vampire Groom.'

The spider-web opens.
First Mate Bortizeth arrives from the north.

Cordir tilts her head to one side, listening.
Deamhan nods.

Kennet says (in common), 'my apologies.'
Kennet leaves north.
First Mate Bortizeth leaves north.

Cordir ftells, 'please don't fight him alone, Kennet.'
Cordir ftells, 'return. we will bear his presence..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'a link that this One had the honor of seeing bestowed.'

Kennet ftells, 'I will not Lady, I merely do not wish him to disrupt things.'

Cordir bites her lip, trying not to hope...
Deamhan nods in recognition to Thaygar.

Kennet arrives from the north.
First Mate Bortizeth arrives from the north.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'the link was, truly, thought to be wholly lost for a time.'

Kennet closes the spider-web.

Cordir says, 'My gift to Deamhan? Found, somehow?'

Deamhan smiles at Cordir.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One, as master of all things Lost, has had the good fortune to wrest that symbol back from it.'

First Mate Bortizeth gets a ball of bright purple light.
Dinin opens a rattrap.

Deamhan tells Cordir (in old-common), 'you've given me so many gifts, love, most of them not tangible....'

Dinin gets the Embrace of the Weaver from a rattrap.

Kennet sniffles softly, tears in his eyes.

Deamhan smiles slowly.
Cordir blinks away tears. 'How....?'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One would see the item returned, in the end ... but faces a quandry.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'the tale is a long one, and much honor is owed to the Lorebringer.'

Deamhan bows before Dinin.
Cordir turns to Dinin, eager to hear the tale.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'but he managed to get Grismal into his debt.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and Grismal asked a favor of the High Lord Tynian.'

Cordir reaches up to lay a light hand upon Dinin's arm. Her eyes are filled with plainly read thanks.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and the lost item was discovered, and an exchange made.'

Cordir says, 'Then I, also, am in your debt, Dinin.....'
Cordir says, 'A second time....'

Deamhan says (in old-common), 'As am I.'
Deamhan smiles happily.

Deamhan prays, 'what's tares here for? possible follower, just visiting?'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One now finds Himself ... in a strange situation. Differing duties tear at Him.'

Cordir ftells, 'not sure, Deamhan..'

Cordir nods.
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One is pledged by honor and devotion to aid the Lady of Fate, who aided Him so.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'yet this One is also opposed to the reversal of Loss without counterbalancing Loss.'

Cordir says, 'How so, did I, aid Thee, Ebon Lord?'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One has made a decision, if it needs be.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'the loyalty, if it must, will outweigh this One's personal preference.'

Cordir pauses and thinks a moment.
Cordir says, 'Perhaps... perhaps not..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'but, if the Groom would be willing, this One has a request.'

Deamhan says (in old-common), 'What would that be, sir?'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One would feel best if the Embrace was yours again as part of a Rebirth.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and the current shell were wiped away, and the Embrace returned unto your new shell.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One knows your Lady cannot do such.'

Deamhan says (in old-common), 'Ah.'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and would not ever seek it.'

Cordir shakes her head in the negative. 'Nay, I cannot... would not..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'but this One would ask thee to come to a mutually agreed place and be Reborn.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and have the Lorebringer do his Duty to your current shell.'

Kennet disappears into the void.
First Mate Bortizeth opens the spider-web.
First Mate Bortizeth leaves north.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'in return for the return of the Link unto you.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One can only request.'

look deamhan
A tall, slender half-elven form stands before you.. It is unexpectedly difficult to make out details; shadows seem to cling to him oddly where there should be light. After a moment, his attention shifts to you. He murmurs something softly and the shadows fall away. His form is that of a young man in his prime, but his night-dark eyes are far older, and assess you calmly. He bows courteously, with a slight smile, and you catch a glimpse of the fangs that explain how one who has seen so much can appear so young. Khore must have taken this one early. A slight radiance shimmers on his skin, as if the blood in his veins were strangely radiant. It takes a moment, but comprehension follows; the sinuous traceries mark him as one Destined within the Pattern. But there is more: on his hands, the glow is brighter, glimmering silver-tinted, and seems to be moving...some sort of tattoo, you think...He glances beyond you for an instant, and mutters another word. The Darkness slithers over him again. You have seen enough.

Deamhan is in perfect health.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'if you wish not to do so, this One will, reluctantly, understand.'

