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Post-Challenge Notes

[ 8] Vecna: The Log of the Demon Realm Throne Room Battle
Sun Dec 5 09:42:12 1999
To: all

If you hadn't heard, King Ebencaleneezer has been defeated inhis own realm. If you care, you can view the log at:

Vecna, Lord Arch-Mage of the Grey Vortex

[ 9] Hornblower: The Fall of a King
Sun Dec 5 10:52:12 1999
To: all
Let me congradulate the group of Vecna, Chronic, Rocky, Craige, Liam, Uukrul, and Stouthbound.
I must be honest and say that the log of the battle looked easier than expected :)
Again, awesome work.

Hornblower and Teina (chirp)

[ 11] Pez: Vecna, Conclave, and The King
Mon Dec 6 08:00:10 1999
To: all
Congratz are in order for this group of adventurers However, let me be blunt: there was little doubt in my mind that it would be these folks who would accomplish such a deed.

Who else in this land has such power, other than the Gods themselves? It is clearly obvious to me that Molo's bet was a well placed one.

It has been a long time indeed since a cohesive group had the power to challenge The Conclave. Certainly, there may be individuals with the ability to put up an excellent fight and win on a one on one basis. But no group or following operates as such a well oiled machine. Even I, King of All Trvia, Master Confectioneer, and Keeper of the Mirth, must bow in deference until another more powerful group comes along. I fear I will have quite a long wait.

Vecna, as leader of this group, has shown himself once again to be a giant among men. He is the epitome of the rugged individualist, a man of legend and myth. He belongs to no following, which makes them all the weaker for his absence.

Therefore, while my congratulations are given to those members of the Conclave who comprised the backbone of this group, my greatest accolade is hereby bestowed upon Vecna:

The Galactic Center Pez

This one of a kind candy has a taste that is indescribable, and everlasting.
All other Pez pale in comparison.

Pez, the Phrozen Phricaseed Pharoah of Phairlington Pharm

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