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Elladan's Immortality Petition

[ 13] Elladan: immortality application
Wed Oct 13 09:23:35 1999
To: greatergod imp

Hereby, I would like to apply to the position of Ambassador. Being effective
level 40, and having completed over 50 mobmasters, I meet the minimal
requirements. Besides those, I think my time spent here,
and the experience I have gained from being here, will allow me to help new
players get to know, and enjoy, this game. As I am now unaligned, I'm not sure
how my alignment will be changed in the future. I have a general idea about a
theme for a following, in case I make it to FLI, which is best suited for a
Neutral alignment.

Name: Elladan
Date of Birth: Ozymandiut 6th, Celebration, year 2338 (2nd birth, that is)
Marital status: married
Religious affiliation: Nature for the longest time, unaligned for last 8 weeks
Previous experience: none, except for helping people when needed.

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