Deamhan says (in old-common), 'I have been the cause of others' Rebirths before.'
Deamhan says (in old-common), 'before I took oath to my Lady to drink only from her.'

Deamhan smiles at Cordir.

Cordir blushes slightly.
Cordir coughs softly.

Kennet has returned from the void.

Cordir pauses and thinks a moment.
Cordir says, 'Perhaps this, Ebon Lord.....Sacrifice, certainly, is needed.. But that was _my_ gift to my husband.. And it is for me to re-bestow.'

Kennet looks over at Cordir, a scared look on his face.

Cordir says, 'I would rather make the sacrifice, than have him make it..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'what is it You propose, Lady?'
Cordir smiles wryly. Cordir says, 'I'm not entirely certain.. Give me a moment to think upon it..'

Kennet looks around.
First Mate Bortizeth arrives from the north.
Kennet looks around.

Cordir pauses and thinks a moment. Cordir says, 'Perhaps this, then.. A symbol of the past....Sacred, holy, and precious to me..'

rem odegra
Cordir stops using a silver band bearing the Ebon Sigil Odegra.

Cordir says, 'given up willingly and destroyed..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One would generally ask for an either an equal Loss, or a thorough and extensive general Loss. What do You suggest?'

Cordir says, 'This ring is among my most beloved of objects.. The symbol of allegiances past.... and the first object I created for myself, when I Ascended..'

Kennet closes the spider-web.

Cordir says, 'It is Your symbol, from times past.. and something I treasure..but I will give it up and destroy it, in willing Loss. I think it a fitting offering to the Wyld..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One would agree..on one condition.'

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquiringly.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'the Loss be accepted and never forgotten ... in the manner that This One has never forgotten.'

Cordir says, 'No other to grace my hand, ever?'

First Mate Bortizeth gets a Magic Mushroom.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One has Lost all that He once wore in the old Order and will never, ever replace it.'
Thaygar nods in recognition to Cordir.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Done.'
Cordir says, 'Oath given..'

Kennet says (in common), 'witnessed.'
Deamhan nods. Deamhan says (in old-common), 'witnessed.'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'then We are agreed.'
Thaygar nods in recognition to Kennet.
Thaygar nods in recognition to Deamhan.
Thaygar bows before Cordir.

Deamhan kisses Cordir's hand. How continental!

### Gregar has connected.
Gregar has entered the game. Gregar says (in old-common), 'wow.'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'let it be destroyed.'

Cordir holds out the signet ring.
Upon the ring, the Sigil Odegra begins to writhe.

Gregar gets a Magic Mushroom from bag made from Duvel hide.
Gregar eats a Magic Mushroom.
Gregar says (in old-common), 'hello all.'

The ring glows brightly, painfully.

Gregar prays, 'am I interrupting something?'

The ring glows a fiery red, burning the hand that holds it.
Cordir closes her hand around the signet.
Deamhan holds his wife's hand in his own.

Sac odegra
A silver band bearing the Ebon Sigil Odegra surrenders to the might of your divinity.

Cordir tells Deamhan, '(what message, if any, did you just see?).'
Deamhan tells Cordir (in old-common), 'none.'
Deamhan tells Cordir (in old-common), 'nothing after you closing hand around signet.'

Cordir sacrifices a silver band bearing the Ebon Sigil Odegra to the Wyld.

Cordir tells Thaygar, '(object sacced).'

Thaygar nods calmly, satisfied.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'then this One fulfills His end. Lorebringer, return what was once Lost, and is now Reborn.'

Dinin gives the Embrace of the Weaver to Deamhan.
Dinin bows deeply.

Deamhan stops using a chain mail sash.
Deamhan wears the Embrace of the Weaver about his body.
Deamhan smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'Beloved... permit me.....'
Deamhan hugs Cordir. Deamhan says (in old-common), 'Would you?'

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Aye... remove it and let me bestow it once more?'

Deamhan stops using the Embrace of the Weaver.

steal embrace deamhan

Cordir closes her eyes, stepping close to her husband.
The spiderwebs about the temple tremble, alive with the movement of a thousand spiders.

Cordir lifts her hands, in a gesture of summoning.

The spiders pour out of the webs, and down onto the temple floor,
... seeking.....

Deamhan stands calmly, waiting.

They find the half-elf, and crawl up his unmoving body, and begin weaving.
Their web is an enfolding cloak, woven of immortal love and mortal faith.
Cordir smiles, and nods, gesturing.
The spiders drop to the floor.

give embrace deamhan
Cordir gives the Embrace of the Weaver to Deamhan.
Deamhan wears the Embrace of the Weaver about his body.

Cordir smiles quietly.
Thaygar beams a smile at Deamhan.
Deamhan bows before Thaygar.
Kennet smiles happily.
Deamhan bows before Dinin.
Dinin smiles happily.

Cordir pauses for a moment, smiling at the sight.

Dinin bows deeply.

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'Congratulations.'

Gregar looks at Dinin.

Cordir turns to Dinin, and makes a deep curtsey.
Deamhan says (in old-common), 'Thank you both very much.'
Cordir says, 'It means much to me, Ebon Master, Lorebringer, that this was restored..'
Deamhan says (in old-common), 'To me as well.'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'as a final addendum, this One owes you much, Lorebringer, for aiding Him in being able to make this gift.'

Cordir smiles quietly. Cordir says, 'Again... I am in your debt, Dinin..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One feels that you have earned three gifts, in turn. First, this One's blessing.'

Dinin says (in old-common), 'It was my pleasure..' Dinin smiles happily. Dinin bows before Thaygar.

Thaygar raises His ebon hand and places it above Dinin.

Cordir ftells, 'Do any of you have ANYTHING nice we could give Dinin as a present?'
Gregar ftells, 'I have very little save a 2 dam leather item I have.'
Deamhan ftells, 'ummm...a shiny fang-emblazoned coin from one of khore's quests....'
Deamhan ftells, 'other than that, no.'
Gregar ftells, 'you need but ask me to relinquish it.'
Kennet ftells, 'a chance coin?'
Cordir ftells, '*ponder*.'
Cordir ftells, 'Ooooh! One shot of the enchant relic…! How about that?'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'secondly, a token of this One's Path.'
Thaygar holds the Grimoire of Cyclopean Studies in his hands.
Thaygar opens the Grimoire of Cyclopean Studies.

Kennet says (in common), 'a representation of the gratitude of fate....'

Gregar ftells, 'I wish I had something better to offer, it is my best eq.'
Cordir ftells, 'Thank you, all, for offering..'
Deamhan ftells, 'all my stuff is metal :(.'
Gregar ftells, 'I did not interrupt anything I shouldn't have did I?'
Cordir ftells, '(grumbles about stinky ole rules that says she can't give things to non followers.')
Cordir ftells, 'you're fine, Gregar.'
Deamhan ftells, 'chuckle, comfort.'

Thaygar calls to the words on the page, and brings them into the air.
Thaygar gets Flaming Ebon Glyphs from the Grimoire of Cyclopean Studies.
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'a token of the Lore you have brought, embodied for a time.'

Gregar ftells, 'if I place an item in a bag will it make the bag a GG?'
Kennet ftells, 'I believe so, yes.'
Deamhan ftells, 'if the item is gg'd, yes.'
Gregar ftells, 'I have ways around that too.'
Gregar ftells, 'give one of us an item, then remove us from the following for a short time.'
Deamhan ftells, 'i think that would be grey-area''ing :).'
Cordir ftells, 'that would REALLY be frowned upon.'
Cordir ftells, 'does anyone have a non-enchanted weapon of descent average?'
Deamhan ftells, 'no, Lady.'
Kennet ftells, 'the 3 I have are all enchanted.'

Thaygar stretches His hand toward Dinin, and directs the Glyphs down to him.
Thaygar gives Flaming Ebon Glyphs to Dinin.
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'and finally, this One owes you one boon. We can discuss it later.'
Thaygar says (in old-common), 'this One thanks thee, Servant.'

Dinin bows deeply.

Gregar prays, 'think tynian would dislike that that much?'

Kennet says (in common), 'if I may....'

Cordir says, 'Dinin... I have a gift for you, as well....'
Cordir says, 'For a time in the future....'

Gregar prays, 'I would happily risk such wrath of the implementors uppon myself if the gift be worthy.'
Cordir tells Gregar, 'Not a chance. No.'

Cordir says, 'It was my intents that the gift be given to one member of each of the Neutral followings, to their Ordained… But I think that in this case.....I should like it to go to you. In the future, should you have need, bring Deamhan an unenchanted weapon of your choice and it will be granted magics that I am sure I am safe in saying will please you. I don't think the gift would help you at thss time, as your weapon is already magical.'

Deamhan grins neutrally.

Dinin bows before Cordir.

Tares bows deeply. Tares says (in common), 'I must take my leave. I thank you for allowing me this time amoung you.'
Cordir says, 'Go in peace, Tares.'
Tares says (in common), 'Lady Cordir, when it is convienient, might I have a word with thee?'
Cordir nods in recognition to him. Cordir gestures, and the spider-web opens. Cordir says, 'certainly.'

Thaygar nods in recognition to Tares.
Tares bows before Thaygar. Tares bows before Cordir.
Tares says (in common), 'I thank you all.'
Tares waves happily. Tares leaves north.

Cordir gestures, and the spider-web closes. Cordir smiles quietly. Cordir says, 'Tis not much, and tis not _now_ but.... I think you will find it... satisfactory.....When you have need of receiving it..'

Cordir says, 'I also have one other gift for you. A gift of Lore and Knowledge..'

Thaygar says (in old-common), 'Rebirth is ever a fact. This One is certain the Lorebringer shall find it useful and wondrous in time :).'

Cordir says, 'should you wish it.....'

Thaygar tells Cordir (in old-common), 'ooc: i hope you are happy with the fruits of the the labors? ").'
Cordir tells Thaygar, 'Yes.. kind of stunned... wondering HOW it all happened.....'
Thaygar tells Cordir (in old-common), 'been trying to make it a surprise.'
Cordir tells Thaygar, 'so far as I know, the object was destroyed.'
Thaygar tells Cordir (in old-common), 'glad to see it worked :).'

Cordir says, 'Dinin?'
Gregar says (in old-common), 'hath he gone to the void?'

Dinin says (in old-common), 'Thank you Lady Cordir.'

Someone ruffles your hair playfully.
Cordir smiles quietly.

Cordir says, 'Would you like your second gift to be whispered? Or spoken for all to hear?'

Gregar ftells, 'who is the invis person here?'

Cordir says, 'It is a gift to you.. your choice..'

Kennet ftells, 'I'd guess it was Syla, not someone in the room.'

Deamhan tells Cordir (in old-common), '*smile* I want you whispering in _my_ ear, lover....'
Cordir flashes the vampire at her side a quiet smile.

Dinin tells Cordir (in old-common), '*sigh* I'm poor with words :/.'
Dinin tells Cordir (in old-common), 'grace in these conditions are not exactly my strong point :).'
Cordir tells Dinin, '(grin - i'll wing it).'

Cordir nods in recognition to him. Cordir says, 'Then let this be my gift to you.....'

Cordir lifts her hand to the Tapestry. She plucks forth one strand.
The strand glitters citrine in the firelight.
Cordir says, 'The family of Do'Urden has been strong.... And has been known across the breadth of this Realm..'

Gregar agrees with you 100%.

Cordir says, 'Few are its members, in these days....However.... Just as ... others... have left gifts behind them....'
Cordir glances at Gregar.
Gregar snickers with Cordir about their shared secret.
Deamhan raises an eyebrow at Gregar.

Cordir says, 'So did one who knew... your father. My gift to you is this....Knowledge that you have kin, unbeknownst to you.. Marked with the symbol of your house, and unknowing of it..'
Cordir releases the citrine thread back to the Pattern.
Cordir says, 'I think you will find him one you would be proud to call family, Dinin.. Seek him out..'

Dinin nods.

Cordir says, 'Thank you again for your gift..'
Dinin says (in old-common), 'Thank you Lady Cordir.'
Dinin smiles at Cordir.

Cordir says, 'I would enjoy hearing the full tale, at some point..'

Cordir glances over at her husband. Cordir smiles quietly.
Deamhan smiles at Cordir.
Cordir says, 'Tis a joy, to see that upon you once more, beloved....'

Kennet says (in common), 'aah, before you leave....'
Kennet says (in common), 'allow me to offer a small representation of my gratitude to you Dinin.'
Kennet gets a Chance coin from a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder.
Kennet says (in common), 'that you may have fate on your side.'

Dinin looks at Kennet.
Cordir smiles at Kennet.

Kennet gives a Chance coin to Dinin.
Kennet bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'That was nobly done, Kennet... and I thank you..'
Dinin bows before Kennet.

(End Scene)

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